It’s My Life | 비켜라 운명아 – Ep.60 [SUB : ENG,CHN,IND/ 2019.02.01]

By | November 19, 2019

(Episode 60) Round 2 is a draw as both teams put Ms. Han Mira on stage. But the judges voted 5 to 0 for Design Team 2, led my Mr. An Namjin. Good job today, everyone. Mr. Lee Sanghyeon, our team’s eldest and morale booster. Mr. Gu Jaeseon and Ms. Kim Yunhui, the drivers of our round 1 sales success. our working mom Ms. Lee Jeongju, the P.I. who located Ms. Han Mira. And Ms. Han Seungju, our team’s gem behind today’s surprise. Thank you all very much. I’m sorry I kept today’s event a secret. But I only did it in case Executive Director Choi, who’s conniving, would scheme if it got out before the show, so I hope there are no misunderstandings. It was very exciting seeing such a big twist. It was the bomb. I had felt bad, thinking it was my fault we failed to get Ms. Han Mira. Why did you think it was your fault? I’m a very unlucky person. Back in school, whatever team I was in lost in tug-of-war, soccer, you name it. Good grief. You’re being absurd. We couldn’t have done this today without you. Lose that kind of thinking as of today. Yes, I will. Although Team 1 won the first show, we have a commanding lead in sales. And since round 2 is a draw, we will get the upper hand if our round 2 sales outperform theirs. Congratulations. Uncle Beluga. Hi, Suji. Mira. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful I can cry. What for? This was all thanks to Counsel Heo’s advice. Right, Mr. Heo? I gave you advice? I don’t recall. Ms. Han and Counsel Heo, do you two know each other? Can I tell them? No. What for? What is it? We’re even more curious now. Tell us. Counsel Heo was my late mom’s first love. When my widowed mom was at the hospice, Mr. Heo visited often. Wow, President Heo, you’re such a romantic. I know you did it so I would return rather than live in hiding with my only child. Thank you very much. I merely guided you on your way. It was Mr. An, not I, who brought you back into the world. I didn’t do anything. It is all thanks to our team’s hard work. Do you know what your greatest strength is? Pardon? I’m not sure. You bring out the best of your teammates’ potential. That is a very special talent. I completely agree. This is really great. We can’t just sit idly. We must come up with a plan. What plan? Ms. Han finished an interview in Team 1’s dress. When it hits the news tomorrow morning, Team 1’s dress will be everywhere. I had pictures taken for marketing purposes. We can issue a press release with those pictures. This is all your fault. What? Do you know what 5 to 0 means? The public relates more to Han Mira as a mother. So how could you use her child to blackmail her? That is what it took to get Han Mira on stage. No. You were mistaken. Like she said, even an animal should be left alone when it’s tending to its young. This is all because of Namjin. He must have schemed all this. I’m sure he struck a deal with Han Mira. It doesn’t matter whether he struck a deal or appealed to base emotions. What matters is that I, Choi Siu, lost. It was a tie. We can beat them in sales. And we won the round 1 show. How much demand could there be for a sequined dress? If we went with Jina’s design, we might have had a shot with sales. As of now, stay out of the team’s affairs. Stay out? How can you do this to me? I’ll do it my way from now on. So you stay out of it. How could this have happened? What if we end up losing the whole thing? Why would we lose? There is still round 3. I wonder why Ms. Han Mira did this. Could it be because she didn’t like my design? I doubt it. It seemed there was something else. Yes. She gave attitude when she came for the fitting like she was here against her will. Come on. We took pictures for marketing purposes, so let’s issue a press release and come up with a marketing strategy. Who will buy that glittery thing fit only for clubbing? We will be crushed in sales too. What do we do? How embarrassing. What good does crying do? We are switching strategies as of tomorrow. Switching strategies? Mr. Jo alone will be in charge of round 2 sales. The rest of you will focus only on round 3 as soon as the rules are announced. We will win round 3 no matter what. I need to look at it some more. Who is our contact at Hwayeong Trading? Um… Ms. Park Jeongsil. Wow. Good. Then what is Hwayeong’s business? Fabrics? How many times must I tell you it’s trimmings? Oh, right, right. Trimming. Trimmings. Which type of trimmings exactly? I’m not sure. Geez, Yeonsil. You are really a dunce. Buttons and zippers. Slow? How can you be so mean? Until you learn all this by heart and take phone calls and set appointments right, you will only be paid intern wages. Intern wages? You didn’t say that before. Isn’t this breaking our agreement? Hi, Seungju. Why didn’t you call sooner? I was dying to know. What? A tie? But why are you so happy? What? The judges voted for your design 5 to 0? Good job. Good job. You are the best, Seungju. Yeah. Come by my office tomorrow. Okay. Do you know that you have changed? You pester me like a mother-in-law but you are so nice to Seungju. She doesn’t have a troublemaker brother or buys a $12,000 mink coat. And she is a good cook. This is all your fault. Stay out of the team’s affairs as of now. I’ll do it my way from now on. So you stay out of it. I told Ms. Yu she could head out. It’s the end of the day already? You haven’t had dinner yet, right? Let’s go eat. I’m not hungry. By the way, what did Siu say? Did he come up with a sales strategy? Truth is, Ms. Seo’s design is flashy, so demand will be limited. We will have to do the best we can. What’s so special that Han Mira is a mother now? The public yearns for her as she was in her heyday. Han Mira said in today’s interview that she’d like to play a strong and determined mom if offered an acting role. She said the child’s father was dead and will now work hard as a single mom. The child’s father is dead? How can she say that when he is alive and well? What if I leak that to the press? How would doing that help Director Choi Siu? Did you really do it? Did you get Han Mira on stage by threatening to expose her daughter and her daughter’s father? Yes, I did. I had to do that to get Han Mira on stage. Executive Director Choi, although we’ve been soulmates for 30 years, I don’t want to be your friend when you get like this. She is so lovable. She says the sweetest things, is so warm and caring, and looks like an angel sleeping. Who? Me? You’re awake. How much of what I said did you hear? From “she is so lovable.” What? So you heard everything. Of course. What woman would not wake up when the man she fancies is gazing at her up close? I love you. What? I have never said it to anyone before. You’re lying. You must be a real player. I am tactless, stoic, and lack eloquence. But I spend half of my day thinking of you. What about the other half? I think about work and the people around me. But since we work together, I suppose I think about you all day. I’ll take your word for it. Do you want to go to my grandpa’s grave this weekend? To Chairman An’s? If I don’t become Hyunkang’s CEO, what should we do? What do you want to do if you can’t be Hyunkang’s CEO? I don’t know. I never thought about it. Since I was little, I was told I had to be Hyunkang’s next CEO, so I just took that for granted. You must be very upset about today. Everyone smiles when they see Namjin. Old or young, everyone warms up to him instantly. That is why he intimidates me. I was taught that showing emotions would be a sign of weakness to others. But it seems wearing your heart on your sleeve is the way to people’s hearts, so I’m confused. Oh, wow. So all the judges basically declared Namjin the winner? Yes. I thought we had lost, but then Ms. Han Mira took the stage and the tables were turned. Mr. An has a way with people. Ms. Han Mira interviewed in our team’s dress, so our sales will probably hit the roof too. Mr. Lee, what is the matter? What do you mean? Do you not want to talk to me? You’re the one who doesn’t want to talk to me. When did I say that? You said I shouldn’t come see you on personal matters. I said not to come to my office on personal matters. Who says I don’t want to talk to you? Truth is, you scare me. I scare you? What you did to Jina and then to Ms. Han Mira… I really thought you were an angel. Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee. Where is Siu? He didn’t come home last night. Didn’t come home? Mr. Lee, who called you an angel and worshiped you, now snubs you. Your son never comes home. And Namjin, whom you hate, is getting on a roll. So you must be very upset. Like I said, you should’ve been nicer to people. Don’t eat if you don’t want to. It’s her loss, isn’t it? You always get her goat, Ms. Yang. Yeonji, have scorched rice before you head out. Oh? What happened to your eyes? Did you cry? Are they puffy? I’ll chill a couple of spoons. Eat first. Why did you cry? Did the show yesterday not go well? No. It was a disaster. It was my first design to go on stage. What Ms. Han Mira did was awful. You’re crying again. Put the spoons on your eyes. Sales will be sluggish too. What if I get fired? Why would you get fired? You did nothing wrong. So cheer up, okay? That’s right. I did nothing wrong. And yet why do I keep crying? Should I make you laugh? Fine. You look like Batman with those spoons. Batman. What? Batman? Do I look weird? Choi Geumsun. You may fool everyone else, but you can’t fool me. Of course I recognize you, Choi Geumsun. Should I get things rolling then? “Everyone’s dream girl Han Mira returns as a mother. Exclusive story on her husband’s death and on raising an autistic child alone for 7 years.” The picture is of her and daughter in the matching mother-daughter outfit, so our sales don’t stand a chance. The comments are all favorable. Devise a sales strategy instead of reading that. Did we get the pictures from yesterday? Yes, Chief Jang. I’m sorting them right now. Ms. Jeong, draft me a press release. I’ll look it over. Yes, sir. Director Choi, a word? I’m busy right now. We have a group order from an online moms’ cafe. I got a group order too. I got a group order from a kindergarten. A kindergarten? Did they order only the kids’ dress? It’s for Mother’s Day, so the mom’s dress too. They want to know if the dolphin patch can be switched? Of course. That’s no problem. We should put out alternative patch designs. I’ll do that. Okay. Orders are flying in on day 1, so I’m delighted. Coffee is on me, everyone. Okay. Welcome. Six Americano… Oh? Mr. Ko. Geez, niece. It’s Uncle Seon-gyu, not Mr. Ko. Uncle, my foot. Listen up. He’s is a thief who stole from his boss. A thief, a thief. No, I’m not. I was holding the money to give it back. That is not stealing. Stop it. You’re embarrassing me. You weren’t just holding it. You stole it and then dropped it over there when the cops came. Do you have proof? You knew too, Mr. Kang? Yes. Namjin told me. Then you should fire him. Why are you keeping him on? I installed a CCTV over there. If he does it again, I will have proof to turn him into the police. Why bother? Just fire him right now. When he didn’t know about the CCTV, he stole $30, $20, $50, and $30, that is, $130 in total. He still has to work here a while for me to dock it from his pay. It was for that money that you let me work here again? If he refuses to work or plays hooky, call me right away. I’ll teach him a lesson. I’ve come to my senses. So please talk to Manseok so I can move back in with him. Please, Seungju. Don’t even say my name. It really irks me. Daesik, hurry up with my order. Six Americano. Oh? Mr. Bang. I was unsure it was you this morning. Are you working here? It seems so. But I was told if I stuck it out for a little bit, I would be made head guard, so I said I would do it. Why idle about when I’m still healthy? Good thinking. See you again then. Wait. Where is the executive director’s office? The executive director’s office? Why do you ask? I happen to know her, so I want to say hello. I see. How may I help you? I need to have a word with Executive Director Choi. She is in, right? She is not in right now. Pardon? Then I’ll just have to sit here and wait. Darn it. What a pain. I’m turning this off. Why do I have to do all the work? Will Hyunkang have to shut down without me? Where did you sleep last night? Hotel. Why sleep at a hotel when you have a home? I didn’t want to see you. Siu, what’s your problem? What am I to do if you’re hard on me too? I need time. I’m trying to understand you, so give me time. I did it for you. Why don’t you get that I did it for you? I know you have devoted your life to me. But seeing you do such scary things without any qualms makes me want to quit. It is unbearable to see you do such horrible things for me without batting an eye. She got an independent family registry upon getting her resident ID. There are no records on her registry. The hometown is listed as Sangdo-dong in Seoul. Parents? It seems she was an orphan. She is listed as having been at an orphanage in Hongcheon. An orphanage in Hongcheon? Yes. It is quite a hike, but please go to that orphanage in Hongcheon and see if someone called Choi Geumsun, not Choi Suhee, was there. And find out if Choi Geumsun ever requisitioned for a name change. Yes, sir. An orphanage? That’s odd. I could have sworn she had a mother. It has been a long time. We need to talk, don’t we? Come on in. Wow. Choi Geumsun has come a long way. You must have married very well. What do you want? I’m here to catch up with a hometown friend, so why are you being so snappy? You’re in no position to be chummy with me. Oh, come on. Have you forgotten? You had me steal Namjin 30 years ago. Did Siu go on a business trip? No. He cleared out half of his closet. What? Did your maternal grandmother live in Hongcheon? Why do you want to know? If you win the contest and become Hyunkang’s CEO, I will give you my blessing. Pardon?

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