It’s My Life | 비켜라 운명아 – Ep.55 [SUB : ENG,CHN,IND/ 2019.01.25]

By | November 8, 2019

(Episode 55) By the way, you don’t know I still have the toy car you got me when I was four, right? I never tire of something or someone once I grow attached. So I hope you stop disrespecting my girlfriend or humiliating her. Seems like she and Siu argued, right? Yes, I think so. She has a nasty temper. She breaks things because Siu disobeys her? How dare you barge in here? I came to clean up whatever you smashed. Will smashing a vase get your son to come around? No parent can outdo her child. Shut up. Excuse me? How could you say that to someone who is cleaning up your mess? It’s all because of that smug boy of yours! Wow. I don’t believe this. Is this what they mean by throwing a conniption? Why is Namjin to blame for your issues with Siu? If he hadn’t shown up or pursued Seungju, Siu wouldn’t have gotten involved with Jina! Does it make you feel better to blame my boy? You should bite the bullet and accept the woman your son loves even if you don’t like her, not fly off the handle like this. Can you pry apart a couple in love by force? We will see if they can be pried apart. I can never accept that girl Jina. Whether or not you accept her is your problem. Just don’t make a mess of things and make more work for me. I told you, Siu. Some things aren’t meant to be. It is not like you to waste energy on what isn’t meant to be. Ow, my head. I’m dying. I drank so much last night that I still haven’t sobered up. My dear wife, go make me bean sprout soup. I’m dying here. Did I hear a dog barking? What did you say, woman? How dare you insult your husband who’s to be served on? Do you need to learn a lesson? Learn a lesson? Are you threatening to lay a hand on her? If words don’t work, I’ll have to resort to using it. Have you become hotheaded from being locked up too long? Go to a shrink. What did you say? Look at the time. I should get to work. Have a nice day. When are you moving out? Moving out? Why would I move out? You must’ve looked at apartments with Namjin. No, I haven’t. And I said I was staying here. Why do you keep making me repeat myself? Hurry up and make me breakfast. This hangover is killing me. Once everyone leaves for work, eat at the main house. At the main house? I am going to clean every nook and cranny here while he eats. It reeks of alcohol. Manseok, can’t you ask them to return my mink coat? You’re still hung up on that mink coat? I’m seeing my high school friends next week. They’ll come decked out for it. Must I show up looking shabby? I threw the coat in their faces. How can I ask for it back? Then will you get me a new one? I can’t right now. Next year. I’ll get you one next year. You said to ask you if I wanted a mink coat. Was that just lip service? I have to get to work, Yeonsil. Get delicious eats and have fun. My mink coat… $50? What the… Good morning. Ms. Jeong. Hello, Director Choi. Weren’t you returning tomorrow? The second round is coming up. I can’t take off two days in a row. You are a trooper, Jina. I like that. The samples arrive today, so glad you’re here. We’ll make our final pick today, right, Director Choi? Yes. Jina, don’t strain yourself though. Leave early if you don’t feel well. Yes, sir. You got your things, right? I thought I packed everything, but I left out a pair of shoes and an umbrella. I’ll bring them tomorrow. Take your time. Did you find a place? Not yet. I will soon. What happened, Director Choi? What is it, Executive Director Choi? The sample room just called and said one of our designs was plagiarized. Plagiarized? What are you talking about? That can’t be. You must be mistaken. I just got the call. I couldn’t believe it so I went to check myself. Whose design was it? How could you, Ms. Jeong? Plagiarism? Have you no shame? Me? Plagiarism? That can’t be. You plagiarized a new Italian brand’s pattern. That makes no sense. I checked Jina’s embroidery pattern myself. Are you saying I am making this up? Talk about embarrassing. Ms. Jeong, I am very disappointed in you. Once a cheat, always a cheat. Did you also plagiarize the recruitment contest design? I did not, ma’am. I swear I have never plagiarized anything. Ms. Jeong and Director Choi, go see the audit team right now. If you can’t prove it wasn’t plagiarized, you will be held to account. You have a backup copy of your final design, right? Yes, Director Choi. Print it right away. Don’t worry. I’ll be held to account if it comes to that. Oh, wow. How lovely. I love the color, and they look very comfortable. See? Making the seams straight did away with the puckering. Okay. This looks good. With the right sales strategy, these will be a runaway success. How about we focus on viral marketing this time? That is a good idea. Focus our marketing efforts on online cafes for parents with young children. It will cut marketing costs and sales will soar once word gets around. I hope it’ll be even 25% as effective as Han Mira. How about cinching the waist more on the mom’s outfit? Won’t the fabric pucker if we cinch too much? I think about this much would be okay. Ouch. What’s wrong? Did you prick yourself? Yes. Let me see. Geez. You’re bleeding. Mr. An, I’m fine. No, you’re not. Let’s go get you a Band-aid. But I’m fine. It was still a prick. And you need to get a shot for tetanus. This is so embarrassing. Can we talk, Mr. An? Now they’re divulging their relationship to all. Whoa. Ms. Han and Mr. An are dating? You didn’t know? How can that be? My goodness. How can that be? What is wrong with the two of you? You are so clumsy. Why are you fussing over nothing? One might think I broke my finger. It’s our team’s chief designer’s finger. Who else would look after it but me? The pin was metallic, so tell me if it swells up or you get a fever. What do we do? About what? Didn’t you notice the team looking at us funny? They weren’t looking at us funny. It’s not a crime to love, is it? No, it isn’t, but it’ll get uncomfortable if people know. Why will it get uncomfortable? It’ll be one thing if we stay together long term, but if we fight or break up, it will be awkward for everyone. Who says we are going to break up? I’m going to be with you even when I’m old and my back stoops. No one can predict the future. We might grow tired of each other or not like something about one another. Good grief. How can you like everything about a person? You just focus on the positive and turn a blind eye on the negative. Have you seen anything you don’t like about me so far? I don’t know. I haven’t seen anything yet. Do you like me that much? I like you a whole lot. Idiot. Idiot? I swear I’ve never even see that pattern. Someone switched it. You believe me, right? Of course I do. Ms. Seo handed in the mended designs, right? Just trust me. Nothing bad will happen. How did it go? It can’t be, right? Was it you, Ms. Seo? Pardon? What do you mean? Did you switch the patterns? No. Why would I do that? I heard you were the one who submitted the mended designs. Who told you that? Was it Jina? We are not doubting you. We’re just saying that was not the pattern when I handed my mended design to you. Shame on you, Jina. How can you accuse me like this? You submitted the mended designs. You heard, Chief Jang. You heard her say she would submit them. Yes. I do remember her saying she would submit them. Right, Mr. Jo? Yes, I heard Jina say that too. You told me to go home, saying you would submit them. When did I say that? This isn’t fair, Director Choi. Even though you two are dating, work is work. How can you suspect me based just on Jina’s word? If you don’t like me, expel me rather than accuse me outright. I will take care of this quietly. Don’t get swept up in this and just focus on your work. I got a call about it too. It was Jina’s design. Something is wrong. When I checked Ms. Jeong’s final design, it was not that same pattern. Do you know who might’ve done it? Yes. Do you have proof? I checked the CCTVs, and Ms. Seo was the last person to leave our office to drop off the mended samples in the sample room mailbox. That is not proof. Ms. Seo could’ve simply submitted the mended one with the switched pattern. If that is the case, why did Ms. Seo lie that it was Ms. Jeong who submitted them? In this case, there is circumstantial evidence but no real proof. What will happen to Ms. Jeong? Hyunkang has maintained a very strict policy against design plagiarism. We urge the one at fault to resign. How can we make an innocent person resign? That is absurd. Do you understand now how unfair it is for innocent people to be forced to quit? It was you who wanted to shut down underperforming departments and make people resign for bad performance reviews. But we can be a bit flexible with this since the design hasn’t been unveiled yet. How? Ms. Jeong’s design can’t compete in round 2, and she will get a pay deduction for three months. Thank you, Counsel Heo. There is no way Ms. Seo would’ve done this on her own. There was probably a mastermind, right? Yes. I think it is probably the person you also suspect. I let down my guard. I will be more careful so something like this doesn’t happen again. I don’t think I have ever seen you like this. That is, doing your utmost to protect the one you love. I hope you’ll include the rest of your employees in the circle of people you love. Thank you. I’m a huge fan. Do you want my autograph too? No, that’s okay. Why did you want to see me here instead of at our office? I came to get measured by Team 1 and thought I’d see you. What about Suji? You didn’t bring her? I found a temporary babysitter. You checked out of the hotel and got a babysitter. Are you returning to showbiz? I would love to if I could. That is, if people accept me for who I am now. I’m sure Mr. An wants to see you. Should I call him over? No. Let’s just keep this between us. Keep this between us? What is it? I thought of a way. A way to do what? A way to protect Suji and me as well as you and Mr. An. How? Listen up. Weren’t you going to Executive Director Choi’s office? Pardon? Well, you see… I forgot something. Oh, really? You turned around as soon as you saw me, so I thought you were avoiding me. Avoiding you? Why would I do that? You heard about Ms. Jeong, right? Ms. Jeong? What about her? There was some talk of plagiarism, so she’ll get a pay deduction for three months, and her round 2 design will be scrapped. I see. Good designs come from sincerity. I hope you succeed as a sincere designer. What was that? Why did he lay a guilt trip on me? Could he see right through me? You’re here to see Executive Director Choi, right? Pardon? Yes. I’ll show you in. You’re here too, Chief Jang. Why are you so startled? Sit. You know Ms. Jeong’s design is exempt from round 2, right? Yes, ma’am. I looked at your design and saw that it fell short, so I asked Chief Jang to spruce it up. It’s not bad conceptually but the beading will be difficult, so how about using sequins instead? That would be fine. Let’s do this right and get your design on stage. Thank you. You really had nothing to do with Ms. Jeong’s plagiarism incident, right? Pardon? I don’t know anything about it. Why would Ms. Seo do something like that? I’m sure Ms. Jeong is just picking on Ms. Seo. She doesn’t seem like the type. I’m just really surprised. Oh? What’s that? I’m going to gift it to Suji. Is it okay? Wow. It’s very nice. Suji will love it. Is being spineless infectious? – Pardon? / – Pardon? You are being way too nice. We will lose the show and sales if Han Mira models for them, yet you’re all smiles? That’s right. The worst kind of game is the one you know you will lose, so I don’t get why you are all smiles. Then should we cry? Leave them be. They are in love, so of course they’re all smiles. Our team morale is so high. Although Team 2 will be winning this, it’s all doom and gloom there. But we’re all smiles although we will lose. Why is it all doom and gloom there? You didn’t know? The audit team questioned Ms. Jeong for plagiarism. Pardon? Jina? That’s ridiculous. Jina would never plagiarize. You don’t say. Jina may be wily, but she doesn’t lack integrity. What could have happened? Yes, President Han. I was just about to head out. Pardon? Bring Ms. Han? Tell him I’m out of the office. Yes, I will be right there. He heard you telling me to lie. He called you a bad daughter. Yes? Why did you come alone? I told you to drag Seungju here if you had to. It is not going to work no matter how much support you give me. Our Joan of Arc is dating Mr. An. No, she isn’t. Seungju and Mr. An are just friends. They made it official to the team. They said they were in a serious relationship. What? That twerp went to a hotel with some woman. Is he out to ruin my daughter’s marriage prospects? How dare he? Mr. An went to a hotel with a woman? That is crazy. Mr. An is not like that. I saw him with my own eyes. The woman was wearing his coat, and he had his arm around her shoulder as they walked in. I’m sure she was a relative or a friend. She wasn’t a relative. Now I remember. She was the designer on Director Choi’s team. Designer on Director Choi’s team? Do you mean Ms. Jeong Jina? I don’t know her name. She’s the one who designed the lace dress. No wonder she looked familiar. Yes. It was her. Whoa. Mr. An is a philanderer. She was Mr. An’s first love. So he has been two-timing Ms. Han? That’s why I’m pushing for you to be with Seungju. Seungju is inexperienced in love, so jerks like him can play her like a fiddle. Please look out for my Seungju. Protect her from that twerp’s evil ways. Yes, President Han. I will give my all to protect your daughter. Come in. The samples are here, hot off the press. Really? Get up, will you? It’s not here. Geez. What are you guys doing? Ms. Heo lost her watch, so I’m looking for it. Why would Ms. Heo’s watch be in the annex? I took it off here when I was cleaning earlier. It is a very expensive watch Chairman An gave me for working for him for 30 years. Why are you all looking at me like that? Right. Once a thief, always a thief. You stole her watch? It wasn’t me. I swear. Did the watch run off by itself? Cough it up before I make you. Have you lost your mind, woman? Are you accusing me of stealing? Open that bag then. This bag? My bag? What for? Why can’t you open it if you’re innocent? You all doubt me, don’t you? Fine. Look. If I open this and the watch isn’t in here, you will all get it from me. What is the world coming to? Go ahead. Look. Here it is. What the… A few nights ago, Manseok and I saw Namjin bring a woman to a hotel. Who? My Namjin? I, Seo Yeonji, am not actually that vile. What happened? Jina almost lost her job because of me. Ms. Seo turned in the mended designs. So Ms. Seo switched the embroidery pattern? But there is something odd.

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    this story is getting weak. there are too many deadbeat characters. now you add the long lost deadbeat hubby. why is this relevant?

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    Wow I love this drama vy much…let me sit down and watch 😍

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    Poor guy, why don't they give him a chance to change? I have a feeling that the house keeper put the watch in his bag because they want him to move out.

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    Shame on them trying to set up that old man just because he is an ex con with that watch.

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    I really like lawyer/CEO Seo . He always know how to say the right words or give good advise. I never thought Siu will fight his own mother. She is alone planning with her dirty deeds. Karma will catch up due to Namjin's convict dad.

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    Funny is Convicted dad know Siu's mom and both living in the same house but never met. So close but yet so far away. LOL

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    Dear Ms. Yang,

    Shut The Fu*k up.


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    The look Siu gave his mom! like" Dont you dare " She is always blaming Namjin.. Ma"am take responsibility for the seeds you planted in me.

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    i bet no one can be that confident to open and let the things out of the bag if he knows what is being searched for is right inside he would have claimed privacy at least as an excuse, Iam feeling sad for him

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    This is why korean dramas are so frustrating the marriage is not even legal but they have to provide for him

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