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By | August 16, 2019

Hi, this tutorial is based on Holgers request! He always have issues with his Mac and i like this 🙂 With his suggestions i always get ideas about another
Videotutorial for hoTodi. This time we want to look into iWeb and how to get a
Website into the Google Index and SEO ready Search Engine Optimications. This is one of the keys
to have success with your website in the www and how to rebuild them for Googles search engine. Lets use my website klangrevolution.de for it as i did
it with iWeb (the old version!) On this sample i will show you, how it works. Click to the first folder of your project. In my
case its the KR folder. Save it to your hard disc. Best is you use the default folder called Sites. Now click on the bottom onto Publish Webseite With this the application collects all code together
like HTML, CSS… and saves it as a complete website. Maybe also some scripts… up on the size of the page
it can take a little while until that is done. Once this is done you can visit the website and check
how it looks in your Browser. If not click just OK In my case i just click to OK. On that website link you
can download the free iWeb SEO Tool, do so! 🙂 Download the tool to get the 12MB big file. Open the .dmg file and install it into your Applications
folder onto Mac OS X The installation works common as on other apps on
Mac OS X Drop the iWeb SEO Tool to your Applications Icon,
thats it. After a short moment its installed and you can go ahead Open the application folder, scroll down to the iWeb
SEO Tool and load it! You can decide to create an account, but this is for
Newsletters only, so i decide not to do it. Now it starts! 🙂 Click to Open Website to load the site
you want put SEO Stuff in. Remember, i used Klangrevolution! On the left you can now see all the sub pages from
my new website. As you can see, there is no header code nor a body-tag.
Even Title-Tag or anything else like this is missed. So what are we gonna do now? We add the title tag first We add a tilte that you can see in your Tab of the
browser later. For now you can see “Wer sind whir…” my old title from
iWeb itself. But i also want have “Klangrevolution” in it. Save the changes and do the same again for all the sub
pages inside your new website. Once this is done we go to Site settings and Meta-
Tags. Here you add a description of your website. Next step is Keywords, this is VERY important!
Add what fits your content and separate each with commatas Tell the search engines, they shall index your page means you give them the order to visit your website
and read the content. Tell google to follow all links also. If you have links
on the page, google is allowed to follow them. If you make changes often click to Search engine should
revisit page every XX days. So news are spread out 🙂 Finally set the correct language of the content from
your website, for me it is German. Apply and all gets added to the file! Too sad you cannot just enable it for every sub page,
you have to use copy & paste to get it in everywhere. Means you have to do it page by page (which is listet
on the left sidebar). But its a fast trip- Once the work is done click to Publish. I use a FTP
Client for it, but you can use the one from the tool itself. You can store the login datas and when ever you do a
change on the page inside iWeb, you go into the iWeb SEO Tool and simple click to Apply! All changes
are restored and no need to redo it all again. You click now to Upload and thats it. The page will
next be on your public website 🙂 The website will contain all important stuff now like
header, meta tags, title tags, keywords… iWeb SEO tool is a free tool and whom ever works with
iWeb to create websites MUST use it! It is very important otherwise it it will getting very
hard for you to find your content in Google or anywhere. Thats it, thx to Holger for the idea of that tutorial.
He gave me the suggestions 🙂 If you also need a tutorial let me know, if i know how
it works and have the time i will do one. Cu next time here on my hoTodi Channel – BYE!

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