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By | January 15, 2020

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with italian crema ice cream that’s right one minute I’m watching Killiney
in the next minute I’m trying to make gelato a la crema in fact I almost
called this video crema ice cream from killing Eve except then I remembered
that’s one of my good friends on YouTube thing but anyway all that aside this
might be the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had which is kind of ironic since
there’s actually no vanilla in it as you’re about to see so with that let’s
go hang get started with our base which will begin with some whole milk alright
not skim milk not low-fat and then to that we will add a little touch of white
sugar followed by five large egg yolks alright four is not enough and six is
too many so we’ll go ahead and add five and give it a whisk and then once we
feel like that’s been thoroughly and thoughtfully mixed together we’ll head
to the stove where we’re gonna place this over medium heat and cook it
stirring with a spatula pretty much constantly until it gets hot and steamy
and thickens slightly and when I say slightly I mean it alright this is not
going to turn into some kind of thick custard it’s basically just gonna go
from something that sort of looks and feels like milk to something that looks
and feels more like heavy cream and as this gets close you’re definitely gonna
see some steam and I can never be exactly sure how long this is gonna take
you but I’ll guess it’s somewhere around ten minutes but do not go by time go by
feel and appearance and when it gets all hot and steamy and slightly thick like
this you’re done and sometimes its thickness is referred to as being able
to coat the back of a spoon which I show you but everything slips off this
silicone spatula so it’s kind of hard to see but anyway what we’ll do once we
think that’s cooked long enough is turn off the heat and immediately pour in the
last ingredient our heavy cream which is going to stop this from cooking any
further and then once that’s in we’ll remove this from the stove and
immediately pass it through a fine mesh strainer because even if we did
everything perfectly which we did there’s gonna be little particles of
white that were kind of stuck to the yolk that are gonna coagulate and harden
up and you can see those in the bottom of the strainer
and that really does not look like something you want an ice cream so we’ll
go ahead and strain that and that’s it all we need to do is let this cool down
to room temp before we wrap it up and pop it in the fridge to chill completely
oh and it was right about here when I remembered I’d forgotten to throw in a
pinch of salt which might seem minor but it’s not it’s major all right that
little pinch is gonna make everything taste better and believe it or not a
little sweeter so I went ahead and stirred that in and then like I said we
will let this cool down to room temp and pop it in the fridge overnight and I
know you want to make it now but you really shouldn’t I mean as long as you
chill it a few hours in its cold it will still work in the machine but I think
the taste and texture are both gonna be better if you give it about 8 to 12
hours in the fridge so you’ll have to decide I mean you are after all the
villanelle of making vanilla less ice cream well but personally I do highly
recommend it goes in the fridge overnight so that’s what I did and the
next day I pulled it out and carefully poured that into my ice cream maker and
as I mentioned in every ice cream video if you don’t have one of these type of
machines you can still make this and I’ll tell you how in the blog post there
are actually quite a few effective alternative methods but having said that
these type of ice cream makers are relatively inexpensive and actually do a
very good job and what happens with these is you keep that bowl in the
freezer and as it spins that ice cream base freezes to the surface which is
then scraped off and mixed back into the mixture and as this runs it will get
colder and thicker and creamier oh and if it’s a really hot day I always feel
like putting a towel over this kind of insulates it and maybe helps it freeze a
little better who knows that might not have any effect but I do it anyway oh
and another thing I like to do is grab a spoon and give this a little sample when
it gets to what I call the milkshake stage well we had that will definitely
bring all the boys to the yard and even though the texture is not going to be
quite right yet you will get a little sneak preview on just how amazing this
flavor is so at this point I was very happy but anyway I’ll let that continue
churning until it was as thick as it was gonna get which for these machines is
basically gonna look like a soft-serve ice cream and in case you’re keeping
score at home that took me 20 minutes so we will go ahead and clean off the
dasher and then very quickly wrap this up and
pop it in the freezer until fully frozen and I generally just do it in this
canister but if you while you could transfer it into another container
although that can be risky because you’re probably gonna eat like half of
it as you transfer it in so I’m gonna go ahead and press some plastic on the top
and then use a plate for a lid since I lost the one that came with it and will
transfer that into the freezer until it’s properly frozen and firm at which
point we can go ahead and serve some up by priming the bottom of our dish or cup
with half a scoop and then topping that with the full money scoop oh yeah that
is a nice looking scoop if I do say so myself
although if you’re gonna take pictures make sure you freeze the glass so it
looks all nice and frosty and the ice cream won’t melt as quick
but anyway it’s fine this is not gonna be around long so I grabbed a spoon and
dug in and as far as the texture goes this was absolutely perfect
all right beautifully dense and creamy with absolutely no crystallization and
by the way in Italy this is a gelato not an ice cream because they use a machine
that introduces less air into the product so that it’s even denser but
this was actually very close and as far as the taste goes I really do think
you’re gonna be blown away all right for many of you this will be the first true
ice cream you’ve ever eaten since in the absence of flavorings like vanilla what
you’re tasting here is just pure milk and sweet cream with nothing else
getting in the way which is why my favorite would eat this stuff is as is
totally plain just me a spoon and my crema of course having said that I can’t
end the video without showing you a couple toppings but nobody really needs
to see the normal ones so let me show you a couple abnormal ones the first
would be some freshly ground espresso coffee beans which might seem strange
but if you like coffee or coffee ice cream this really is an amazing
combination and while you think it might be gritty the texture is actually
surprisingly Pleasant and if I had to pick a way to eat this besides plain
this would be it just absolutely fantastic plus you get a little buzz so
that might be my favorite topping next up I’m going to show you Michelle’s
favorite which believe it or not is olive oil and sea salt no we’re not
kidding we will drizzle on a little bit of
extra-virgin olive oil and then sprinkle over a pinch a nice flaky sea salt and
I’m not exactly sure why this works so amazingly well but it does write the
contrast between that sweet creamy ice cream and that fatty slightly bitter oil
with those little crunchy pops of salts really is one of the most unique frozen
dessert experiences of all time so if you’re feeling a little adventurous
please give that a try Bob regardless of whether you eat this
crema plain or top it with something strange it will still be as villanelle
might say to die for which is why I really do hope you give this a try soon
so head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of mournful as
usual and as always enjoy you you

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