Kal-El vs Justice League | Justice League [UltraHD, HDR]

By | January 24, 2020

[Wonder Woman] He’s back. [Aquaman] He’s not alright. [Cyborg] He’s scanning us. [Flash] What? [Cyborg] Arthur, you need to relax.
Your adrenaline’s spiking. [Aquaman] Because he’s not all right. [Flash] Oh no. Should we bow? Or.. or show our bellies? Victor? [Wonder Woman] Victor stop. [Cyborg] Shit! [Aquaman] What are you doing? [Flash] Victor! [Cyborg] It’s my armor’s defense system… [Wonder Woman] No! [Cyborg] …It’s stronger since
the interface. I can’t control it. [Flash] Victor, no! [Aquaman] Victor! [Flash] Think of happy thoughts, Victor! [Aquaman] Shut it off! [Wonder Woman] Kal-El, no! He’s confused, he doesn’t know who he is. [Flash] Pet Sematary. [Wonder Woman] Arthur, we need to restrain him. [Cyborg] I got him. [Wonder Woman] Kal-El, the last son of Krypton… …remember who you are. Tell me who you… [Batman] Clark! [Superman] I know you. [Wonder Woman] Please, don’t make me do this. [Batman] Alfred, I need the big gun. [Superman] You did this… [Batman] I had to. [Superman] You won’t let me live. You won’t let me die. [Batman] The world needs you.

100 thoughts on “Kal-El vs Justice League | Justice League [UltraHD, HDR]

  1. kevon lopez Post author

    2:28 Arthur we need to restrain him, Wonder Woman proceeds to lead the whole attack

  2. D T Post author

    The only cool thing is Man of Steel and some scenes of Batman vs Superman

  3. 2003 Maurya Post author

    Why no one likes this scene? Can anyone pls elaborate

  4. ꧁༒mc༒꧂ ꧁༒biel༒꧂ Post author

    Mano Superman is fuckin 'head butt of the guy kkkkkkk🤣

  5. llAntimatterll Post author

    I don't care what kind of powers you have. If you don't have the kind of power Superman has, you better shit yourself and go into the fetal position if he ever goes into some kind of blood rage.

  6. Michael Denison Post author

    I gotta admit, Cyborg's impromptu shield was able to withstand that heat-vision for approximately 5 seconds.
    That's still impressive.

  7. V a g u e G i r l Post author

    This right here was the best and the worse scene in the whole movie. Good because we get to see Superman interacting with the other superheroes. The worse because after this scene the whole Justice League is purposeless. Hell, Batman can’t even fly and arrives late to the fight looking as exhausted as the fat kid in PE class.

  8. yanasitta Post author

    Is it that hard to scrounge up some Cryptonite? I think I have a 20 I can pitch in.

  9. Garrick Allen Post author

    Alright. I'm confused. Someone want to help fill me in. When actually did this movie come out. Because I don't remember.

  10. MightiestArm Post author

    Why does Superman need them? Haha
    For me best part was The Flash vs Superman that was cool, secreting else was meh

  11. The 64 Guy Post author

    The oh shit faces he makes after this point 3:22 are Oscar worthy.

  12. Patricio Fernandez Post author

    Que graciosa escena, parece que todo estuviera mal hecho y mal actuado adrede

  13. VEGITO BLUE ْ Post author

    The only reason that superman attacked everyone 2:09

  14. Florian Leonhardt Post author

    Yeeaahh ich bin superman ich kann alles und der ganze film dreht sich nur darum mich wiederzubeleben weil die anderen Dorftrottel nix hinbekommen….

  15. Abdurrahman Imam Subki Post author

    If Lex Luthor was already there, he'd gladly eat popcorn to see Superman threatening Batman.

  16. SirCan Sir Post author

    chest hair trade mark in every role. This boys is peak manliness. They even remain black when he plays as Geralt.

  17. anonymous nation Post author

    Such a dumb shit…..Hollywood is over with this huge fiction thing

  18. KYL3MYERS Post author

    I think I know where Conner McGregor got his shoulder barge from

  19. Joshua Waddell Post author

    2:27 Wonder Woman: "Arthur, we need to restrain him."
    Me: "LOL…. Ooooookaaaaaaay"

  20. WHAT UP? Post author

    This is why Justice league should carry a chunk of Kryptonite with them just in case if stuff like this happens.

  21. JonnyBoy Post author

    This movie is't even that old, but has ages horribly… holy fuck it looks bad.. shitty fake slow-mo and TV quality CGI! LMAO!

  22. Alhassane FOFANA Post author

    je ne fait que de recevoir les mauvaise qualité videos.

  23. Genci Tela Post author

    Is everyone going to ignore what the hell super man is grabbing on to wonder woman?? Bad cgi

  24. rahil rahman Post author

    Hands down best cgi since avater…….

    The Last Airbender

  25. Bill Blass Post author

    i mean Wonder Woman and Aquaman did great at the box office, so theres still a chance of Justice League 2 right?

  26. judge Jung Post author

    옷도 없는데 뭘 잡고 멱살잡이중이지? 목을 움켜쥐던가… 허술하네…ㅎ

  27. Pimmy11 Post author

    Superman would not be able to withstand magical artifact influence. That's one of the many reasons this movie sucked.

  28. Emad Ansar Post author

    Ok ok sure yep I get it. Superman just slapping batman can push him like 5 feet far away from him? And hit a police car that hard? Yea I get it

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  30. John Doe Post author

    This is what happens when you make one super hero so strong. It might give momentary awesome-ness but in the long run it ruins the whole thing

  31. Divya Gray Post author

    I didn't understand at first what flash meant when he said Pet cemetery until I watched that movie lol

  32. OK MANG Post author

    So its 2020 and no one realized superman's zenkai boost from this part lmao

  33. talia grace Post author

    Well gal Godoy clearly wasn’t cast as Diana based on her acting ability. That might’ve been the worst delivery of a line I’ve ever heard.

  34. شہر یار Post author

    Superman personality awesome,
    Really , also superman in angry mood.
    Superman is the best

  35. Techno Panda Post author

    Great scene completely ruined by Danny Elfman's pedestrian music. Why the hell did they not use Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer score?

  36. earthsky0017 Post author

    If I was the one who find supermans dead body. I am going to hide it in my room and play with his naked body. Oh yeah..

  37. Dr J Post author

    Now imagine if Superman could actually fight instead of just relying on his strength

  38. 01ファドール Post author

    Why nobody trying to stop cyborg automatically target ? 1:40

  39. Sadia Shehrin Khan Post author

    whichever person has a cellphone can profit on the internet with FunOnline Work .c o m

  40. 1978 32 Post author

    When Superman is going after the Flash. You hear the John Williams theme played.

  41. Caveman Claude Post author

    Kal El in his purest form. No restraint. Completely badass 🤯🤯🤯

  42. Thinking Real Post author

    So , superman is a powerhouse …..
    He has no match with any of those superheroes or , villains…..

  43. Billy Russo Post author

    Look at the casting tho
    Henry cavil is the perfect Superman
    Ben Affleck the perfect Batman
    Gal Gadot the perfect Wonder woman
    Jason Momoa – perfect Aqua man

    Still the movie is shit. DC has bigger problems

  44. Stealthy Mongoose Post author

    Based on what we saw at the end of Wonder Woman….shouldn't she be a lot stronger than this?

  45. asianagainstviolin Post author

    This is what happens when you tryna squeeze an overused plot

  46. Manchester United Post author

    The editing for this is so bad compared to marvel films


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