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By | January 19, 2020

CREW: Speed. PRODUCER: You want to start by talking about the last four
years? JUSTIN: Wow. BBC ANCHOR: Justin Bieber says
he is cancelling the rest of his
world tour. KEVAN KENNY: As for why Justin
cancelled the tour, he spoke to maintaining a
healthy mind, heart, and soul. ALLISON: Performing is the thing
that he loves most in this
world. For him to say that he didn’t
want to do it… I was concerned. RYAN: There was a period where
it was really tough for him. He was a shell of himself. JUSTIN: As humans, we go through
so many ups and downs. So many good seasons, bad
seasons… You know, sometimes we want to
give up. SCOOTER: He’s taken a very long
break and in that time he’s… found his wife. He’s grown a
lot. And he’s ready to express
himself through music again. JUSTIN: I’m excited. Just nervous a little bit. This album is different because
of where I’m at in my life. SCOOTER: No one’s ever grown up,
in the history of humanity, like
Justin Bieber. HAILEY: There’s a lot of
pressure that I think people
don’t see. JUSTIN: I can never remake this
album. It’s got to be perfect. Oh! You’re taping. [LAUGHS] Weird. When you’re doing what you are
good at, you just feel like you’re where
you’re supposed to be. HAILEY: Maybe by watching this,
people will kind of get a
glimpse into his world. JUSTIN: You know what I say to

100 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: Seasons | Official Trailer Ft. Yummy | YouTube Originals

  1. TAIRENT GAME PLAY Post author

    Film çıktığında öyle mi yoksa belgesel mi?

  2. Leanne Parker Post author

    ok , to everyone hating, you probably haven’t been through as much as he has. find some compassion, stop hating for no reason. let’s leave hating in 2019.

  3. AFLfooty Lover Post author

    It's good Justin Bieber is married perfect match with Olds of fans these singers idk how they do it but they keep it together and calm

  4. Spawny Chancer Post author

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  5. the lamb sauce Post author


  6. Andrew Stovall Post author

    Oh yeah poor you. Money can't buy happiness but it sure as hell can buy you the best therapy that'll help you get happiness . Then you'll be happy and rich so don't fucking tell me money and fame isn't everything because it is

  7. Klarissa Ceja Post author

    I hope your marriage isn’t for show and your truly happy 🤗

  8. han Post author

    how do i get this to stop popping up in my recommended pls help me

  9. Faith Rios Post author

    I’m so excited man, I swear when I went to see never say never I fuckn cried like a baby. You’re such an inspiration and dope ass role model. I love you forever JB! ❤️❤️ I’ll always think of you as my fantasy boyfriend heheh

  10. Linda Slaughter Post author

    I'm not a fan but i wish him n his wife good luck n a HAPPY LIFE

  11. T J Post author

    I used to love Justin and I feel people go thru stuff, change and grow up but he used to be cool now he looks dirty and I guess if he’s happy with haley that’s good but I don’t think she’s good for him her vibe is off.

  12. TikTok_queen_ 2000 Post author

    Justin Bieber sucks, hatsune Miku will always be better

  13. amber 1225 Post author

    you are the best bieber we all believe you will be better the 2020 is your world

  14. Annie Elizabeth Post author

    I’m not a Justin Bieber fan not in the sense I saw shows or screamed over him but I am interested in seeing his growth and this side of him. I don’t think any negative thoughts of him just never really got Justin. Looking forward to watching.

  15. Dale Munsell Post author

    Does anyone else think he's going to break her heart like he did Selena's?

  16. Shaam 007 Post author


  17. D. Pelayo Post author

    Watch Yummy and see the subliminal messages abt pedophilia of Hollywood

  18. Asiatic Queen Post author

    He shaking like he got kuru or is this what one calls bobbing of the head 😂😂

  19. nysrandomvideos Post author

    I watched “never say never” so I’m definitely watchin this . 🤧

  20. anna banana Post author

    Whether you love him or u hate him, you know u gonna watch this documentary

  21. Nunzio Raso Post author

    Not only a talented musician, but a very good Basketball and Hockey Player! He can do it all. Good trailer. Cheers from Canada. 🙂

  22. Bev Kenny Post author

    I only clicked on to this video to dislike it. This is not music. Its a nursery rhyme.

  23. Eliezer Concepcion Post author

    “No ones ever grown up in the history of humanity like Justin Bieber”
    BS 💩!

  24. DOPE BABY Post author

    It’s funny that he made this whole album just to fail in his purpose of making it😂😂

  25. Mia Bostic Post author

    This looks good! Looks like he has been filming this for a few years, can't wait to see how he's progressed musically.

  26. Benny Jimenez Post author


  27. Benny Jimenez Post author


  28. QODW Post author

    Why does he look like Phoenix Wright the piano player in the interview segment tho

  29. Graham conquer GHC Post author

    Don't give up bro I from Scotland Glasgow live alone check out my u tube channel n ull understand how much I am having those thoughts too

  30. johnny green Post author

    https://open.spotify.com/track/5KEfiU7FTVdXeZ9px2o2l4?si=iO50Jx9HToaJgCTy2NX1SQ – THAREALJAYSTAR

  31. Evin Solis Post author

    I love you Justin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️my heart goes to you!

  32. Manju Mishra Post author

    People don't realize the feeling, but he's a real life hero

  33. Guadalupe Huerta Post author

    También en una canción de Skrillex 'first of the year ' aparece en el vídeo un señor que al parecer interpreta un pedófilo ( se parece a John Podestá) será que igual quiso darnos algo a entender??

  34. Emma Post author

    mans flopping so hard he needs to make a whole ass movie ft. yummy. it's so funny to me.

  35. marialima lima Post author

    Can't wait😀!!! I love so much😍 God bless him♥️

  36. El tio llamarada Post author

    Edta hacia por su patrocinador o como se llame lo violó

  37. Kendall Post author

    Justin was my idol when I was four and he was my crush when I was foue

  38. taxi cab Post author

    i remember going w my cousins to the Justin Bieber movie as a kid and they still make fun of me to this day

  39. Amanda Olascoaga Post author

    Yeah but he hasn’t had it the worst like Michael Jackson.. as well as Culkin… these folks started since birth being famous. And Justin only became known over a youtube video… he wanted that life of becoming “famous” that’s what he will get. Michael didn’t ask to become famous as well as culkin… they got brought up to that. Y’all act like the dude has the worst when God gave him everything. This man always needs some dumb attention, the last music he threw wasn’t even a comeback it was an embarrassment

  40. Benji * Post author

    Who watches this shit? Im sorry, but after releasing YUMMY as his first single to start of this new era, I can't take this trailer seriously at all. It's a terrible song, and Bieber actually proved he can do much better with Purpose so idk wtf is going on. But this is a joke. I don't wanna see his "struggles" and all the seriousness talking about his "growth" and everything he's been through….then he releases…yummy. fucking yummy? Really? Terrible start to this era.

  41. juc juc Post author

    Just another white boy stealing Black Culture and style…but he has No Soul…guess they haven't figured out how to steal that yet

  42. Maru Par Post author

    Except that there is a lot of fake fake things in his saesons; but I know is not easy for these people to be real.

  43. juc juc Post author

    The problem Hes having is the same one Elvis had….1 day he woke up and realized that he was a fake…a whigger , his whole career and identity is based on the cultural and musical identity that he stole from Black Americans….WHITE PEOPLE BEEN DOING THE SAME ISH 2000 YEARS STEAL THE BLACK PEOPLE'S IDENTITY, CALL IT HIS OWN THEN LIE ABOUT WHERE IT REALLY COMES FROM .

  44. Saady Post author

    He is denouncing pizzagate and pedophilia with yummy. Love u man

  45. Alex Rayne Post author

    Omg I can’t these movies about this boy make me cry every time!!!! I’m literally going to lose my mind!!! Loved forever and always

  46. Ronald artakva Post author

    j. Bieber is the very definition of a loser, a star lost it shines.

  47. Dale f Dykstra Post author

    Justin only you will know inside your heart and mind when it is time for you to do what you do . Sincerely Dale Dykstra

  48. Casey Hardy Post author

    I’m sure the wiggles are extremely disappointed in his cover of their hit song. Fruit salad, yummy yummy.


  49. michael Thorn Post author

    “the album needs to be perfect”….yummy plays right after ahahah

  50. myname ismyname Post author

    No 1 in history has ever grown up like Justin Bieber?????

    Michael Jackson??

  51. hailey Corgiat Post author

    For the people saying that yummy is not him expressing himself, THERES A WHOLE ALBUM COMING OUT ! and I’m sure most of it is heartfelt like they’re talking about. Yummy is just a fun song he decided to create. Music is meant to be fun, AND heartfelt. It’s all about creating what excites you and for him he’s doing just that. Anyways we all have our own opinions ! Just let the man live. Peace and love. 💞


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