Keyword Marketing & SEO For Tourism – When Words Fail You

By | August 30, 2019

Hello I am Ian Clayton and we are back again
with another deep thought into SEO and keyword research. In this session i want to talk a bit more
about finding the right keyword, That will bring you new business EVEN when you product
and service is not on the map.. I mean by that that it is not in the customers mindset..
In this case your favorite words will fail. This Video is about what to do when words
fail you.. Lets take the case of a client who is in the
submarine vacation-excursion business: The problem is that submarines are not on vacationers
minds and while they have aced the submarine searches results, its only a fraction of the
their potential market. That’s because those who might love a submarine
cruise and undersea voyage are not necessarily looking for a submarine, in fact many don’t
even now that such a thing exists. They are the people who might be interested
in, and therefore look for, glass bottom boats, snorkeling, diving,fish, oceans, sea, marine-life,
coral, water-sports, family activities, adventure .. and particularly some who don’t want to
get wet‚ but would live to see whats going on at the bottom of the ocean, from a submarine. So if you look at optimizing on the word submarine
you would not be seen by those who don’t know about sub adventures and go looking for things
they do know. And that is the majority of your market. Now, if you start to optimize your website
for all these other words its going to look a bit fishy to the search engines, right. You can’t just pretend that you are a glass
bottom boat, for example.. its not on, its not authentic and you don’t want to do that. Well the are a couple of ways around this,
‚ But First lets be clear about the problem. You have a website for a product or service
that is not got big search volume for the main keywords that describe the business.
Of course your site is optimized for just that – its what you are all about. Like Submarine-trips
.. OK. Now you you know that it has a much bigger
market. You know that the people who like your service
are interested in other stuff and you know what those keywords are. In our case people are not look for submarine
adventure, or submarine cruise or safaris, well not in big numbers, many more are looking
for other words like snorkeling and related activities. Now in convention SEO we build might resonance
with your site for those other keywords, but in this case its not going to be great because
the site is not about scuba or snorkeling, or glass bottom boats etc. So what do we do? 1. Option Mini Site – Create a mimi site for
this words, and have that mini site point to you. That used to be a great option and
its still valid but its not going to be easy to build up that site and get it ranked, so
it comes to the top of google. 2. Option dedicated Page – You build a page
on your site that focuses on all the best snorkeling and dive areas. that offer value
to gusts and at the same time if they land on that page it see your product. This will
be easier to rank especially if your site has authority. But now you need to compete
with sites that have huge content. You will need to offer something different. 3,. Option Content Marketing – You Can Ignore
that fact that you don’t resinate for the words potential clients are searching and
build blogs, articles and videos that will. This works if you do it right and create a
network, a press buss and promotions around it. You need to join forums and make comments
on relevant and high quality sites, adding links back to your site and to your social
network. Its very critical that you diversity your links to your network. Keep tuned for
our next series on link strategy, video and content marketing. This is the best option so far, but it going
to take a lot of effort and cost a bit. Option Advertising – Being where your market
You can advertise with Google and Facebook. Google will allow you to put your advertisements
on the first page of results for keyword like snorkeling, and you pay for that. you Pay
Per Click (PPC) it may cost 2$ a click, it all depends on the competition; who you are
competing against. you can pay as much as 40$ PC. 

Now search engines like Google
really want us to Advertise and not build up our position on search results and they
are making moves to make this happen. But advertising is a short term solution. As soon
as you stop paying you are off the search results, so its not an alternative strategy.
You need to be on organic search for long term sustainability but you will need to advertise
at times. Look for opportunities to advertise in your
local market, with local suppliers of related and complementary activities. Our submarine
tours might tie-in with glass bottom boats, snorkel cruises and pirate ships; offering
them a referral commission to recommend a submarine trip and hand out flyers. 5. Do It All – Why not do it all. This is
really the best strategy and it is what you really have to do to get noticed as fast as
possible and with lasting effect. Ok now to implement a strategy like that check
out my videos at They are free so just do it.. Also you must read my book. It is being published now and the is a preview
available . In fact i am looking for input on the cover titles and subjects. The best one will receive a kindle version
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