JavaScript SEO is Dead, Long Live JavaScript SEO!

By | September 7, 2019

Hello, guys! So few weeks – a few months back I was talking about the idea of JavaScript SEO dying.
– And the good news for them is JavaScript SEO is dying. – It has an expiration date.
– Really?
– I guess we all know that, like, think about that for a second, like, if Google render – like, starts
rendering JavaScript on scale, right? What’s gonna happen to JavaScript SEO?
– But, I mean, is it going to die or is it going to, like, simply evolve?
– It’s going to the farm, I guess. We can- – It’s going upstate? With my dog?
– Yeah, just where your dog went, yeah. Basically the whole concept comes from
us, like, SEOs assuming that once Google gets so much better at rendering
JavaScript, JavaScript SEO is not gonna be needed anymore. Turns out I was wrong and actually I’m I couldn’t be more happy about that. I visited Google’s
office in Zurich last week when we actually had quite lengthy – quite a
lengthy conversation about just that where actually Googlers tried to convince
me that JavaScript SEO is gonna be more and more needed but
basically it’s gonna shift into being extremely geeky and extremely technical.
– Because I have this concept in my head that JavaScript SEO is dying slowly, it’s gonna eventually dissolve, because you guys are getting better with that. So basically, you are on the path of just killing two waves eventually completely, right? Can we – would say that we are hoping to make it all a little bit better and so that you don’t have to do more things, but kind of like with normal technical SEO, I don’t see JavaScript SEO dying, because
there’s just so many things that you can do wrong and it takes a lot of
experience to be able to debug and find out and improve things –
– And it keeps changing, right? It’s new stuff coming in. With every new bit on the web platform you’re like, does this work with Googlebot?
– So this is interesting. Sorry, sorry, I want to follow up on what you said. So you’re saying, even if you guys get so good with JavaScript, obviously basically, resources and, I’m guessing, some kind of technology that you use to optimize that – You still think that JavaScript SEO is gonna be –
– I mean, it’s – – In two years or three years, you still think it’s gonna be a thing? Because I had this concept it’s gonna dissolve.
– I mean, it’s gonna be a thing in that, uh, like, we will be better at it, but there’s still, there’s always technical details that you can get – get working well, or get working kind of –
– Less well.
– Kind of terribly. So usually when you talk to Googlers and you fly there, or you somehow interact with people from Google, you expect them to make your life a little bit more complex
sometimes or not to give you something that’s gonna directly help you in this
approach, like during my visit at the Google office in Zurich I was extremely
surprised by how things went. First of all, they were fighting my battle,
basically that I didn’t even think it’s possible to win. So they were convincing
me that JavaScript SEO is growing and it’s gonna be needed in just a different
form. Secondly they gave us quite a lot of info about how Google is- is dealing
with JavaScript, how they are trying to improve that and so on. So there’s quite
a lot of very, very very valuable information for- for me and for the community and until today I get a lot of Twitter messages or Facebook messages saying
that this is basically what we need in the SEO community. There should be more information like that – that’s actionable that’s clear, and that’s very useful.
– To make my point from earlier, JavaScript SEO is not gonna go away, it’s gonna
change, right? It has –
– It’s gonna get much more technical.
– Oh yeah.
– That on one hand and then, the thing is like –
– And more experiments. Today, JavaScript SEO is about finding the pitfalls and the gotchas in today’s technology and working around them or like figuring out better way to do them. And in the future, it’s gonna be more like, this what can go wrong. It works out of the box but these are the things that can still go wrong, these are the things we need to do to debug them.
– Because we got a
little bit geeky here, so just to summarize that, (I know you are trying to simplify that), but just to simplify that even further, basically what you are saying is like: in the future JavaScript SEO is gonna evolve into making your job – so, Google’s job – a little bit easier and making sure that everything we push out to clients is basically very easy to crawl, index and
– I think that’s one thing but also all of the troubleshooting
stuff kind of – kind of comes in that and that’s something where we we can provide some tools to help.
– Yeah, so my final thought here and is that observing
the SEO community for the last few years, ever since the JavaScript SEO exploded,
is that quite a lot of SEOs they – they claim they do SEO and this is a little
bit of like an internal rant within our community. Quite a lot – quite a lot of SEOs claim they do JavaScript SEO when they simply advise their clients to do
some kind of rendering which is far from being technical. And I guess this – this
problem was somehow addressed in this in this Hangout in Zurich by Googlers. So
if you’re doing JavaScript SEO, it’s way more than just making sure that
JavaScript is indexed which Google is dealing with pretty well right now; is
basically making sure that – that – that both bots and users get the same
experience but also that the cost of rendering is not that high and your new
technologies are not basically slowing you down with – with indexing, user growth, and so on.

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