Is Your Company Successful Offline But having Trouble Growing Online?

By | January 23, 2020

– Hey there, if you’re
running or growing a business that has been around for
five, 10, 15, 20 years, maybe, or even longer, but
yet you have not gotten significant online marketing results that grow your revenue measurably, I’d love to offer you our
six step marketing framework. Now, my name I Darrell
Evans, I’m the co-founder of Yokel Local Internet Marketing, we’ve been around since 2010. I, myself, have been an
entrepreneur since I was 19. So, I built a lot of
my marketing psychology and frameworks, and methodologies,
in the offline world. Which is why I think this
framework is gonna blow you away, if you’ve grown your
business that way, right? So if you download this free ebook today, this free guide today,
I’ve got a 20 minute video on the backend of this download that I’d love to walk you
through the methodology. Again, I remember riding my very first ad in an advertising platform
where I had to pay $1 per word. If you could imagine
just having enough space for 20 words, and you had
to pay a dollar per word. Now the ad cost wasn’t much. But how do you get your
messaging through on 20 words? And that included a telephone number. Listen, there’s a lot of things that I’d like to share
with you in this guide. This guide has worked for
auto collision centers, it’s worked for photographers,
massage parlors, manufacturing companies, software, as a service companies,
e-commerce companies, and the funny thing is that people say, “Do you specialize in any one niche?” No, we specialize in human behavior. And that’s what this framework’s about. This framework is all
about how your customers use the internet and social media today, differently than they did a
decade, decade-and-a-half ago, and all we’ve done is map
marketing to the appropriate channels so that we can
involve your business in your ideal customer’s journey, so they come to your
website, website traffic. They raise their hand, fill out a form, become a lead, or call you,
and then how do you get those leads to convert to customers? We’ve done this now for… I can’t count the number of companies. It’s over hundreds of companies to the tune of 200 plus
million dollars in revenue. I’d love to share with
you this free guide. Hope you’ll download it. There’s a button somewhere
around this video. And I’ll see you on the other side.

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