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I know that a lot of SEO
hate JavaScript. And I get why it’s very complex it makes our lives
difficult, it makes developers lives difficult but I feel like this is a a
good time to talk about a very good news for them. – What’s that?
– And the good news for them is a JavaScript SEO is dying it has an
expiration date of sorts. I guess we all know that. Like, think about that for a
second. If Google render like, starts rendering JavaScript on scale,
what’s gonna happen to JavaScript SEO? – But I mean is it going to die?
Or is it going to like, simply evolve? It’s going to the farm I guess.
– The farm upstate? The same place as my dog? – Yeah, just where your dog went yeah.
– So is a search engine inability to deal with JavaScript – is that what the
JavaScript SEO is based on? Yeah, like 100% I guess if there were no
search engines there wouldn’t be jobs for SEO.
Like developers when they build a website they’re excited
about so we’re building a check if that works properly in the
browser some of their tools and that’s it
if it works for all of their users they’re good to go.
Our job is like adding an extra layer for them so developers – I’m guessing they
don’t love JavaScript SEO that much – because they need to do a lot of extra
steps just for search engines so once search engines are as good with JavaScript –
JavaScript is very expensive so it’s difficult once an exception energies are
as good as let’s say chrome on your iPhone we’re done here.
– All right now but in recent week Google has made some significant steps in this
area. What do they have to do though to kinda nail, to close the deal?
Crawling JavaScript is expensive, its so expensive say like this is I don’t have anything
to compare it straight like indexing HTML is that much indexing javascript is
like sometimes this wall it’s just massively expensive complex and big and
whatever – probably terrible comparison – Okay so in recent weeks Google has made
significant advances in this subject but what else do they have to do is to kind
of close this deal?
– That’s it’s a complex topic and we already established that
there is no comparing that to anything especially my hand so Google has to
invest a lot of money into rendering JavaScript. Like a lot of money, like a
lot for Google a lot of money. So that’s why they’re I’m guessing they’re either
building the infrastructure for that or mmm and probably these really building
like the server buildings whatever or they’re looking for a cheaper way to
do that. More efficient way to do that. – All right but we’re always kind of
focusing on Google but what about other search engines like Bing or Yandex?
– So for them the cost – because they don’t have this many users – the cost is
exponentially bigger so I’m guessing like once Google is gonna start
rendering JavaScript they need to regroup or think maybe I don’t know.
They’re gonna be in in a lot of trouble growing but so which means is that if a
a user who’s using Bing and they don’t know anything else and they’re just
using Bing, they’re kind of locked into a very different kind of search reality
than they would be if they were on Google – Yeah, so they won’t find a lot of
JavaScript websites so as of today they wouldn’t find – so if
you’re a developer and for some reason you’re using Bing you won’t find the
website of the framework of JavaScript you’re using and that’s probably enough
for you to switch to Google and this will this example
we’ll multiply all this thing. Alright so death of JavaScript SEO is obviously
down the road what should people or SEO be focusing on right now?
– So, we need
to first of all it’s not gonna happen overnight so we still have quite a lot
of time and only even us here at Onely I’m guessing we were one of the first
agencies who ever started with JavaScript – even for us it’s not gonna be
that much of a deal we’re we’re ready for that for a while and but it’s gonna
evolve into something. So once there is JavaScript and once JavaScript SEO is
gone we’re probably gonna have to deal with
things like JavaScript crawling budget and then we can guess even if it’s gone
completely it’s gonna make your – so like, I’m guessing – user developer website
owner life much easier. So I wouldn’t worry for that there is always too much
work of technical SEO anyways. And beyond JavaScript SEO what do you think is
going to be the next big thing I’m guessing that Web Performance is on
the rise and there are a lot of new trends with how we use mobile to
like, interfere with the website so I’m guessing is going to steer in that
direction. But I don’t have any clear theories yet.
– Thank you for your time.
– Thank you very much Christian.

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