It’s My Life | 비켜라 운명아 – Ep.63 [SUB : ENG,CHN/ 2019.02.06]

By | November 15, 2019

(Episode 63) Can you find out where she lives? Who is she? Jeong Jina, a Hyunkang designer. She won’t leave Siu alone, so I want to be rid of her. Be rid of her? I do just about anything for money, but I don’t hurt people. I’m not that evil. What are you thinking? Just find out where she lives discreetly and quietly. It’s not hard finding out where she lives. But I don’t have a car. Use this for a rental car and stipend. I’ll reward you nicely once you get the job done. Thank you. Two to three days should suffice, right? I can get it done in a day if she isn’t in hiding. I must find out where she lives. I know you’ll get it done. You did break into your niece’s place and steal a securities transfer certificate. Why bring that botched affair up again? Anyway, next time, let me know if you have a bigger job. I’ll do just about anything except hurting people. Without loose ends. Call me as soon as you find out. Yes, ma’am. Sit down. Thank you. Namjin is very good. The plant staff are singing his praises. Mr. An is very motivated these days. Motivated? What do you mean? Motivated to win Han Seungju. You said you would give us your blessing if he became Hyunkang’s CEO, so he’s working very hard. Really? That’s what I like to hear. Any thoughts upon touring our plant? Thoughts? Share your opinion on any areas to improve on. Well… Thanks to your heavy capital investment, you managed to cut labor costs and speed up the production process. But automating even minor processes is a risk because should anything go wrong, it could deal a blow to an entire batch. Yes, that is true. So it is less flexible than manual labor processes? Yes, that is correct. Yes, that is true. There is limited demand for specialized facilities. You’re very impressive. What was your major? I majored in business management. Isn’t my Namjin the best, Dad? Since when has he become “your” Namjin? A woman should act coy. It’s not attractive to sit there acting so head over heels. Really? Am I unattractive? No, of course not. You are very attractive, Seungju. Manseok, I mean, President Han, that man… That man is here to see you. That man? Hyunkang’s Director Choi Siu. Director Choi? Send him in. Yes, President Han. Why don’t we get going, Seungju? You’re off to the inspection company, right? Go ahead. I’ll check the first batch of our products. Would you leave us too, Seungju? Pardon? Oh, okay. Bye, Dad. Why do you think Director Choi is here? Maybe for the production of their round 2 dress? Their design requires specialized processing. You mean he came to ask my dad to produce Team 1’s dress? Machines are sitting idle. Why not if the offer is right? No way. I’ll head back after visiting the inspection company, so let’s have a meeting then. Okay. Go on then. I’d like Minhan to manufacture Team 1’s dress. What? Our round 2 dress is difficult to produce, so not many companies can do it. If Minhan takes it on, we will pay more than fairly. You are a cocky fellow. Have you forgotten how you and your mom made my brother-in-law steal my shares? How can you ask my company to produce your team’s dress? Your brother-in-law stole your password and authentication pass for the securities website. We simply executed a legitimate block deal. Isn’t your brother-in-law to blame? Oh. You are partly to blame too for not securing your password. Wait. Excuse me? You knew about those shares too? Yes, I did. What I find more galling is that your reason for marrying Seungju was my shares. No. You were probably going after my factory site and Minhan’s ownership too. That is correct too. I had no idea and tried to get her engaged to you. I almost traded in my only daughter’s happiness for you and your mother’s greed, yet you expect I’ll willingly meet your request? Fat chance. What happened was unfortunate, but that has nothing to do with this. It’s not like you to turn down a business opportunity over personal feelings. What am I like? I would rather die than take on work for you. If I become Hyunkang’s CEO, Hyunkang will stop dealing with Minhan. Are you okay with that? Wow. You’re threatening him now? I thought you were a decent man just three days ago. I’m very disappointed. But a leopard never changes its spots. Very well. Let’s forget the whole thing. Our dresses sold out at Pyeonghwa mall. They want to re-order. Our dresses are selling out at every franchise store. The Han Mira effect is astounding. When will we find time to work on the round 3 design? Where are Mr. An and our head designer for our afternoon meeting? Are they playing hooky? Playing hooky? My nose has been to the grindstone, so watch what you say. Where is Mr. An? Didn’t you go to Minhan together? He went to the inspection company. He will be here soon. Mr. Gu, call him. Next week is the Lunar New Year holiday, so if we don’t come up with a concept today, we may have to work over the holidays. I’ll work during the holidays if that brings us the win. I’m very motivated right now after witnessing something outrageous today. I’m in too. If I go home, my family will stress me out, asking me when I will get married. I would much rather work than deal with the stress of toiling away at my in-laws’. Wow. The ladies on our team are scary. Right, Mr. Gu? Yes, definitely. Team 2’s products are selling out everywhere, but no one’s buying ours. And it’s difficult to manufacture too. Give it time. Director Choi went to Minhan, so let’s trust he will return with good news. What happens if Minhan refuses to manufacture our dress? There is Inco Apparel in Incheon, but I’m not sure they can manufacture it either. Good grief. Why did you have to create such a complex design? It’s been one headache after another. What? I’m sorry. Why are you blaming Yeonji? She didn’t know this would happen. How did it go, Director Choi? Minhan looks like a no. Have Yujin start production, and I’ll meet with our Inco contact next week. It’s the weekend tomorrow and then the holidays. When will we have our round 3 concept meeting? You will have to work overtime this weekend. Have your concepts done, and we’ll meet tomorrow. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. The theme for round 3 is nature. Let’s brainstorm on the best possible concept. Nature… Nature… When I hear “nature,” all that I picture are mountains, rivers, and fields. Isn’t that too general? It is too general for a theme. Why don’t we narrow it down to an animal or plant in nature to decide on a theme? This is purely my personal opinion. Oh. How about using naturally-dyed fabrics? Naturally-dyed? Yes. We can use eco-friendly natural materials to make a piece of clothing that is healthy. Wow. That’s a good idea. If we do as you say, we’ll have to make the fabrics ourselves for this round. We’ll get purple fabric using violets and maroon fabric using red beans. We could get a wide array of colors. It is a good idea. How about medicinal herbs? A lady I know works with natural dyes and dyes fabrics using safflower seeds. It is a good idea, but natural dyes stiffen fabric, making it difficult to get the designs you want. Let’s sample fabrics for mock designs and keep improving if problems arise. Let’s just keep trying. Wow. Who called Mr. Gu mousy? He is a go-getter. Right? What has gotten into him? Okay then. For this round, we will create a piece of healthy clothing using medicinal herbs and natural dyes. Clothes for health, not just fashion. It’s a great concept. That is good. Let’s use that as our marketing tagline. Okay. Good. Let’s wrap up the meeting then, and designers, please get started on the design. Oh. Can we talk, Mr. An? Pardon? Sure. Pardon? Siu was involved in the Hyunkang share scheme? Yes. And that’s not all. For getting engaged to me, he was promised those shares, Minhan’s ownership, and Minhan’s plant site. You can’t be serious. Unfortunately, I am. And then he asks my dad to manufacture his team’s dress. Doesn’t it just floor you? Mr. Choi Siu hasn’t changed one bit. He even threatened my dad, saying Hyunkang will cut ties if he becomes CEO. Are you sure? I heard it with my own ears. Maybe he said that out of desperation to get his team’s round 2 dress made. Are you defending Mr. Choi right now? I’m not defending him. You are going to drive me mad. I can see why my dad is worried. What do you mean? You must be cutthroat at times for the woman you love, but you make her feel alone as you’re busy looking after others. What are you talking about? Are you saying I make you lonely? Yes, Mr. Bang. Namjin, would you like to have dinner with me? Dinner? Yes. I have something to ask you. Your mom doesn’t answer my calls, and I have no one to talk to all day. No one pays me any mind. I feel so lonely. Where are you right now? Okay. I’ll head over. Bye. Looks like you have someone else to tend. Mr. Bang wants to ask me something. I got us movie tickets for tonight, but it’s a no-go again? Seungju, let’s go to the movies tomorrow. We can have a nice meal and watch a movie after we visit Grandpa, right? I like that you are kind, friendly, warm, and upright. But I wish you would sometimes consider me your priority. I am a woman after all. Pardon? Tomorrow is Counsel Heo’s birthday? Yes. Then we must do something for him. Call him and have him come here tomorrow. He will chew me out for fussing. I’ll just take him out to lunch or something. That is not right. Counsel Heo has done so much for Namjin and me. I must make him a birthday meal at the least. Then you call him. Me? He’ll chew me out if I call. Mr. An’s team’s matching mom-daughter look keeps selling out. The franchisees are clamoring to re-order. What about Director Choi’s team? After Executive Director Choi withdrew the compulsory purchase order, our franchise stores are carrying the bare minimum and sales are negligible. Who is manufacturing the dress? Yujin Textiles in Daegu? Their facility is outdated, so the team is trying to find someone else. Okay. Oh. Where are you on finding the orphanage director’s wife? Her son is in the States as a visiting professor, so I am trying to get a hold of him. I’ll brief you as soon as I do. Okay. Thank you. They won’t ask Minhan, will they? Hello? Heo Cheongsan speaking. Counsel Heo, how are you? This is Namjin’s mom. Hello, Ms. Yang. To what do I owe this call? Tomorrow is your “burnt,” I mean, “bark,” I mean, birthday, right? Yes. How did you know about my birthday? I would like to make you “seatweed,” I mean, seaweed soup for you tomorrow. No, no. There is no need. I’m grateful for your kind thought. If you decline the invitation, I’ll feel “mad,” I mean, bad. I’ll make lunch, so please “comb,” I mean, come. Thank you. Have a nice day. You too. You got a rental car? Yes. You must be driving home for the holidays. I have nowhere to go for the holidays. I got the car for work. I’ll clock out now. Pardon? Clock out? Already? I got a side job. Nevertheless, you can’t leave whenever you like. A three-day job pays what I make in three months here. Wow. What kind of side job pays that much? The client wants to be rid of something. What is it that you’re getting paid so much? Is it a bomb or something? Bomb? Who? Daesik, did you go on a blind date? Of course not. But what does a bomb have to do with a blind date? Are you already done for the day? What kind of company lets you out on the dot? Has everyone on Team 1 clocked out? Yes? Welcome, Ms. Jeong. You should clock out without me. Without you? I’ll be working late in the reference room tonight. I have to do research for our round 3 concept. You should still have dinner though. Let’s go. You can come back after dinner. Go home and eat. And I’ll bring you your things tomorrow. What’s going on all of a sudden? My feelings are about to get hurt. I want to make a good impression on your mother. She has finally accepted our relationship, so we must keep our end of the deal. I promised to move back home, not give up on our dates. What is the most important thing for us right now? The third round of the contest, right? So we must give that our all. Only then will Executive Director Choi warm up to me. You are so wise. Okay. I’ll have dinner at home. You are wise too for listening to me. Should I order you sushi? I’m fine. I’m a tough cookie, so I never go hungry. So don’t worry about me today. Go and make your mother happy. Her greatest joy is being with you. Mom will soon see how thoughtful you are. Delicious. It’s got a kick. Hi, Namjin. Excuse me. One more shot glass, please. I’m all set. Okay. You wanted to ask me something? Yes. Well, you see… There is something I would like to know. Do you know of anyone at Hyunkang who is Executive Director Choi’s rival or enemy? I don’t think there is anyone like that. After Grandpa passed away, Executive Director Choi holds the de facto power. Really? Then is there anyone she fears or is afraid of? I doubt she fears or is afraid of anyone. But then again, Choi Geumsun was very gutsy even as a kid. Are you sure you’re not mistaken? Executive Director Choi says she isn’t from Hongcheon. Of course she wants to deny it. But her firm denial is of no use. Given what she owes me, she won’t deny it forever. She owes you? Oh… Never mind that. Is your mother well? Why? Do you miss her? Of course I do. I was never happier than when she and I had a baby. So why did you cause her so much grief? I was mad at her as she kept saying “Do you want to make Namjin a felon’s son?” and got on my nerves. She’ll probably see you again if she sees that you’re really trying. So work harder and walk the straight and narrow. Okay? And go easy on the alcohol too. And don’t skip meals either. Here. I’m home. Hello, President Han. Is that an occupational disease, calling me President Han at home? You worked this late? Your workload is way too heavy. Did you study for the test? Yes. But my brain must be rusty. I get confused no matter how hard I memorize. Shall we get started then? Who is our contact at Yeongjin Printing? Mr. Lee Pilseon. Wow. Good. Their line of business? Design printing. Very good. Your hard work has paid off. I’ve never seen this bag before. Is it new? Yes. I only have tiny purses, so I got one that will fit manila envelopes. Guess how much it was. I don’t know. $100? $200? $10. Really? You never look at any brands besides designer ones. Yet you got a $10 bag? I can’t afford a designer bag on my pay. Isn’t it pretty? I exude luxury, so this doesn’t look like a $10 bag, does it? Of course not. Anything you carry looks high-end. Right? This is so cute. It’s Namjin. Can we talk? Come in. What is it? Is it true you were involved in the scheme to take President Han’s Hyunkang shares? Yes, I was. Then were you going to get engaged to Seungju for those shares? Those shares plus a plant site and Minhan’s ownership. Did you also threaten President Han that Hyunkang will drop Minhan if you become CEO? I notified, not threatened, him. I thought you were changing. I thought you wouldn’t fire people or drop contractors for your selfish interest like you used to. Was I wrong? Are you still singing that same tune? You are the one who hasn’t changed. Aren’t you ashamed before the woman you love? Do you want your family to see you get ahead using such underhanded tactics and doing immoral things to keep your position? You’re the type that makes things harder on yourself. You can’t get anything by being so square and principled. I finally get what Grandpa was worried about. He said you didn’t know how to coexist as you were only taught revenge and resentment. Nothing saddened him more. Ideals and reality are different. Idealists like you can never make it in the real world. So keep struggling and trying. You’ll see how the real world works. I’m sorry, but I can never let you have Grandpa’s Hyunkang because I can’t stand to see you hurt the people I love again. You won’t get your way. Because I too must become Hyunkang’s CEO to protect the people I love. Where do you think you’re going? Is he new? Train your staff properly. Yes, Director Choi. Director Choi? The apartment is smaller than I expected. Mom. What? He’s cheap for someone who’ll inherit a big firm. Enough already. Enough. Why are you looking for Ms. Choi Geumsun? Why are you asking about this again? Maybe it has something to do with Mr. An’s kidnapping. What are you talking about?

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