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By | August 26, 2019

So, hold on to your shirts because I’ve
got 3 free keyword tools that are going to blow your mind. Hey, guys! Today
we’re going to talk about some fun quick keyword research tools that make you see
it in a whole new light. I’m going to talk about 3 of my favorites. They’re
simple all 3 are free and they all take the same data but they show it in
different ways. So, I wanted to kind of give you my top 3. These are not the
big expensive paid versions. These are free versions that are pulling it
directly from Google search results and giving you that information.
The first tool is called souville which is kind of a silly thing. It’s S-O-O-V-L-E
dot com. So, when you come into Soovle, you’re going to go in you can add
any phrase here that you want. What this does is it pulls how people are
searching for that phrase in Google on Amazon Yahoo Bing in YouTube answers
calm as well as Wikipedia. So, you’re getting a very interesting poll from all
different sites. Not just from Google. Which is important that we see the full
picture of a keyword. So, when you put in a keyword phrase, you’re not
just an expert on that phrase, you’re expert in what circles around it, what’s
related to it, what’s not related to it. So, it’s important to understand that
there is a heartbeat behind every keyword. There’s going to be unique
elements at every keyword phrase or keyword (singular) will have. So, I’m going
to go in here and I’m going to put in… Let’s just do something easy like cats.
So, here you’ll see that every single site. On Amazon, its cat’s cradle. On
Google it’s cats movie. On Wikipedia, its cats the musical. And then we have here
all different kinds of variations and different ways of looking at that same
exact keyword. Now, you can go in here and you can add any of these different ones
that you like. So, I’m going to go ahead and do 2 dogs now. Okay, so on Amazon,
it’s dog accessories. On Yahoo, dog for sale. Which is interesting, dogs for sale.
Cute dogs is also on Yahoo. YouTube is dogs barking. That’s interesting. Because
people want to see crazy dogs and their barking. Then the next one on YouTube is
dogs howling, dogs playing and dogs crying. Interesting. And then of course on
Wikipedia we just have dogs… Ooh! Interesting. Dogs in warfare is another
element that’s being searched in Wikipedia. So, you have to really think
about all the different ways in which you can talk about any topic. Just by
what you put in here. So that’s SOOVLE The next one I want to show
you is a tool called keyword… Singular, keyword.IO. This is a tool… Again, free. And
you can come in here and pull keyword data from YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia,
eBay, Alibaba, the Google Play Store, fiver, Fotolia and of course questions. So, I’m going to come in here and put dog. Let’s see
what we get. Okay. So, here you’ll see that we’re
getting all different kinds of search results from those different sites.
You’ll see a dog, a dog’s journey. So, clearly, people are looking for that.
Dog’s purpose, Australian Cattle Dog. So, what’s interesting is when you look at
these, you can see like what are people actually thinking that surrounds the
word dog. I mean, look at this. Barking dog, best dog breeds, best dog food. Best dogs
for kids. Best dog names. So, interesting. Like all the ways in which you can tap
in to what somebody is thinking about one specific topic. That’s how you show
up as a real thought leader around any given topic is understanding what is the
current pulse of that keyword. What’s trending. So a movie would be an element
that’s trending. What to call a dog is something probably everyone’s going to
search for a long time. Best dog for kids.
Another thing everyone’s going to search for a long time. So, understanding the
nuances in a keyword especially using a tool like this is just really fantastic.
Now, if you really want to go nuts, we’ll go back to one of the tools that I talk
about a lot called Answer The Public. Now has this crazy
guy in the sweater. So, don’t let that scare you away. So, you come in here and
you’re going to put. I can put let’s see dog gifts. I’m going to
hit get questions. Now, the interesting thing about this
tool is that it pulls questions from search results as well as prepositions
comparisons and a-to-z. So, let me show you what I mean by that. So, I’m going to
come down here. Let’s try a different keyword that’s not giving us a lot of
good data. Let’s try something a little different. Let’s try something like
gardening. Now, this tool specifically is better when you put in a shorter phrase,
rather than a longer phrase. So give you more suggestions. Okay, there he goes. Oh,
look at that. Bang! Okay, don’t let this intimidate you. So, what you’re seeing is
gardening and then all the different elements around it. So either who, what, where,
why, when of gardening. And you’ll see here we’ve got what gardening zones in
New Jersey? Or gardening zone in Michigan. So, you see every one based on where
they’re located. Then we come over here which gardening magazine which what got
which gardening gloves, which gardening guide. So, you’re getting all these
different ways that people are thinking about gardening. One of our clients is
Kellogg garden products. And they sell fertilizer. Mmm, great. I get to advertise
fertilizer. Now, what they decided is that they weren’t just a fertilizer company.
They were a planting and flower lifestyle company. So, that their
fertilizer, when you put it in the soil, is makes your gardens bloom and grow
beautifully. So, what we have to think about is if we’re going to get them
findable for all things gardening then we have to be able to use the keywords
that are showing up here and make sure that we’re talking about what’s
currently in play. So, the cool thing about these images is you can download
them. Just as the image hang them up on the wall because it looked really pretty.
Or you can come in here and just put download CSV. And now you’re going to get
the boring Excel spreadsheet with all of the keywords all the search data. So that
you can start to really focus your content development strategy. Boy, I tell
you. When you look at these… Look at these. Look this is the comparisons one. Then we
come down here. Gardening versus landscaping. Then we
come down farther and this is what we call the
alphabetical connections. So, you have gardening advice, gardening apron, gardening apprentices, right? The word gardening with A then gardening
with B gardening with C. So, it’ll give you everything you ever wanted to know
about what people apply to with their searches. So, as you scroll down, you’re
going to see questions, prepositions, comparisons and finally the A to Z.
Anyone app puts anything after the word gardening with an A you’re going to get
that entire list. Like advice and aprons and accessories and apps and aids and
camping. You’re getting all the things they offer after that. So, here’s the
trifecta of keyword research is SOOVLE, check it out. Keyword.IO and answer
the public. These are 3 of my favorites. They’re all free and they’re
waiting for you to go find your perfect keyword. How did you like my keyword
tools? Pretty awesome, right? Well, I absolutely love nerding out on tools
especially if they’re free tools. But ultimately I want to help move the
needle for your business. Sign up for a find ability review. We’ll get on the
phone. we’ll open up the website. We’ll take a look at how you rank and ways in
which you can quickly improve your fine bility online. Go to
and sign up for a find ability review today. And we’ll see you at the top of
search results very soon.

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