Job Roles For Customer Care Executive – Call Centre,Technical Support, BPO,KPO

By | November 17, 2019

Hello All..This is Akansha from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i will be talking about the Job role of a Customer care executive demotivated to work as a customer care executive ? we all have a wrong impression on customer care job let’s check it out Freshers of all educational backgrounds would be sought
for customer care executive position. A lot of companies in various industries seek for
this position continuously. Is it a good position to start your career path with? How will your
career path be, if you take up this position? Basic requirement
A customer care executive would be expected to get in touch with customers through various
methods. Inbound call customer care, voice process and complaint management are the common
variants in this job. Basically, you would either contact the customers or the customers
would communicate with you for their needs. The candidate is expected to provide customer
service with patience and empathy. Job requirement
Fresh and experienced candidates would be sought for this position. The candidates with
excellent communication skills are usually sought, irrespective of their educational
background. Candidates with Master degree or Doctorate or not usually sought by the
companies, but the needs of each company are different. In rare cases, like financial institute,
candidates with commerce or banking background are sometimes sought. The other basic requirements
are Good communication skill in local language.
Knowledge in additional language is an added advantage.
Patience and empathy are very essential. Basic knowledge in computer operation
Basic technical knowledge about product or service of the company
Good people skills or interpersonal skills Team work, positive attitude and customer
centric ability are a few qualifications which would add more value to your resume.
In case of technical customer care support, usually engineering candidates are sought.
Management (post graduate and graduate) students are sought for both technical and non-technical
customer care executive position. In case of technical position, the company would provide
training for various activities. In some cases, the candidates would be taken as probationary
candidates and after training is completed with excellence, the candidates would be provided
a permanent position. The job might be in shift basis and most of the companies would
request you to sign a bond or agreement for a few years. Some companies prefer female
candidates for certain positions but this does not mean that males cannot thrive in
this career. When it comes to male candidates, rotational shifts would become a must.
Apart from handling customers, a few job descriptions would emphasis on sale targets or adherence
to promotional activities too. The candidates would be expected to handle some operational
activities which are related to their work like recording work-in-progress and others.
Scope for freshers Pay might be less than most of the technical
jobs, but this job position has a good scope for those who want to take up marketing as
their core career. The experience in customer support department would help you to apply
for various marketing positions in the future. After a few years of experience, you can also
sought senior positions in the same department or become a trainer for fresh customer support
executives. Most of the legends in today’s corporate
work are from marketing department. If you are looking for a fast career growth, this
is the right field to choose in today’s world. thus working as a customer care executive will definitely help you in building a career do not have no more confusion about this good luck guys we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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    What is the difference among customer support executive, customer support associate,and BPO


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