It Moves? Gundam, Follow Your Dreams! | Episode 1

By | March 13, 2020

Did you know that… In 2014… An insane project was launched. A powerful and inspiring message rose up on the screen. “Challenging the dream: When Gundam moves, the world moves.” That was then, this is now. Not working. We’re out of solutions. Honestly… We’re stuck. We’re facing difficulties. What exactly is this insane project
that presents such a challenge? The goal is to create an 18-meter (59-foot)
tall Gundam and to make it move. The main culprit is this scary looking man.
Yasuo Miyakawa What do you want to do with Gundam? Make it move. It really does sound insane but this man has a track record. In 2009, he built a giant Gundam statue in Odaiba, Tokyo. Just by standing there… In 50 days… about 4 million people came to see it. What if it moved? More people might come. That’s all. “If it moved, more people might come.” How simple can you get? But at the production site, the situation was
a bit complicated. After all, it’s… The world’s first attempt! I’m sure it’s a tough job. No kidding. What do the people say? Seriously? Really? It won’t move. A sense of doubt lingers in the air of Odaiba. Mr. Miyakawa! Will Gundam really move? It all began with… me being impossible. Moving Gundam: The Dream Challenge (By Grown Adults) Episode 1:
It all began with being impossible Moving Gundam… In order to make this simple but impossible project to work, specialists from all over Japan converged. Gundam and world-class Japanese artisanship… have united here in the cosmopolis of Yokohama. We shall take up the challenge to move Gundam. How excited are the team members? Yoshizaki:It’s a huge challenge. But making it happen…is what counts. Kawahara:An actual moving Gundam is unheard of anywhere in the world. It would be a visual spectacle…the first of its kind. Ishii:This is my life. My dream was to build Gundam. That’s why I chose science…and became an engineer. What shaped my life was…Gundam. The torch is burning bright. This looks promising. Somewhere in Tokyo, we heard that an informal gathering was taking place so we decided to drop by. This crest here… I borrowed from Bushido Ahead. Plastic models? This shield… is my kid’s. (How childish!) I grabbed it from him. Last time was all about the Federation so… this time it’s all about the Zeon Army. Inside this S-Gundam… here’s an AI called Alice. This the Alice figure… I did the 3D modeling myself. It moves! Everyone is super excited! But their mission is to make an 18-meter tall
gigantic Gundam to move. Their love for Gundam is the drive that will lead
them through this impossible journey. Fun time is over and now it gets serious. Every week, an intense technical meeting takes
place to figure out how to move Gundam. Inter-subsystem interface Mechatrolink, connected with one wire. Increase control wires… Due to torque control,
load fluctuation shouldn’t be a problem. I’m totally lost. The total budget is a secret but it’s clearly a mega big project! The father of Gundam,
Director Tomino drops by to check things out. Not so happy with it. What? However, once on its way, there’s no stopping now. Not until this simple and impossible dream to
make Gundam move comes true. However! It’s not moving. We currently have about 4,000 errors. Can we have a look? I’m sorry, off limits. Is it impossible, after all? In the next episode, one part will slightly move. It moved a bit? To be continued… (Until Gundam moves.) Narration: Tomoru Akasawa
Direction: Takahiro Kurasawa
Writer: Keita Takayanagi
Director: Toru Tsuruta, Tatsuhiro Nakamura
Camera Crew: Hiroaki Ochi, Kazuhiko Tanaka, Noriaki Okimura
Computer Graphics: Ayako Noguchi
Sound Effects: Katsunori Tanaka Production Assistant/Publicist: Shota Nishikawa
Production Coordinator: Yuki Watanabe
Associate Producer: Ryuma Sato, Yuho Enokido
Producer: Kaori Shida
Production Cooperation: Brain Corporation
Planning/Production/Copyright: SUNRISE

19 thoughts on “It Moves? Gundam, Follow Your Dreams! | Episode 1

  1. The 225677th Fragment of the Man-Emperor of Mankind Post author

    Can't wait until it flies

  2. Ed Chin yosh Post author

    Finally we are going to have real gundam flying through our space soon!!!

  3. Austin Grider Post author

    They poured in a lot of money just to make this happen

  4. dude look at her butt H90 delirious Post author

    Why do you think trump made the space force. Cause he knew about Japan making walking Gundam and knew it would only be a matter of time before they made one that could fly in space

  5. Alektra Lainheart Post author

    without eng sub I can understand the passion xD

  6. LUPUS Ars' Post author

    The dislike is from they who can't speak Japanese/understand it

  7. Akali Fan Post author

    I dont know what they saying but i know they gonna make a real flying walking fight shooting gundam

  8. _KenjiTX1_ Post author

    They should build Gundam X as satalite in space would be cool for customize statalite

  9. 조등어 Post author

    4:42 자막 실화야ㅋㅋㅋ도미노가 뭐냐 진짴ㅋㅋㅋ

  10. 阿帕契戰鬥直升機 a阿帕契戰鬥直升機 我是 Post author


  11. 황금개미임페리우스 Post author

    살짝 스포를 하자면 프레임쪽은 거의다 완성하신거 같고 다른 세세한 부분들과 외장 작업중이랄까…?


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