İstanbul Havalimanı | Hava Trafik Kontrol Kulesi

By | January 28, 2020

You are now at the flight control center inside the air traffic control tower of Istanbul Airport. We work here round the clock to ensure that aircraft can land and take off safely and quickly. We control 1,200 flights each day. This figure actually multiplies as Istanbul is a hub for transit flights connecting the East to the West and vice versa. We are experienced to manage this traffic.We take our work very seriously. There is no room for mistakes in this profession. As the direction of the wind has changed, we will now switch from the northern configuration to the southern configuration. From 210 to 18, it says we landed right at the limit. We discuss this situation with the meteorology department. We then talk with our air traffic controller friends in approach control. We will determine the latest take-off traffic on the northern configuration and switch runways. Guys, runway 34 and runway 35 must be cleared before 1598 lands. Now, we adjust the configuration for our chosen runway. This way, the same information will be uploaded to all devices. As we switch runways, we will change our devices and lights. Our controllers will also be relocated from the boards they currently work at to other boards. We will then start working on the southern configuration. Follow me, this is the tower. Tower, follow me 1. Follow me 1, tower. Mobilize one car to check runway 16R. Tower, follow me 1. I’m entering with 2 cars from A11A to the runway 16R. Tower, follow me 1. Follow me 1, go on please. 16R runway check complete. Runway is clear and dry. We are leaving runways with 2 cars through A1C. Have a nice day. Thanks, good luck. Turkish 7NW, this is the tower, clear for take-off. Runway 17R, latest wind 220 degrees 10 knots. Bye. An aircraft is about to take off from the parallel runway. Turkish 4LF, this is your tower, runway 17R is clear for take-off. Wind 180 degrees 8 knots.

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