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By | March 12, 2020

Hi I am Gabor teacher from digital
marketing at HEG Haute Ecole de Gestion Geneva Today I’m with Laurent Hi guys we had a lecture about website marketing Please introduce yourself in 3
sentences. Who you are? What you do and what’s your experience with website development? I am Laurent, final year student at HEG Working as independant consultant. Website development? No, background in
HR and expertise in different fields such as marketing and biz dev For academic purposes, I had the
chance to develop a few websites as well as for some associations I’m supporting. Which type of website? American football team and a club of Vespa What did you learn today? I learned a lot of things. The most important things I didn’t know before is that every pages of your website should focus and service a certain goal and refer to 1
persona. One page, one goal, right? Exactly! and one page one persona if
possible. That was your first key learning. what else did you learn? other things You should select the website format according to your objective such as website, full website, micro site, etc. As well as a good landing page to attract and retain customers. Converting web visitors
into a lead. Right? Thank you very much. Thanks to you If you enjoyed the video please like it comment it Laurent & myself would be happy to answer all your
question bye bye

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