Is your WordPress Website Ranking in Google? Fix it!

By | March 3, 2020

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton, here in San Antonio, Texas
at WebTegrity. If you follow our channel, you know that we’re
doing a video like this, every single Wednesday. Please be sure to subscribe. I’ll have a goody like this, in your inbox,
every week that helps you improve your online marketing. Improve your WordPress website. Today’s video is just, very quickly, how to understand
if Google can even index your site. Can they even read your site? Are they crawling our site? Why aren’t we ranking higher? There’s some quick questions that you
can find some fast answers to. I’m gonna teach you how to do that, right now. I’m gonna slide off the screen, so you can
stay focused here. One of the first things you want to do is check
your robot’s file. You can go to the end of your domain name and
just type in “robots” (plural) dot txt and click “Enter”. You’ll want to see a file here that addresses the
robots. Which are, of course, the crawlers from the
search engines. This little file. This robots txt file, speaks directly to them and tells them where they’re allowed to go on your server. What pages they’re allowed to view and
what pages they’re allowed to render or files they’re allowed to render to the public. Now, this is not totally secure in the sense
that if the crawlers decide not to pay attention to it, they can get to things, anyway. For the most part, they honor this file. You can see here that I’m not disallowing anything. I’m allowing all agents to crawl our website. Google likes to see things pretty open wide. So, you want to be sure that not a lot is
locked down and disallowed. Check that area first. The second thing you want to be sure to
have on your website, is a site map. Our’s (and this is very typical) is linked down
in our footer. “Site Map” click there. Of course, this is being generated with the plugin
Yoast. So, if you’re using a WordPress website, you can
use Yoast (Y-O-A-S-T SEO) and that free plugin will automatically
generate a sitemap. It creates this link here. sitemap_index.xml and dynamically lists out all of your pages for your
website and all of your posts for your website. Whatever you allow it to list out. It will list them all out here and
let people see and let the search engines see everything
on your website. So, that’s super cool. Of course, once you’ve created that sitemap, you certainly want to submit it to Google
Webmaster tools, so that they can monitor it. They can index all those pages and hopefully help you to get
ranking higher. If you don’t know how to do that,
I have other videos specifically on the Yoast plugin to
teach you how to do that. I’ll put the link to this playlist in
the description box below. It is a a part 1 of 4, that teaches you how
to use this Yoast plugin. and teaches you how to submit your
sitemap to Google. That’s a step-by-step four part series. It’s pretty incredible. You definitely want to do that.
You also can do this… You can simply submit your URL to
Google asking them to come crawl your site. So, you would just type in here “” and you would say that I am not a robot. and submit URL. This is submitting specifically to Google and
it will tell me “Alright, great job. Your request has been
received successfully”. That’s this little alert here. So, you can submit more if you needed to. Now, I want you to know that you have to be
logged in, in order to get this inside of your free webmaster tools option. I will put the link to this option in the
description box below. So, you’ll want to do that and make sure
that Google is indexing your site and loves your site. This is another way to see if this is working… Not only inside of Google Webmaster Tools. They will give you an alert right away telling you “Hey, something is going on. We have
some crawl errors that you need to fix.” But, you can do this cool little trick. Check this out. Come to Google and type in the word “site” and
type in “webtegrity”. or your domain name. You don’t need the “www” or anything like
that. Just the naked URL. Type that in and click “enter”. This will give you a list of all your pages
and posts and all the different things that Google has indexed that live on
your server. This is kind of a cool view to, to see what
your page titles look like, all the way down the list. You certainly don’t want things that say
“Home” or “Blog”. You want SEO friendly titles down this list. And, of course, page after page of all
these different resources that live on your website. So, if you’re having something like this happen
as a result of your search on Google, you know that your website is being crawled. So, that’s a first part of learning about
your websites crawl-ability. (If that’s a word) If it’s being indexed at all. These are some great steps to make sure
and find out. If you’re finding, no in fact, my website
is not having a lot of pages found and I don’t like the results that I’m seeing here, I’d like you to check out an SEO course that
I have over on our website. It’s a basic of SEO class. It’s about a 45 minute session that really
teaches you step-by-step how to improve your websites SEO. I also have another really cool free class here,
of understanding Google analytics. So, if you need to understand more of how to
track the traffic that’s hitting your site, check out that video. Alright guys, I’m gonna put all those links in the
description box below. If you have questions about SEO, that’s what
my company is here to help with. Give us a shout out. Come over to Twitter. Come over to our website. Find us on Facebook. We’re around and I’d love to help you
nerd out and improve your WordPress website with this SEO. Have a great WordPress Wednesday. Bye, ya’ll.

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    Hello, you keep saying " you would love to help us"….. Well we have been trying to contact you, for nearly two months. As yet we have had no response!! We have left messages here, we have left messages on you website, we have filled out "contact forms" – but still nothing. Maybe you are just too busy, and have too much work. Its a shame coz, we really like what you do and think you could have helped us…..

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    thanks for sharing … my blog is not quite ready to publish yet, I want to wait till I get a good handful of posts on it etc … but I'm researching what may make more visible once I hit "publish"!! Donna

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    Hello Kori, do you know about a good visitors counter for a wp site? Thanks for yor excellents tutorials.

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    the above Google webmaster tools. How to upload to my site

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    Hi Kori you mentioned Yoast plugin and webmaster tool to submit site. What are the differences between these 2 methods? Thanks.


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