Japan approves exports of etching gas to S. Korea for the first time since imposing …

By | September 2, 2019

Japan has approved the export of etching gas
to South Korea,… a key component needed to make semiconductors. It is the first time Tokyo has given the greenlight
to the material’s export since imposing trade restrictions in July. However, the Korean government says Japan’s
move does not signify a change in stance regarding the two countries’ ongoing trade war. Our Seo Eunkyung has the report. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
announced on Thursday that Japan has approved the first shipment of etching gas to South
Korea,… since it began restricting the export of three high-tech materials to the country
on July 4th. The etching gas was reportedly ordered by
Samsung Electronics,… although the exact amount was not confirmed. Etching gas is a key material for fabricating
semiconductor circuits,… and Japanese suppliers account for more than 70 percent of the global
market for etching gas with 99-percent purity. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
refused to confirm whether Tokyo gave its green light to the shipment. Meanwhile,… the Seoul government said a
single approval does not indicate a change in Tokyo’s stance,… and that Korea continues
to seek a complete retraction of Japan’s export curbs. Prior to this latest shipment,… Japan had
also approved the export of photoresists to South Korea on August 7th and 19th. “For Japan, it was necessary to show that
the export ban does not violate WTO rules. Also, it would be burdensome for the country
to face international criticism if Seoul’s semiconductor industry is damaged by its actions.” Lee added that since about 90 percent of Japan’s
etching gas exports are consumed by South Korea,… some Japanese firms could be at
risk of bankruptcy if Tokyo stays on its current course. Therefore, Japan may be calibrating its actions
to minimize the damage to its own economy and avoid domestic backlash at home. SEO Eunkyung Arirang News.

2 thoughts on “Japan approves exports of etching gas to S. Korea for the first time since imposing …

  1. 3888motoy Post author

    No business permitted at the risk of breaching security of the free world. Already OLED tech has leaked to China and it may not be long before those Korean hi-tech companies go under. They've lost already about a quarter of profit last year as a result of ongoing US-CHINA trade war, and the question is how long they can withstand this severe change of business surroundings.

  2. 뉴홉클 Post author

    Let's make it clear, everyone. 1. comfort woman. Japan doesn't even truly apologize to comfort woman. They admit that there was a comfort woman, but they said Korean comfort woman was a voluntary work (even victims testified that was  compulsory and there are several historical material). Is that normal? Many Japanese think they don't have to apologize now and even some of them called "prostitute" to a comfort woman. 2. Japan. There are 'Yasukuni shrine, which Japanese make a bow to "World war murderer ". The problem is that they were not a war hero. They were murderer. They are people who invade Korea, who caused The Pacific war, who killed 35 million people around the world and any other The world war murderers. Japanese don't think that is wrong. Their politican such as Abe shinzo still bow to them. Also, the RISING SUN FLAG which sympolize Japan's war and imperiorlism, are still used as many product's design. Korean still fight with Japan about this, but they never apologize about this. Is this normal? Does German bow to Nazi? Does German use Nazi's flag as a design? Does German humiliate war victim as "they were volunteered to do" or saying "prostitute" to them?         Japanese still saying that Koreans have to be slave, which they have to conquer. Is this normally happen to War criminal? This is why Korean keep talking to Japanese to truely apologize. Japan is the country which looks bright, but don't forget there are many dark side.


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