Itaewon Class vs. Original Webtoon (EP 5-6) All Plot Differences

By | February 19, 2020

The popular drama ‘Itaewon Class’
has made lots of changes to the original story. Here are significant plot differences between episodes 5 and 6
of the series and the webtoon of the same name. The biggest difference is the one
who dialed the number for the police. Originally, Oh Soo-ah DID inform them
that the pub had accepted minors. She told Park Sae-ro-yi she didn’t feel sorry for this. However, on the small screen, it was Jo Yi-seo’s old classmate
who did this mean thing to take revenge on her while Soo-ah called the police hesitantly and said nothing. But days later, in front of Yi-seo, she told Park Sae-ro-yi
that the one who had informed the police was her then asked him to stop liking her. This dramatic plot twist led to some other dramatic events that
only happened in the drama version of ‘Itaewon Class’. In episode 6, Park Sae-ro-yi looked so upset
when Jang Geun-won told him that Oh Soo-ah was in trouble at work because of him
and Yi-seo revealed that his first love was not the informer. He chased after her riding the bus and told her that
he would destroy Jangga so that she wouldn’t suffer. Right after that, he called his friend,
who was the bully-victim in high school, to invest 1.9 BILLION won to Jangga,
which extremely shocked the viewers at how rich he actually is. There are significant changes made to the transgender character, too. The first time Jo Yi-seo called Hyun-yi “sister” was originally when Park Sae-ro-yi made his decision to pay Hyun-yi twice and asked the other staff to tell him if they had a problem
working with her just because she’s transgender. In the drama, the manager only started calling Hyun-yi “sister” when giving feedback on her food and admitting that it was delicious. In the original webtoon, Hyun-yi
normally covered her eyes with her bang and only parted her short silver hair when going clubbing. As Yi-seo told her that she looked
prettier when her hair was parted, she changed her normal hairstyle to parted hair. In the drama, Hyun-yi normally parted her short silver hair
and wore a long black wig when going clubbing. After Yi-seo told her that she looked
prettier with black hair, she dyed her hair black. During the club incident, Yi-seo originally asked
Hyun-yi if she liked Park Sae-ro-yi. Hyun-yi said she liked him as a person, not as a man. We didn’t see this scene in the drama though. The drama added more romance to the relationship
between Jang Geun-won and Oh Soo-ah as he expressed his desire to date and marry her. In episode 6, his father even told him that
if he could make her marry into their family, he wouldn’t tell him to have an arranged marriage. This is also an additional part. In episode 5, when Yi-seo asked Jang Geun-soo
why he had decided to work at Danbam and if he even knew what kind of relationship
his brother had with his boss, he looked really surprised and asked her:
“What? Do you know something that I don’t know?”. Meanwhile, the original version of Jang Geun-soo
maturely answered her: “It doesn’t seem like a good relationship but it has
nothing to do with me, my brother and I are different”. The drama version has also added many scenes
that were not mentioned in the original story, including the scene where Jang Geun-won
couldn’t eat chicken because of his trauma and the scene where DanBam hired more people to work with them. The webtoon didn’t tell readers much about how Jo Yi-seo
got employed while the drama described it in more detail. In episode 6, she had a deep conflict with her mother about
working at the pub without going to college, then left the house and had a conversation
with her crush until the sunrise. This African-Korean guy who is now working a part-time job
at the pub didn’t appear in the webtoon, but he even appears in the MAIN POSTER
of the drama so I’m pretty curious about his role.

4 thoughts on “Itaewon Class vs. Original Webtoon (EP 5-6) All Plot Differences

  1. marini erlianasafitri Post author

    Wow you did great job keep going I will always waiting for next week analyze ❤

  2. Mist Tique Post author

    Wow! I din expect they try to push soo ah character like that. They even try to make a romance between saeroyi and soo ah eventho we know that they won’t end up together. Maybe writernim change the plot a lil bit just want this drama become more interesting.

    Btw is that the only thing that change for episode 5 and 6? I mean most only from Soo Ah side ??

  3. Fearless King Post author

    I don't care for spoilers but who does he end up with in the web novel?


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