Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut

By | January 25, 2020

In 1958 in Wichita, KS two Wichita State University students, who happened to be brothers, (Keith laughs) you don’t
happen to be brothers, you are brothers. Two Wichita State
University brother students opened the very first Pizza Hut. It would go on to become
the largest pizza chain worldwide with over 18 thousand – [Male faintly] I
brought my drum with me. Let’s start over. I’m shooting a serious
piece of content in here. Today I will eat everything
off the menu of Pizza Hut because no one out pizza’s the hut. That’s their catch phrase. They got wings. They got calzones. They got cheese breadsticks. Gonna be a big day. I’m also lactose intolerant,
so it’s gonna be a rough night. (dramatic music) Pizza Hut growing up was
my favorite pizza place and still is, I don’t
like Domino’s that much, I don’t like Papa John’s that much. If I want cheap drunk
pizza I want Pizza Hut. It’s weird I’m not ordering everything, I’m just picking up stuff. Hey how’s it going? Good how are you? I have a pick up order. I
think it’s under Miles . Holy guacamole! Wow this is just one of three orders. This is not everything from Pizza Hut. We have more deliveries
coming this afternoon and we’re also hosting our very own behind the scenes
extravagant Pizza Hut gala hosted by our very own Food Babies. (laughs) Let’s get to it! We got a lot a wings on this street and I gotta sweep it up with my mouth. Ba da ba ba ba. (Keith laugsh) That’s not the right song. They smell great. The breadsticks. I used to get these at my college. This is great, it’s a
little heavy on the bread. – [Crew member] It’s a breadstick. I mean it’s great, its got
good crunch got good texture but nothing compares to
the cheese breadsticks. Look at these motherfa, look at it. Where are the seams even? And the Pizza Hut cheese
really like it bubbles this perfect way that you always want your Pizza Hut cheese to bubble. This is my mother’s favorite thing. I would take these over
Olive Garden breadsticks in a heartbeat. (honk) So what have we got in here? Plain fries. They look a little battered. Yeah I don’t know what moron’s
buying fries from Pizza Hut. What CEO is like “We need
fries! They’re gettin’ pizza they want a fuckin’ french
fry now and then, huh? And why aren’t there fries on our menu? We’ve been doin’ this since 1958 and we haven’t had french fries? Get the french fries on the menu!” Let’s try the flavored fries. Lemon Pepper Fries. Guess when you don’t want regular fries you want lemon fries. Really tasted like just eating some McCormick lemon pepper spice. Just aarrrr! Nobody GIF that. (upbeat music) (crew laughs) These are Cajun fries. Everyone loves Cajuns. Ummmmm. Okay the CEO was right about this one. The angry CEO. Let’s move on to the P’zones. Please welcome now to the
Pizza Hut, Jared Pumpkin! (cheers) Welcome Jared. What is one word you would
use to describe Pizza Hut? (dramatic music) I never grew up as like a Pizza Hut kid. I just kinda had other pizzas around but the people that I know
that do like Pizza Hut swear by it. – [Crew member] Jared’s
shirt is the same color as the background. He dressed up like our wall today. Oh. (dramatic music) (laughter) Whoa. Our first P’zone. These are not what I expected. (laughter) What did you expect? They’re calzones. That is massive. That
is the size of my face. It’s an appetizer, Jared. These are listed under
appetizers and sides. Grab your yourself a side. That’s like a big
stereotypical Italian mustache. Wo wo wo wo wo wo. Wo wo wo wo wo. All right here you go. ‘Cause we never end up
eating any of the food, we just make characters and costumes. How do I know which flavor this is? I think this is the wads of meat P’zone. I’m gonna go in dry first. Um hmmm. Um hmm. Um hmmm. Let’s get some sauce in here. What’s that word for bad
food that’s just so good? It’s bad good. It’s bad good. Pepperoni P’zone. A little boring. It’s like eating a piece of
pizza that all the cheese has already fallen off on to the plate. Yeah, it sucks. This one sucks. I was about to sing the
praises all day of the P’zone. This one sucks. This one sucks. All right. How could you say these
are the same thing? They cost the same? It’s okay. Do they cost the same? Fuck!
We just need to leave. This should be three dollars cheaper. Whoa! Here we fuckin’ go! Welcome back to flavor town. If I was that CEO you were talking about. Um hm. That mean guy’d be like
“It’s gotta be the Supreme!” “We gotta have more options!” We’re gonna do the bio pic for the CEO. I still think my favorite is the first one but this is better than the last one. I’m a fan of this P’zone. In fact I’m a fan of all P’zones
except for the shitty one. Well Jared, thanks for popping by. Yeah. Yeah, thanks for
having me for the P’zones. Yeah. Pizza out. – [Crew Member] Oh
you’ve been clever today. (laugher) Oh look how cute they are. Garlic knots. Lot of dough. These are fine. I wouldn’t recommend them. We’ve been cruisin’ on
down this luxury lifestyle but it’s time we take a
turn on to Wing Street. (car horn honks) All right
let’s eat some wings. This is kinda like an Eat the
Menu within the Eat the Menu because Wing Street’s its
own menu within Pizza Hut. This is like Inception. Pizza-Inception. Wing Street. We got all sorts of wings here. I don’t think we actually
have all of them, some are coming later, but we’ve got boneless
and bone in varieties of all the flavors they offer. So let’s start with the
Naked Chicken Wings. Not bad. Maybe a little
dry. Maybe a little bland. But I don’t hate it. Bone Out Chicken Wings. Which are just chicken nuggets. All right pretty good chicken nuggets, so. Ummmm. Of just the basic chicken, I do say that the chicken nugget quality is better than the chicken wing quality. But let’s get in to the sauces, huh? Let’s sauce it up. Boneless buffalo mild. Nice stickiness to it. Ohh look how shiny it is so wow. It it mild. It’s not very spicy. Flavor’s kinda like meh. Why is this a totally different color? But this smells like buffalo. What did I just eat? Um hmm. Way better, definitely a kick. Buffalo wings. Okay you know this one’s hot. (Keith pants) Un huh. Yeah this is too hot for me. Ahhh. Okay. It’s spicy. Oh there’s another burnin’ hot. Let’s just plow through it
while I’m already cryin’. Why is it the same? We’re supposed to have
some of these boneless and some of these bone in. I gotta blow my nose. Whoa. Let’s get Zach in here to help us try some of the other fun
flavors Pizza Hut has crafted in their flavor lab. Kornfeld Diddy! Bum bump bump da na da na. – [Together] Da da da dah na dah na. (hip hop music) Ya’ll ready for wings? Grab a wing and do your thing. Boneless honey BBQ wings. Oh this is awesome. This is amazing. This is the single best
Eat the Menu experience I’ve ever had, that one bite. Same thing. This time with bones! So you said this is worse? I think that the chicken’s drier. But it does come with a lot
of extra syrup in the bottom. What’s your preferred chicken sauce? Buffalo.
Even though it hurts you? Yeah. Yeah. And the flavor’s perfect. – [Together] Lemon pepper. All right. That’s weird, it tastes
like a beef jerky flavoring. Who would ever have this as a preference? This sucks. This sucks. You asked if you could, you never thought to ask if you should. That’s what the CEO’s
are doin’ over there. Let’s try the teriyaki. How are you doing, by the way? I’ve already cried once in this video. Have you? Yeah the hot was really
hot. It made me cry. I know we had early tears. I barely wanna be here right now so I don’t know how you’re
filming the whole video. We gotta film the video. We gotta keep the channel alive. And without Eat the Menu
there is no channel. What’s up. The people wanna watch me eat. They don’t care about my fitness journey, they don’t care about. – [Zach] They don’t. – [Keith] Ned’s fashion. – [Zach] They don’t. They want fast food and lots of it and I’m here to give it to ’em. I don’t care if I’m tired. I don’t care if I’m full. Give the people what they want. This is your fault. – [Together] Teriyaki! You know. I don’t like teriyaki chicken wings. I like ’em when I was younger so let’s see how it holds up. It smells crazy. Wow. Whoa. That’s a lot of salted sugar at once. There’s a lot goin’ on. Um hum.
Yeah I don’t car for this. Nah it tastes like eatin’ soy sauce. Now do you want to stick
around for the Parmesan garlic? Or is that? Probably not. Yeah ’cause the Buffalo
Wild Wings Parmesan garlic looks disgusting. And this one didn’t disappoint. Oh my god! Why do they look so gross? – [Zach] Oh my god! What happened in here? That’s awful. We didn’t shake these around or nothin’? There’s nothing wet on these. Look at this, there’s a
little bit on the back but how did the box,
how is the box like that and the wing like this? Did they pour cream in the box and then just gently lay
chicken on top of it? The hell’d this happen? I just like the sight of
it is making me queasy. It doesn’t taste like garlic or Parmesan. (Jared laughs) Maybe I should
wipe in on to this goo. (Jared laugs) There you go.
Oh god, I can’t, I can’t. Well. It tastes like nothing. I gotta eat one more wing
out of the other box. But it’s the same thing.
Doesn’t matter. Oh. This one drumette is perfectly cooked. So shout out. This one’s great. Let’s throw it to our Food Babies, who are live on the scene of
this Eat the Menu shoot today. YB? Hey, welcome to the Leftover Lounge sponsored by the Food Babies. So we have all the leftovers coming in. Now in classic leftover style
none of this is reheated and has been brought directly from Keith. All that noise that it’s
makin’ in your mouth has gotta. It feels real gloopy in there. The sauce has really become
less of a liquid over time. Back to you, Keith. Thanks, Gals. All right. We’re gonna move on
down to pizza’s and awk! Looks like the delivery
man is here right now. Hey, yo, how’s it goin’? Oh wow, how should we do this? (Keith laughs) Thank you. Let’s start with none other
than everybody’s favorite America’s favorite, cheese pizza. I don’t love hand tossed. I think it’s lame. Look at this flimsy bullshit. (laughs) Look at the pizza’s
getting sadder as I wait. I will say, there’s
something about that cheese button at Pizza Hut it’s
like always exactly the same. It is good though, it’s
got a really good flavor. Let’s move on to
everybody’s actual favorite, The Pepperoni Pizza. It’s pan. You know how it’s pan? Look at that chard cheese
all the way to the end. That is beautiful. Look how thick and tall the pizza is, look how it holds strong, no drooping. It is perfectly solid. Oh, fuck yeah. Look at it’s golden little bottom. Oh. (scratching) Yeah, woo, woo, that’s good! I used to eat a whole one
of these by myself at night as an activity. Like that was my plans for the night. ‘Cause I’ll be eating a pizza in my room watching Wayne Brady make
up songs on “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” That was most of my Friday nights. One more pizza before we invite
our first pizza guest in. This fuckin’ hand tossed bullshit. Yeah that’s more pepperoni
in my mouth, that’s for sure. I don’t mind the hand tossed. I just feel like it’s missing something. It’s time to bring in
Mark the Shark Muszynski. How’s it goin’? Come on in Mark, woo, Mark! So Mark, because you are
normally not allowed to eat gluten because your
commitment to your wife who is gluten free I chose for you the Udi’s gluten free crust cheese pizza Oooh. It looks fucking awful. Udi’s? It. It’s sponsored by Udi’s? It’s made of Udi’s. Look at it. It looks horrible. As a society we’ve made a lot
of gluten free advancements. This I don’t expect to be one of them. Well, you know with a crust this bad the cheese really shines. (violin plays) Listen to this. (crunches loudly) Ohh. I can’t tell if that’s the
crust cracking or your teeth. Me neither. Until you get to the
crust it’s actually okay but the crust is so overcooked and hard. All right and now I wanted to
reward you with a good pizza (Mark laughs) because of your unwavering love for Robin. Yeah. So I got you a heart shaped pizza. Oh! I guess they just don’t cut it when you order it like this. (crew member laughs) (mumbles) What do you think? Well I’ve barely gotten to the pizza (Keith laughs) but it was pretty good. Excited for them to discover
this in the leftover lounge. (Mark laughs) ‘Cause I’m
gonna leave it like this. Hey YB! How are things crackin’? Hey guys, so we have a quick chance to try and get an exclusive
with The Zach Kornfeld, see if we can grab him. Zach, over here, Zach. (crew cheers) Yes. What’s the best part
of eatin’ the Try Guys. Sorry I gotta run to a dentist
appointment, thank you. Okay, good luck with your teeth. (Keith and Mark laugh) Sounds like things are wild back there. Ah well now it’s time to move on to the personal pan pizzas and for that, I’ll need a personal friend
of mine, Torian Miller. (Mark claps) (wind blows) Yeah yeah! Yah! Torian, I’m gonna have
you try something today because they’re Becky’s favorite. And I love Becky. We met each other at 16
years old doing some theater. Okay so we got some personal pan pizzas. But not only are they personal pan, this is where we got all
the hut crust flav-liness. Ummmm. The hut crust. This is I’ve,
this looks like it’s plain. (both laugh) Cheers. (happy music) The crust is a little boring on this one. Doesn’t taste like it’s got hut seasoning. What is the hut seasoning? It’s ‘sposed to come with
this like flavor dust on the crust. Oh come on! This is the same god damn thing. It’s more. Somebody call Pizza Hut. What’s wrong with them?
All of them look. Yeah. This one’s taken all the cheese. How am I supposed to Eat the Menu if you won’t sell me the menu? This is not how it’s supposed to be. Got a lot of the cheese.
Ummmm. Look at the cheese on that. I’m so mad. I’m sorry. No. It’s not suppose to be like this. People don’t watch this for me to eat the same thing three
times and be disappointed. (Torian laughs) They wanna watch me eat
different things four times and be disappointed. This is supposed to be your segment, I don’t have anything else we can try. (Torian and crew laugh loudly) We should just try this one just because Let’s try this one. You know. Let’s see how this one tastes. Yeah. Ummm. These two are pretty
good let’s see if this one can top it. Yeah. Ummmm. We gotta get some Hut
seasoning on this crust. Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed
I didn’t get to try that. All crust.
Here I’ll make it for you. Okay, yeah. They’re supposed to do this for catering. They send you literally. Must be. A Parmesan shaker. Got this garlic dipping sauce. There you go. (upbeat music) The Hut flavor. Well, Torian, thanks for being here. Like to have me again. What a total failure on Pizza Hut’s part but you know, Torian really nailed it. Hello, welcome to the pizza dungeon. Thank you very much. Please welcome back to The Hut, no he’s never been to The Hut, please welcome to The Hut
Brian the B-Whoa Whoa. Oh my goodness. (Keith snaps) ♪ Oh yeah My goodness yeah ♪
♪ Goodness ♪ ♪ I said oh my goodness ♪
♪ My goodness yeah ♪ – [Together] ♪ I said
oh my goodness yeah ♪ I’ve got one on the healthy side and one not. I am suspicious of both after
seeing Torian’s experience. Yeah, Torian really got
the short end of the stick I’d say. We just got the second delivery and it’s got some problems too. So let’s just keep on
truckin’ and we’ll find those problems later on in the video. But for you I’m very excited B-whoa because you are going to be
having the Veggie Lover’s thin and crispy. That is so many olives on it, ew. I am from Chicago. A
lot of people think that the main pizza in Chicago is deep dish, it’s actually thin crust. Actually thin crispy square cuts. Yes. But let’s see how it lives up. Yeah. It’s got a little crunch
to it, very slight. Um hum. This pizza’s been here for about an hour so I can’t blame it on them anymore thought the end crust
doesn’t get as effected. No let’s try it. (pizza crunches loudly) Ummm. See? Ummmm. When it comes to crusts
no Hut does it quite like the Pizza Hut. (both laugh) Thanks. This crust is at the
upper crust of crusts. It is finally time for
us to enjoy Pizza Hut’s first crazy invention, ahhhhhh! The Cheese Stuffed Crust
Cheese Lover’s Cheese Pizza. This is not just cheese stuffed pizza, this is extra cheese on the pizza and cheese stuffed crust. I do not remember the cheese
crust being this thick. Look at this one. This is humongous. This one’s like a power lifter’s bicep. I think it’s doing sit ups. (both laugh) Wooooo! Oh yeah. Yeah. There’s cheese in there all right. It’s weird though ’cause in the videos it’s always like you
pull the cheese apart, but when you eat it it’s just like the cheese just hugs the sides and then you can see through it. I can look through and kind of see Miles. Hold on. There’s Alfredo sauce. Oh my god there’s no tomato. Why’s it? It’s all Alfredo sauce. Why? – [Crew Member] It’s Creamy
Garlic Parmesan Sauce. Blaaahhhhh. Blaaahhhhh. Blaaahhhhh. It was what was on the wings. – [Brian] Yes it was.
Not really on the wings, just on the boxes of the wings. Look at his mouth. And right now Raaaarrrr!!! (Brian laughs) Vaaarrrrrr!!! Bye B-whoa! We’ll be right back after this. We’re gonna feed you a pizza and you’re gonna try to guess the flavor. Three, two, one, enter. (man laughs) You’re not biting it so I’m just putting it in deeper and deeper. That was a onion chicken BBQ. Yes. Wow. You’re right. Heh heh heh, wow things really are crazy back in the Leftover Lounge and it looks like we got a lot ahead of ourselves right now. It’s another P’zone? Still pretty underwhelming. Supreme! Guys! This is a normal pizza. Well let’s give it a shot. Hell yeah, Pizza Hut’s at it’s best when it’s got meat and veggies and cheese and sauce and crust. I like that pizza, that
one is a mega good. It was (Keith laughs) mega fine! Hey! What’s that? What is it? – [Crew Member] I think
it’s the Hawaiian. Hawaiian. (Keith laughs) I like Hawaiian Pizza, I’ve never had Hawaiian
Pizza with chicken. Bland. Bland little pizza. What have we got here? (Keith laughs) Ladies and Gentlemen,
we’re now ready to try our third pepperoni pizza. They keep giving us this. They all have looked exactly the same. I mean, it’s still good. Look at all these words. Delivery charge is not a tip. We love feedback, give us yours. Oh. I’m givin’ it to ya. Made with at least 35% recycled content. I wish we could recycle 35%
of our content in the videos. Hey let’s just play a clip
of another video right now. Wow Nala’s wearing a hot dog costume and it says Keith you
are one hot dog, wooo, we’re in Nala you’ve
made it another round! – [Announcer] It’s the Barkchshler. Ha ha ha. What a good moment. Hey look at this! Look at this guy! It’s a BBQ, get off of there, fly! (Keith laughs) Get off of my pizza. This one looks like it’s got some of the Hut seasoning on it. Maybe we’ll get the deal of the day. This is the Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza it has the garlic buttery blend on it. Hmm, that’s a new flavor. The banana peppers give it a nice amount of brightness and acidity. It kinda makes me nauseous but that might just be
the volume of pizza. Leftover Lounge is fuckin’ nuts right now. Lou Berger’s in there eatin’ and partyin’. [Together} ♪ Pizza Hut!
Come and get the Pizza Hut♪ Pizza Hut! (cork pops) Ahh! Oh my god! Ladies and Gentlemen, (bouncy music) Ladies and Gentlemen, Hughie Stone Fish. – [Together] Woooooooo! Hughie’s album came out today, it’s called – [Together] Look How Quickly
Everything’s Changing. Available everywhere
music is heard, right? Yeah that’s right, thanks Keith. Cool, yeah check it out. Do you like pizza? I love pizza. Well what if I told you
that you had the chance to try this pizza? The fuck is this? (Hughie laughs loudly) Let’s eat this bright
shining beacon of white. – [Crew Member] Oh no. Oh it’s got more of that
Parmesan liquid on it. I will say that the crust
on this is magnificent. Ummm. The Parmesan garlic
crust seasoning is great. If you balance it out
with the non creamy crust it’s pretty good. Okay I can’t stand to even watch you eat this pizza anymore. It’s so weird and so gross. So now I know you like that pizza but what if I told you
you could eat this pizza? (crew laughs) It’s covered in toes! (crew laughs) The Cheesy Bites Meat Lover’s Pizza. This is my dream come true right here. Look at these cheesy bites. Oh my word. That didn’t. (dramatic orchestra music) Dude. That’s a good slice of pizza. I’m getting pretty tired
of eating pizza now. Doesn’t it look like a weird monster foot? (Keith pants) The thing about Pizza Hut
is while I’m eating it, I feel energized and then
as soon as I swallow it, I feel decimated. Same. As long as I keep
eating it I feel just fine. Um hmm. We got something special for you, it’s More toes! (Hughie laughs loudly) but it is Chicken BBQ. – [Hughie] Wow! I eat mine fingers laced. (Hughie laughs) I’m gonna do my Wolverine style. (mumbles with mouth full) However this one was prepared, I like this BBQ chicken pizza the most. Well, what was your favorite
of the pizzas we tried, Hughie? The white one, the meat one,
or the chicken BBQ and toes? Definitely not the white one. Um hmm. Pretty close between this
one and the meat one. I think I gotta go with this one. It was the most unique. All right, Hughie it’s time for you to go. Well, thanks man. Thanks for droppin’, where’d you a napkin? The Leftover Lounge. Oh shit, they got it all back there. ♪Come and get your pizza ♪
♪ Pizza Hut ♪ ♪ Come and get your hut sauce
if you like your pizza. ♪ ♪ Come and get your pizza. ♪ – [Together] ♪ You can get the
hut Pizza Hut, It’s a Hut. ♪ It’s a hut with a pizza. Wow it seems like things
are pretty crazy back there. I think I saw you back there. How could I be there and
here at the same time? Who knows but now it’s time for us to learn a little bit more about what’s on the Pizza Hut menu and this time we’re gonna learn alongside my good friend, Alex Lewis. Hey! Ehhh! Here’s what we got, Ladies and Gentlemen, we got from Pizza Hut,
we’re gonna start out with the what are these? These are some other Breadsticks
I’ve never seen before. You know, Keith, any
time I come on this show I always try breadsticks and pasta. (Keith gives a raspberry) How many times have you been on the show? Twice. What did you have the first time? Olive Garden. And what’d you have the second time? Pizza Hut. Oh you were including
this time in your twice. Yeah. This is some sort of
other secret breadstick that I guess comes for
free with the pasta. I am very excited about
this because it’s got a very low chance of making me sick and for those of you at home meeting me for the first time, I get sick often when I eat food. (crew laughs softly) This tastes like a salt lick. Yeah it can be very tough. You okay? It’s very resilient bread though, I’m pullin’ on it, look at this, look at this. (Alex laughs) Oh my god. You wanna have like a light saber battle? (Keith makes light saber noise) Choo choo. (dramatic music) Strike me down with all of your hatred! Yaaaaa! (Alex laughs) Shall we dip these in the marinara? I feel like that’s what
the marinara’s for. I love the marinara but these
breadsticks are so tough. (Alex laughs) They’re not bad. No the marinara’s great, I mean, like of course this is good. Neither is the breadstick though, I’m in to the breadstick. Dip poop in gold it’s
then worth more, isn’t it? So a few years ago Pizza
Hut decided that pizza wasn’t enough, you know,
they gotta enter into the Italian food industry and so they came out with two pastas. – [Alex] Oh boy! They marketed these pastas by trickin’ a bunch of people into thinking they were eating good pasta, then sayin’ “Ha! It was
Pizza Butt you idiot!” They like, literally
they brought people in, they’d be like, “We
brought a bunch of people in to try this new Italian
restaurant’s pastas but what they didn’t know is the pasta was actually from Pizza Hut and then they had them anonymously
review the pasta.” And they’d have all these people
be like, “It’s really good” “How much would you pay for this pasta?” “Oh, probably $20, oh probably $30. “What if we told you
this pasta was $6.99?” (Alex laughs) “What?” “And it’s from Pizza Hut!” “What?” And you’re a fuckin’ idiot. (Alex laughs) Like if you went to like
a nice Italian restaurant and you found out they were just serving you Pizza Hut wouldn’t you be pissed? Yeah. I’d be furious. I’m really full. Oh boy this really.
I don’t have a fork. Just looks terrible. I don’t have a fork so. No! We have to? Oh. This is the Alfredo Chicken Pizza. Oh my god. Oh plunge your hand in there. Oh yum, this is how you’re meant to eat. – [Keith] Uh hmm. Um. It’s okay. The chicken
works much better in this than it does on the pizza. Pasta number two. This looks like a baked
zitis type situation. Ummm actually I think
that this these pastas are not as bad as you’d expect them to be from a place called Pizza Hut. (Alex laughs) Thanks, Alex Lewis. You’re welcome, can I get one more breadstick for the road? You sure can, I don’t
know why you’d want to there’s way better breadsticks
in the Leftover Lounge. Well I’ll try those too. Okay, Alex Lewis everybody, give it up. Watch him on NBC’s “Bring the Funny” Tuesday’s starting in
July at 10, nine central, only on NBC. I’ll be on it too. We have made it through the Pizza Hut menu but now it is time for us
to have our just desserts. We got the Pizza Hut Chocolate Brownie. Very dry, probably good
with a tall glass of milk, but I’m not gonna have a glass of milk. Next up the Taco Bell Cini
Mini’s presented by Pizza Hut. These are exactly the
same as the cinnamon bites they have from Taco Bell. Cini Minis, ‘member that? I did that in the Taco Bell video. Hey!!!!!! I’m Mini Cini! Ummm. Cini mini. This tray is clearly microwaved. ‘Cause this is a microwave safe tray. But the Cini Mini’s are pretty good. They’re better than the brownies. (Keith sighs) Oh my stomach hurts, it’s so full. Oh god. It’s a Cookie Pie. Cookie mouth. My mouth is a cookie. (dramatic music) Pretty good cookie. Look before we finish the episode, let’s check in with those
Leftover Ladies one more time. This party’s off the chain,
I mean Ned’s not even in this video Yeah. But he’s come back the Lounge. Gotta eat. It’s going pretty well so far, Keith’s, you know, he’s really making it through, it’s hard, this one’s hard on him. This is, I probably
haven’t seen him like this since Olive Garden. End of the day with Pizza
Hut’s original dessert. The Cinnamon Bread Sticks with Icing. Now Pizza Hut in some
(Keith burps) Pizza Hut in some markets has dessert pizza. They have like a blueberry cobbler pizza, some sort of apple cinnamon pizza. Our Pizza Hut doesn’t have that. We started with breadsticks
and so shall we end. Breadsticks to begin,
breadsticks to say goodbye. Breadsticks. Wheee. Do it again. (Keith laughs)
Breadstick learns to swim. ♪ It’s got icing on the top ♪ Hmmm, pretty good, pleasantly surprised. Well, we did it. I’ve eaten everything on the menu. Let’s get one more shot
of those girls back there. Party sure is heatin’ up back here. Yes it is. Bye ladies, bye, thanks
for being so great. And now it is time for me
to decide what it the best and what is the least best. The least best thing at Pizza Hut. Hold on, there’s so much in my stomach. I need to be burped. I think the worst thing was
that cheese cheese cheese pizza without any marinara on it. The cheese on the pizza was one note and then it also had some sort
of white garlic butter sauce. Not good. The best thing from
Pizza Hut I think was the super Supreme, the ultra
supreme, the extreme supreme. I just think that Pizza
Hut is best when it’s got the cheese, the vegetables, the meat, the sauce and the crust. Badda bing badda bam. You know there were a lot of other pizzas that were pretty good. I was very surprised by the P’zones. I was surprised by the pastas. I was let down by the staff. (crew laughs) It’s been a pretty crazy day here at the Eat the Menu studio. I’m Keith Habersberger. What menu should I take down next? Bye! (upbeat music) ♪ Breadsticks! Breadsticks!
Cinnamon covered ♪ ♪ Breadstick ♪ ♪ Dip it in the breadstick ♪ ♪ It’s got icing on the top ♪

76 thoughts on “Keith Eats Everything At Pizza Hut

  1. zooklezookle hrtyhne Post author

    also 13:20 it sounds like hes trying to eat stone

  2. Illusion ZT Post author

    Why the fuck did I watch half an hour of keith eating pizza

  3. Bárbara Borges Post author

    Keith: This sucks! This is all the same!
    Me: In the bucket! 😂

  4. ReVitalZ Post author

    In Canada, we have my favourite pizza the Smokey maple bacon pizza

  5. BJJ Fiend Post author

    The best part is watching Keith's slow decline into a lethargic, comatose state.

  6. K. Sewell Post author

    I definitely don't come here to learn about these menus but to instead watch Keith gradually spiral into a state of madness.

  7. N i c x o l e Post author

    .- Keith, your country is um. My country is like way different, it's not like that, but they taste delicious.:P

  8. Sofia Leskinen Post author

    I love Alex 🥺 I'm so happy he had a relatively long segment in this video.

  9. Alex Olz Post author

    I feel like Keith got really stoned before the take @ 22:11 with Hughie Stone Fish.

  10. The young Innovator Post author

    We need F**king French f**king fries at dis f**king pizza f**king hut

  11. Namrata Janawade Post author

    It seems to me that Keith feels drunk after eating a lot of anything! 😅😂

  12. H D Post author

    9:40 HAHA I used to work at Pizza Hut and the way we sauced the chicken was toss them in the same carry-out boxes we give out, hence the box being so messy inside. Garlic Parmesan is also a b*tch to get on the chicken since it’s so thick, hahaha hope this answered your question!

  13. VampireKitten Post author

    As soon as he ate the blazing hot wings and called Zach, you could see the regret in his tearful eyes that this ever became a long running series.

  14. CodeAlias Post author

    How cool would it be if Matt Stonie made a guest appearance on this segment?

  15. Onlyme0422 Post author

    His eyes get progressively droopier as it goes on hahah

  16. Sydney the web series Post author

    Keith: as long as I keep eating it, I feel just fine.
    Also Keith: completely dead inside

  17. Ane Liv Berthelsen Post author

    Keith: I'm gonna go dry in first

    Me: You shoulder never go dry in…

  18. Katie Potter Post author

    It may have been my local Pizza Hut; but it was always my last choice. I may have to try it again?!

  19. Heidi Carbaugh Post author

    Watching this at 2 in the morning…I’m like ok I’ll watch it and not crave pizza…I can do it! Edit: I’m now cooking a pizza…🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🍕and additionally I loved Whose Line

  20. vamperus Post author

    The heat from the wings melts off the chicken, so no matter how much you shake them the sauce is coming off. The pepperoni pzone we’re only allowed to put 12 pepperonis in it and it sucks because that’s not enough at all it’s mostly just bread at that point. The heart shaped pizza its supposed to be cut in the box if it’s for take out.the stuffed crust, someone made the crust too big so it didn’t look how it’s supposed to. The cheese lovers comes with the white sauce, not the same as the wing street sauce at all, but it is the same on the chicken pasta.

  21. TheAfricanBullFrog Post author

    Pan pizza is TRASH
    (maybe this is because the first pan pizza i ever had was just raw dough with barely any tomato sauce in the pizza but still)

  22. The Twilight Zone Post author

    You know what I want as a super hero power? Grabbing stuff from a screen; then I’d be able to grab the pizza

  23. kota cado Post author

    The best part of eat the menu videos is watching Keith slowly descend into madness

  24. Merged zamasu Half corrupted Post author

    Keith tries everything at buzzfeed, then leaves.

  25. Ethan Cash Post author

    Got a Pizza Hut ad at 5:01 in the middle of the Try Guys Pizza Hut ad. Nice

  26. Jacinta Maree Post author

    Reasons to dislike this:
    Number #1:

    Thank you for listening to my presentation goodnight

  27. Michelle Forsyth Post author

    What about the normal garlic bread? Do you guys not have that in the US?

  28. Ashley Fink Post author

    i felt it when he said they have the perfect bubbling of their cheese

  29. Pablo Cejas Post author

    I feel really lucky for being Italian and enjoy the actual pizza ahahaha

  30. Hazelbreeze and Robinfeather Post author

    "G i v e t h e p e o p l e w h a t t h e y w a n t!"

    I want you to donate to help Australia.

  31. Danny Jimenez Post author

    I swear Keith smokes a joint before making these videos 😂😂

  32. chantay matos Post author

    I'm always glad it's over lol I feel bad for Keith and his wife lol

  33. C. Babs Post author


    Also Keith looks absolutely destroyed by the time they hit the breadsticks before the pasta lol

  34. Aurora Crystal Post author

    Did anyone realize Jared’s eyes are different colors?

  35. Aidan S Post author

    So, I work at Domino's and the Pizza Hut in our town shut down, everyone was very excited that we, in fact, out pizza'd the Hut.

  36. Soon Bean Post author

    Pizza huts oil melted my friends nail polish off her nails

  37. hot dog Post author

    Keith let me tell you something pizza hut is ok but dominos definitely out pizzas the hut

  38. Drumjerry Post author

    Ok well I actually really like the lemon pepper wings AND fries so Fuck off

  39. likeforone cookie Post author

    Is it werid that im eatting pizza hut while watch this?

  40. Jared Gent Post author

    I love the concepts for these videos and how they work and everything which is why I always click on them, and then I remember that Keith just pisses me off. Like I'm sure he's a great guy and everything but like three quarters of the shit he says just is so annoying and he has the most disgusting facial expressions when eating that honestly make me feel borderline sick. Like really I don't have anything against the guy but sometimes he just does like gross shit with his face and then tries to talk at the same time and it's just nasty bro

  41. Ingrid Dubbel Post author

    Why is that man'wife forcing him to eat gluten free? Its obvious he isn't thrilled about it. Women need to stop trying to change men. We can twerk the wardrobe and that's about it.

  42. Robert Rees Post author

    I think about that moment at 25:27 much more than I both care to admit, and much more than I'm comfortable to admit. Cracks me up every single time.

  43. Profile Name Post author

    God: ok when making this one make sure they can't eat dairy products
    Kieth: N I C E T R Y

  44. UnknownUsername Post author


  45. Ethan Pete Post author

    Pizza hut is the pizza I order when I'm home alone and want pizza but have like no money

  46. darth vader Post author

    Dominos is really superior than pizza hut and it really shows


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