It’s My Life | 비켜라 운명아 – Ep.69 [SUB : ENG,CHN/ 2019.02.14]

By | November 4, 2019

(Episode 69) Executive Director Choi… How did you know where I lived? How hard can it be to find an address? Can we talk? Sure. Please sit down. Would you like tea? I’m all set. We must settle something before Siu returns. What is it? My eyeballs are throbbing. And my back is killing too. Who is that sweater for? It doesn’t look like Namjin’s size. I’m going to give it to Counsel Heo. What do you think? Is it okay? It’s more than okay. I think he will like it. Tell me the truth. You are fond of my brother, right? I’m worried someone might hear you. How can a simpleton like me even dare have feelings for Counsel Heo? I swear. We’re here, Mom. Welcome. Mother, I missed you so much. Why does my big baby need coddling? I had a very bad day. I thought seeing you might make me feel better. Really? In that case, I’ll give you a hundred hugs. My goodness. But why are you upset? Did Namjin cause you grief? It wasn’t me. Seungju is upset because Chinese knockoffs of her design are out in the market. Knockoffs? Don’t worry. I’m going to China tomorrow to put an end to that. They must be bent on copying your design because it’s nice and pretty. But I’m sure their copies have nothing on the original. I bet there wouldn’t be any in-law feuding here. Why would you mention in-law feuding? What do you mean by that? How long will you stay clinging to Siu? Pardon? What are you talking about out of the blue? Leave. Leave Siu and disappear. You said you accepted our relationship. So what is this about all of a sudden? I thought you were smart, but you still don’t get it. When Siu becomes the CEO of Hyunkang, do you think I’ll accept a nobody like you? Or your mother, who has no class and is crass and lousy? So you never intended to accept me. Of course not. Then why did you do it? Why did you say you accepted me in front of others? To keep Siu from leaving me. Without Siu, I do not exist. I can’t leave Director Choi. I love him. I’ll be inconspicuous. I’ll be low-key like a fly on the wall. So please don’t tell me to leave Director Choi. I’ll die if you don’t leave. Executive Director Choi. Do you know why Siu’s dad married another woman over me? I let him go. He said he would run away with me, but I stopped him. Hyunkang was nothing back then. It was failing unless it merged with the company of of Namjin’s birth mom’s family. So I let him go. Because I loved him. I couldn’t let his family fall to ruin because of a nobody like me. Siu will have a great future if he marries a woman from a good family. Must he give all that up over someone like you? Is that how you love? I don’t know anything about that. I just want to be with Director Choi. Executive Director Choi, please give me a chance. I will be very good. I will just have to die then. Do you think you two will be happy if I die? Do you think he’d marry the woman who killed his mom? No. My Siu would never do that. He’ll be reminded of me whenever he looks at you. And his resentment will only grow. You take it too far. What will it be? Executive Director Choi, please. Executive Director Choi. Please don’t. Executive Director Choi! I ordered Namjin’s disappearance. I did it for Siu. For my Siu, I can jump into a pit of fire in hell. But what can you do for him? If you are going to be pigheaded, I will come here while you’re out and hang myself. Do you think I won’t? I will leave. I will leave. I will leave, so enough already. Okay. When are you leaving? How will you leave? When Director Choi returns… What will you tell Siu? You’ll use me as an excuse and cling to him. But I should still tell him in person… If you do that, do you think he will let you leave? Is that what you’re after? That’s not it. Leave today. And give Siu complete closure. Whether by letter or text message, make sure he doesn’t look for you again. Leave your mobile phone here. You can do that, right? Mother, I can come again, right? Of course. Why even ask? Mr. Lee, have a safe trip to China tomorrow. Bring that Chinese sewing plant to heel, okay? Okie dokie. You got it. Mom, I’m going to drive Seungju home. Yes, sure, sure. Bye. Hello. You’re here again? You flit in and out like this is your house. I invited her. This is my house too. Why can’t she frequent her future in-law’s? Her presence lights up the house. Has anyone heard from Ms. Jeong? No. This is not like her. She is hardly ever late. I know. Could she be ill? I’ll call her. The phone is off. Connecting to voicemail… Her phone is turned off. Did something happen to Ms. Jeong? She hasn’t called or clocked in yet. Jina is not here? I wonder if she’s sick. Did you call her? Her phone is turned off. She didn’t seem ill at dinner last night. No. What is Yeonji saying? She lives with Jina. Jina moved out. She got her own place. Really? I’m worried. No one knows where she lives? No. No one knows except Siu. I’m sure she is okay. We can have Siu go check when he gets here. You fired Seon-gyu? Why? Did he cause you trouble again? He was taking money out of the register and leaving early for his side job. He caused me so much grief that I fired him. Where is Seon-gyu right now? Do you know where his side job is? I have no idea. All I heard was that it pays a lot. Seon-gyu, where are you? Sis, I’m working so I can’t talk. I’ll call you back later. Working? What kind of work? I work as a fill-in cabbie. There is a customer. Bye, Sis. Seon-gyu. Hey, Seon-gyu. Mr. Lee should be able to halt the sales from China, but the problem is the knockoffs already out there. Does anyone know what we can do? The knockoffs are being supplied to small online malls that rely on social media marketing, so it won’t be easy determining the quantity or halting the sales of the knockoffs. Why don’t we ask for consumer tip-offs? Tip-offs? They can tell us which malls are selling knockoffs. If we offer compensation, won’t tip-offs flood in? That’s a good idea. But what kind of compensation? How about a discount voucher for Hyunkang products? We will have to cover part of the cost, but won’t sales go up as it will get people to buy our dress? Okay. That is good. Then I’ll call Ms. Han Mira to have her appear in our ad. Ad? What’s the concept? A mom wanting her beloved daughter to wear genuine rather than knockoff clothing. Wow. That’s very good. And it goes with our design concept of matching mom-daughter look. Okay. Please post a notice for tip-offs on our company website as well as online cafes for moms. Yes, Mr. An. How is everyone? Dad. Hello, President Han. You must be very upset. I’ll take care of it, so don’t you worry. Do you have a good solution? I’m an industry veteran. The best thing to do is to differentiate your design from the knockoffs. Yes, Counsel Heo. Okay. I’ll be right there. Okay. A mom wanting her child to wear genuine brand clothing. Very good. I’ll contact an ad agency with this concept. Thank you. Why did you ask me to come too? To stress the genuineness of the product, it might help to have the designer appear in the ad. Pardon? Me? No, I can’t do it. You were a natural on stage at the round 1 show. I’m not. I was so nervous I almost died. I really can’t do it this time. The designer must appear to inspire consumer confidence. Can’t you do it for your team? Seungju can do it. I’ll give her a sedative and drag her to the shoot. Boss. Good luck. I’m back. Why is everyone looking at me like that? Where is Jina? She didn’t come to work. Her phone is turned off too. She didn’t come to work? She didn’t call either? No, she didn’t. I thought it was strange I couldn’t reach her all day. Could she have been in an accident? Did you check with the police and hospitals? We did but got nothing. We wanted to go to her place, but no one knows where she lives. You had dinner with her last night, right? Did something happen with my mother? No. We had a pleasant, cordial dinner. I dropped her off near her place afterward. Jina. Jina. I’m sorry to leave like this, Director Choi. I wanted to tell you many times but just was not brave enough. I was pregnant but got an abortion. I want to succeed as a designer. Having a baby right now is like a death sentence to me. So I got an abortion without your permission. I know you can never forgive me. Just forget someone like me. Only then will I feel less guilty. Thank you for being so good to me. I will never forget the time I spent with you. How could you? You said you loved me. So how could you do this to me? This makes no sense. Are you on the night shift? Yes. I’m working, so don’t talk to me. By the way, I’m going to look for people who worked at Hope Obstetrics 30 years ago. I was overseas at the time so I only looked at the police report after the fact. Good grief. Why do you keep dredging up the past? With only my firm belief and doubt, I must keep at it until I find material proof or a witness. Once I do, you will go to jail. Will you be okay with that? You won’t find any evidence, but go ahead if you want to. If you confess before then, I will do my utmost to ensure that you avoid jail time. Listen. Do I look that gullible? I have been through hell and high water. Do what you will. Do you think I’ll bat an eye? Do you know why I dropped the bomb that day without proof? I don’t know. You had nothing better to do? To warn you. It was a warning. It was to warn you that even though Namjin’s blood relations are now all gone, you’ll pay if you ever do anything to Namjin again. I hope you’re smart enough to understand such a warning. Whatever, okay? It was you, right? It was another one of your schemes, right? What are you accusing me of scheming? Jina left. She took off, leaving me nothing but a letter. What do you mean Jina left? Where to? Why? I don’t know. I have no idea what happened. She is not one to leave like this. She was fine last night at dinner. She was talkative and laughed a lot. We talked about her time in China as a designer as well as your childhood. Are you sure it wasn’t you? Yes. Why are you being like this to me after the pains I took to accept her? What did the letter say? That she was pregnant but got an abortion. What? So that’s why she asked. Asked you what? Whether she had to quit her job once you guys got married and she conceived. What did you say? That it’s better for a child to be raised by the mom. If we get married, do I have to quit my job? I will look for her. I will find her and ask whether that is true and whether she really loved me. No, don’t look for her. How dare she abort your baby? I refuse to see her again. She’ll get it from me if I ever see her. Do you expect me to believe this is really happening? How could you do this to me? How? You wished me a good trip with a big smile. You said you couldn’t imagine spending a single day without me. So what is the meaning of this? Oh. I heard from Team 2 that Jina is absent without leave at work today. Absent without leave? Yes. She turned off her phone and is unreachable. Maybe she and Siu fought. All that over a fight? Why would she do that? She should confront him. That is what you’d do. Jina avoids or hides from upsetting issues. But is it okay to skip work too? No. It’s not like her. Something is off. Anyway, Team 2 is in a panic. Director Choi went to find her as soon as he returned. How much did you drink? This isn’t like you. Let go. Leave me alone. How will drinking solve anything? You must be levelheaded at times like this. Didn’t you hear me say to leave me alone? Please get Siu to stop. I beg you to get Siu to stop! Enough, Choi Siu. Namjin, get Siu to stop. He is guzzling down that whiskey. Are you happy? Are you happy to see me hit rock bottom? You’re thrilled that I’m drunk and out of my mind over some woman, right? Did you and Jina fight again? Then you should have resolved it with her, not get drunk here at home. Resolve it with her? How can I when she is gone? Jina has always avoided or hidden from upsetting problems. That is why you should have comforted her. Stop being a know-it-all! I dumped Jina. I got tired of her, so I dumped her. I wanted to take everything you wanted, including Hyunkang, this house, and that woman Jina. But you already took everything from me 30 years ago. I’ll love you and no one else until I die. What are you doing? My sister’s friend was a nurse at that hospital. So what do you propose? Give me a retainer fee. In cash this time. If you got pregnant and your mother-in-law refused to let you work, what would you do? Is this about Jina?

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  1. Abraham Gondwe Post author

    Its better for jina to leave instead of letting siu mom knows she is pregnant.,that mother would kill her

  2. candy keyia Post author

    to threaten someone with suicide…she is beyond redemption and siu needs to wake up

  3. Anne-Sharon Mukanganyama Post author

    okay KBS, thursday and friday you give us breathtaking episodes so that we starve during the weekend. I see you lol

  4. Tom ryan Post author

    i think its funny how they show a big skycraper where they work but when they are in a meeting they have plastic furniture from ikea and the office looks like a kindergarden

  5. Baljo Neri Post author

    Wow its getting hotter and hotter everydaay , what ill happen to Jina now ? Daesik you're dead you are caught on the act ha ha ha !

  6. Risper Juma Post author

    Poor Jina I used to hate her the way she treated Namjin but now she's forced to leave just like that😔😔😔

  7. Darlenedarna Nziwa Post author

    Just when I thought I was the first one to watch the new episode hehehehe guys are always on their toes hahahah thanks for the upload

  8. Clarence Merritt Post author

    If a girl was behaving like this in real life, no man would tolerate that or take her back. Constantly running away from your problems only makes things worse. You only live devastation and confusion behind. I have no sympathy for jina. She left in a very cruel way with that letter telling siu that she terminated his baby! that's not cool man!

  9. queenmonkeyhead Post author

    That was a dumb move or plan for Jina and mama Choi. Siu can't live without Jina . More trouble will come into the family household. At least Jina knew the secret. The mama Choi told her she ordered the disappearance of baby Namjin.

  10. Yoshiki G Post author

    Poor Siu. He thinks his mother is a angel who is just a loving mother like every others but he should realise that she is a one mean, conniving, manipulative and selfish being who would do anything so much so as to even plan the kidnapping and disappearance of Namjin just so her son could inherit the company.

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    Evil unleashed… I told you to buckle up… because Jina is going bye bye…

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    This episode has me in all kinds of tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. princess Acquah Post author

    Daughters from poor families,we are always suffering.

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    Namjin, when will you stop being overly concerned about Jina, please be more considerate of Seujin's feelings. Jina is not a child but an adult. She still has 2 arms & 2 legs, she can find work and fend for herself. And stop trying to have a "Daddy Long Legs" complex and let her go already. Namjin is just so nerve wrecking. You just want to slap him upside his head cause he can be so dense sometimes. If Seujin wasn't so kind/soft hearted you wouldn't be able to get away with your actions with another woman. She just wouldn't tolerate it.
    As for Jina and Siu, I feel no remorse for them. However many hardships they go through they're still 2 selfish beings. You reap what you sow and retribution pays you back in 2 folds.
    I can't get enough of Counselor Heo. He's always so calm & collective. He's calculating but in a good way. What he does in not not malicious but honorable. He just wants to find justice for those who can't speak for themselves. I want to see a love interest spark for him even though it's Namjin's annoying mother.

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    Especially this drama…
    Watching from Philippines

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