It’s My Life | 비켜라 운명아 – Ep.81 [SUB : ENG,CHN/ 2019.03.05]

By | November 5, 2019

Pardon? (Episode 81) What are you saying? Does that mean Executive Director Choi Suhee may not be Director Choi Siu’s biological mother? They may not be mother and son. She would give up her life for Siu. How can this be? Counsel Heo. Oh. Mr. Lee. Are you also here to get tested for Siu? Yes. I got tested too, but they say I’m not a match. Aren’t you resentful of Executive Director Choi? I am. And I feel betrayed. So why? The test? I got tested for Namjin. It’d be fine if I were a match since I’ll resign once this crisis is rectified, but if Namjin donates his liver, he won’t be able to work for a few months. That is true. Seungju said Executive Director Choi even dragged Jina in to beg and plead with Namjin. We all know what Namjin is like. He would give Siu his liver and whatever else. But Namjin is not flying solo anymore. If the contest goes awry, our entire team may be forced to resign. That won’t happen. How are the affected children? They’re doing much better. They’ll all get to go home today or tomorrow. I see. Hello. How are you feeling? I’m sorry you have to see me like this, Counsel Heo. If you are sorry, you must get better soon. Yes, I will. Did you know the late Chairman An always worried about your frail health? He did? He said to look after you since you were the type to let an illness linger on by refusing to let it show. I think I finally get what he meant when he called me his soft spot. It took me this long to see why he had to be stern on the outside while caring and worrying for me on the inside, so I must not be very smart. If you’re not Executive Director Choi’s biological son, then who are you? The article is out, Mr. An. Is it? “Hyunkang’s An Namjin captures customers’ hearts with B2C marketing, overcoming a crisis with a heartfelt apology and compensation.” “Befitting the grandson of the late Chairman An Seokho, the company’s founder, An Namjin is upholding his grandfather’s people-first management style.” Wow. That reporter is very astute. Oh? Yeseul’s father talked to the reporter. He did? What did he say? Okay. He was moved by how the entire team came every day to read to the kids and take care of them. He said the kids cried, not wanting us to leave. Wow. That must be why customers’ review posts have turned into positive ones. Oh. Ms. Han Mira posted a picture of her and Suji wearing our clothes on social media. It is bound to give our sales a boost. Wow. Ms. Han Mira is loyal to the end. Mr. Lee took great pains to put this right. Yes. Mr. An, treat Mr. Lee to a hearty, healthy meal. Not just Mr. Lee. I’ll treat the entire team to a big meal. Siu is withering away by the day. Yes. Namjin. Namjin has to be talked into it. The most common defect seems to be inconsistent pleating. We’ll have to tell them to mind the stitching. How about applying a second wax coat? Our natural fabric can lose its shape after a wash. I’ll call them right away. Our sales are gaining steam, so let’s keep pushing on. Yes, sir. It’s so nice to have you back, Jina. Yes. You can’t disappear without a word again. I’m very happy too. It’s been so long since I’ve laughed like this. Don’t up and leave on us again, okay? – That’s right. / – No can do. Look at how happy the team is. Is it because Jina is back? Of course. Our teamwork has always been phenomenal. Jina, let’s go get your marriage license during lunch and have a nice lunch too. I was always hungry when I had Siu. What? Are you pregnant, Jina? Congratulations, Jina. Congrats, Jina. Come with us, Chief Jang. They need witnesses for their marriage license. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Lunch is on me. You will each keep a notarized copy. The monthly stipend will be wired to your account on the first of every month. Okay. Toss out your current phone and use this instead. I’ll call when your summons is issued. If I testify truthfully, I will avoid a jail sentence, right? If things go awry, I won’t stand by either. so don’t forget that. Of course not. Mr. Kim is outside. You can go with him to a notary. Sunja, let’s get a bite after these get notarized. It will be my treat. I’m all set. I get indigestion when I eat with you. Wait up. Ilsuk. – Yes, Cheongsan. / – I have a favor to ask. What is it? I need Executive Director Choi and Director Choi’s hair strands and toothbrushes. Pardon? What for? I have to check something. It’s done, President Han. What is? We got an order from an apparel firm in China, and for 50,000 units no less. 50,000 units? Wow. You’re very good at this, Yeonsil. What is the deal here? Why are you surprised? Ms. Ko has a gift for doing consultations. She’s charming and knows how to butter people up. That’s right. Clients are demanding to consult only with her. I’ve never liked you more than now, Ms. Ko. I’ll send Mr. Lee here from tomorrow as our rep. If you have any issues concerning China, ask Mr. Lee for help. We’d appreciate that. President Han, don’t I get a bonus for getting a huge order? A bonus? What do you want to buy this time? Can’t you get me a robot vacuum? It’s tiring to clean our apartment after work. Of course I can get you one. You’ve got it. I’ll ask for a dishwasher next time. Yes, Mr. Lee. Hwarang is going home? That’s great. Okay. We’ll head over to the hospital now. No. I have to get tested in the afternoon anyway. Okay. Get tested? What for? Are you ill? No. It’s just his annual checkup. A physical. Oh. You’re getting a physical? Yes. But you just had lunch. How can you get a physical on a full stomach? Aren’t you getting a gastroscopy? Oh. He’s getting the gastroscopy tomorrow morning. Let’s go, Namjin. Dad, we’re off. Let’s go. It’s been so long since I saw you smile. Are you that happy? Yes, Mom. Should I not go to work? I can’t focus on work, knowing you are here all alone. Just go in the mornings. I have treatment and tests in the morning, so it’s bearable. Here. What’s this? You don’t have to hide anything from your wife. My wife? I went to get our marriage license. We’re married now. I’m sorry you had to get this before a proper wedding. You can have a wedding after you get better. Chief Jang and I stood as witnesses, so you cannot fight or break up without our permission. Understood? Yes, Mom. I must take your blood pressure, Mr. Choi. Clear out of the tailoring shop and get Namjin on board by the day’s end. Today? You saw Siu’s hand shaking. He also scratched his thighs until they bled as the itchiness has gotten worse. If his condition worsens and complications develop, they won’t be able to help him. Yes, okay. Siu is your husband now. You must be willing to do anything for Siu and your baby. I’m home. Hi, Son. You’re home early today. Have you eaten? Although you’re only getting tested, you must get your mom’s permission first. She’ll be upset if she finds out later. You look very tired today. I might have to make you chicken soup with ginseng. Mom, I have something to tell you. What is it? Was it really you, Mom? Were you behind Namjin’s disappearance? No. No. It wasn’t me. It sickens me that I am your son. Don’t even think about seeing me again. No. Don’t go. Don’t go, Siu! Siu! Siu. Siu! I’m not going anywhere, Mom. So don’t worry. Okay. You spineless sod. You’ll give him your liver after all you’ve endured? Then what happens to you? I’m just getting tested. We don’t know yet if I will be a match. No. Why must you get cut open for Siu? No way! What about Siu? I’m his only blood relation in the world. How is it only you? He has his mom, who thinks the world of him. She should give him hers, not ask you for yours. Executive Director Choi isn’t a match. I’ll do it instead, okay? I’m grey and old, so I’ll do it. I’ll give him my liver, okay? Mom, a parent or sibling is the best donor, minimizing the risk of rejection. I still say no. I don’t want that, Namjin. I don’t want them cutting you open. Suhee is rich. Someone might be willing to do it for a lot of money. What if something happens to Siu? What would my late grandpa say? I won’t hear of it. I don’t care. I’ll beg Chairman An for forgiveness after I die. So don’t it, Namjin. Please. Mom, don’t you feel sorry for Siu? He’ll finally be happy now that Jina has returned. What if he dies like this? That Choi Geumsun woman even wants your liver now? I’m going to go and kill her and then go to jail. Mom. Put yourself in her shoes. If I needed a liver transplant, but she wouldn’t let Siu give me his liver, how would you feel? Siu would make the same decision as I would because we are brothers after all. Come in. We could’ve talked at work tomorrow. Did it have to be today? I’m sorry, Seungju. Take a seat. Would you like tea? Please have a heart, Seungju. I, I am begging you. Please. What are you doing, Jina? Director Choi had esophageal bleeding today. His hands are shaking and his itchiness has worsened. If he goes into a hepatic coma, it will be too late. Okay, okay. Get up so we can talk. Sit here. I know why you’re against it. I know Executive Director Choi had Namjin kidnapped, and she probably was behind your round 3 crisis. If you know that, how can you do this? Namjin is running around dealing with the mess she made of the contest he had won, so how can you ask him for his liver? Director Choi is my priority right now as my baby and I are basically dead without him. You are so selfish. Who is Namjin to you that you take him for granted? He labored to pay for your cram school and picked you up at the airport at your beck and call. You dumped him after using him like that. Do you still not know Namjin after all these years? Namjin got tested today. Are you serious? But even if he is a match, the transplant will have to wait. Why? He must keep his promise to our team. He said he’d win so they wouldn’t be forced to resign. But if he gets surgery right now, he won’t be able to keep that promise. Then what about Director Choi? You must prop him up with your love so that he doesn’t give up. Are you coming from the hospital? Yes. I’d like a cup of coffee. Sure. Do you know where Mr. Lee Sanghyeon is staying? Why do you want to know? Why? Is it your guilty conscience? But of course. You had Mr. Lee, who called you his angel, ruin Namjin’s sales, so of course you feel guilty. That is between Mr. Lee and me. Just let me know where Mr. Lee is staying We don’t know either, only that he got a room at the dorm Seonhui is at. Okay. Namjin said Mr. Lee got tested for Siu’s transplant. Do you know what the worst part about you is? You try to use and manipulate nice people. There will be a day of reckoning. Um… Here. What’s this? Allowance for my future brother-in-law. You’re out on leave. You’ll need money to have a drink with your friends. Why so much? What has he done for you? Whoa. Thank you, Bro. “Bro”? I like being called “Bro.” Are you already calling him your brother-in-law? You said you didn’t like him as he was short and ugly. You said I needed glasses. No, Sis. He looks youthful and warm, cooks well, and is kind. He’s totally cool. The best judge of a man is another man. Sis, treat my brother-in-law well. Just eat. Eat. Sis, could I borrow your car today? Bro, my sister has a nasty temper. You should reconsider marrying her. The number you dialed does not exist. He must have left. But then again, it’s best for Cheolsang too to leave before the reinvestigation. Yes? What is it? This just came by registered mail. What is it? It’s a summons from the prosecutor’s office, ma’am. Okay. You can go. Counsel Heo, you just don’t let up. What is it, Executive Director Choi? I got a summons from the prosecutor’s office. They must have started reinvestigating. Must you do this when I’m distraught due to Siu’s condition? The truth must come to light. It seems Mr. Bang has run off with my investment. I don’t think you’ll get what you want by having me questioned alone. I wouldn’t have acted if I wasn’t confident. An emergency board meeting will be called next week. What for? Shouldn’t disciplinary action be taken against the head of Design Team 2 for tarnishing the company reputation? Action must be taken if there was wrongdoing. And if the whole thing was plotted by someone, that someone must be disciplined too. Suit yourself. I didn’t know Executive Director Choi was here. I’ll come back. No, there’s no need. I’ll take that. DNA Testing Center? What is he up to this time? Hi, Jina. Let’s go in. Ms. Yu, please bring us tea. Decaf, please. Yes, ma’am. How did it go? Namjin got tested yesterday, Mother. He did? Good job. We’ll get the result today or tomorrow. Since they’re brothers, we can do the transplant right away barring any problems. But that will take some time. Take some time? They need time to put their round 3 sales on track. He can’t work for a few months after the transplant. What if Siu’s condition worsens and complications develop? I’ll take good care of him until then. He will persevere. No. That won’t be necessary. Namjin will lose his job next week anyway. How can this be? There’s a problem, Mr. An. They’re going to fire you. If you place your faith in Director Choi and me, your faith will be rewarded. It’s the late Chairman An’s hair and toothbrush. No one can know until we get to the bottom of this. I must take responsibility for the problem I caused. Will you get any credit for resigning? We must take them head-on.

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