Is Website SEO Obsolete?

By | August 13, 2019

So SEO has completely changed. The SEO
that you’ve been taught and learned about is actually completely dead. We are
going to talk about the secrets of how SEO is being applied successfully today.
You can rank today after watching this video. Hi once again SEO is part of the topic
here with Nate and we’ve sort of teased the idea that SEO is a thing of
the past. Yeah, it’s definitely completely changed. So, the SEO that we did just just
five years ago completely does not exist, does not work in my world. There are a
few exceptions but not in my world, not a single exception. So, let’s get into
some details on that a little bit. Talk about some of the things that no longer
are relevant to the SEO situation. And just to give you a little background, not only
did I used to work for an SEO company but when I started this company, my
company, I offered SEO as a service and it
worked. We got results for our clients. I found a real affordable way of doing it
and it worked. So, I’ll tell you some of the things that we did but the biggest
reason why SEO doesn’t work, why it’s no longer important, because it’s so much
less important to have traffic on your website in the first place. And you can
do things so much easier to build a following, to attract audience, to get
traffic off of your website. You’ve heard a lot about Backlinks. You’ve got to get… When you say
Backlink, what is a Backlink? You get a website, okay,
somebody else has a website, they put a link over to yours. Ah okay. And that’s a
backlink. Okay. And what that tells the search engines is, “hey, my website is
credible. Somebody, there’s people linking to me saying that mine is important” And
maybe they use the text in the link that would say, “speaker” and so oh if you’re
looking for you want to rank for speaker. Okay, so that that’s one thing. We used
to do is create Backlinks. In fact, we would create link wheels. So we would
create a blog and another blog and another website and this and we would
link to each other creating this link wheel that all linked back to one
website. It is a mutually-beneficial? Okay and another way a thing to do is to
create blog networks. So you’re creating all these blogs that these three
third-level blogs will link down to the second level blogs that would link down
to the primary level blogs that with a link to your website is like the massive
authority. From a user perspective I now know your telling… I mean from a user perspective
I’ve seen what you’re talking about, yeah. Okay. All of that is spam. So, what
SEO created, it’s all fake. Like you’re creating… All you’re just creating all
these fake websites to point to one real website. And it just cluttered the
internet. And what Google had to do is change their algorithm time after time
after time to just filter through all the junk. It’s like what do people really
want to find. They don’t want to find this thing in a link wheel that somebody
created just to supposedly build this authority. So, they’ve just filtered out
all the junk. Every algorithm change people would get hit and be like, “oh, that
just hurt. Why does Google do this?” It’s like because you’re creating all this
spam and it was a lot of work and it was a big pain. There’s article sites and
people would just write articles for the sake of getting the links back to their
website. So there’s still a few article sites out there that exist. I can’t
remember the last time that I went to. I mean everyone was using at the time
EzineArticles and I would ask you the viewer when’s the last time you ever
went to EzineArticles? It’s just become a ghost town. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, that
was one of the most popular ones that bring links. I always said
Ezine but that’s just me. You probably… I’ve better right, I just don’t know what
I’m talking about. You’ve been passionate. You have been
outspoken in your proclaiming the death of all things SEO. Now, so what takes its
place? What’s the solution? What are you proposing? What’s happening now? YouTube.
So, we can end the video there. Buh- bye thanks for coming. Hope this was
helpful. Please explain. So, you’re right. I have pretend dumb. I’ve
made a video in the past on this topic saying SEO is dead and I got a lot of
flack for it. Guess who gave me the most flack? Bill Gates. Other SEO
companies. It was other SEO marketers that don’t… Well, of course it’s their
business. They don’t want to get off this sinking ship. Yeah, okay?
SEO is not dead as a strategy but SEO of the past is where we’ve got to build all
these links and credibility to our website.
You should not care whether your website ranks at all. Do not care about it.
Because there’s an easier way. You can create a video and get it to rank today
and start getting views today and then you can create another video and get it
to rank today. And every one of those videos can link to your website if you
want people to go there, to buy your products or join your list. But it is so
much easier to get a website to rank on YouTube than it is to get your website
to rank for anything. Any blog post or anything to rank on your website.Why is that?
Is it all the hash, all the little tags that you tagged the video with? Is
that how that works or what? I’m sure that there are exceptions but I’m not
going to talk to those. I’m going to talk to the niche that I am really good at. Okay.
Good friend of mine Cynthia Sumner. She is a nutritionist and she wanted to rank
for different types of remedies. So we made a video and instead of making a
video on how to treat a sore throat. We could do that, but there’s a much better
strategy. We could say, “How to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics.”
Okay, there’s nine words in that phrase. By making it that specific and we
checked there weren’t any other videos that have that exact title and yet, that
nine word phrase is getting searched. It gets searched hundreds of times every
single month and there’s the thousand… It’s getting searched on Google? Getting
searched on Google and YouTube, which are both the same company. Right that’s true.
Okay, okay. So, Google, if you search it on Google or if you search it on YouTube,
you will find this video that we created. And because we created it nine words
long, that specific, you can get it to rank instantly. And you’re saying that’s
the title of the video? Hmmm… that’s the title and topic of the video. Title and
topic, so because I know what you’re saying. There’s the title, I mean there’s
two places you can put that in, right? So we put it as the title, we put it as a
keyword, we put it in the first sentence of the description and the whole thing
has the keyword. Hm-hmm and the video itself. Obviously, it’s a very specific
subject. So you can talk about how to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics.
Another example, “How to invest in real estate with no money?” We we’re
really, really specific. Makes sense. And the great thing about it is we made
a lot videos. “How to invest in real estate with
bad credit? How to invest in real estate you know A, B and C”. We would just make
all these videos and eventually, we would start to rank for real estate investing
or invest in real estate. But when you make something that’s really, really
specific in your niche, it does a couple of things. It eliminates all the
competition because if people type in that exact phrase, that’s what your video
is about, they’ll find exactly what they’re searching for. So it eliminates
that the competition because nobody else has that same title because it’s too
specific and no one else is doing specific titles like that. But it also… it
makes your video get better stats because if I type in that phrase, “how do you
get rid of strep throat without antibiotics?” I’m not looking for
whatever the alternatives. How to get rid of strep throat with antibiotics or how
to you know sue the sore throat or something like that.
But if I type it in that specific and I find exactly what I’m searching
for, I’m not going to leave and go search for another video. I’m going to watch that
whole video. It’s going to have higher watch time. Well and it also has that intuitive
little fill in the word thing when you’re typing into Google. So, if your title is already in there, doesn’t it stand a better
chance that it’s going to fill in for them and they go enter. That’s what I
wanted to say because it happens to me all the time. Definitely and what I’m
suggesting is that you do that research before you even make the video. So if you
do the fill in the the blanks… When that comes up, you say this will be the title of my
video. So and we’ll do another video here on keyword research on actually how to
find those titles. But the short answer is you do the research first, find
the questions that people are asking, that are really long and really specific
and that will do way better results in the search and is that’s the best
type of SEO that you can do. Compared to any of the other things. The backlinks,
article marketing blog, comments, link wheels, blog networks that was all that
sea of spam that cluttered the internet. Now, we’re saying create one piece of
content and you will get you’ll get traffic. And the great thing about
YouTube is it really is a good search engine. Compared
to Facebook. If I create a video on Facebook and I post it, let’s say it even
does really well and I post it today. When are the most of you is going to come
in? Today, tomorrow, a week from now, what do you think? On Facebook. Today. Yeah, so most
of you are going to come today, maybe I’ll get more views tomorrow, maybe
a little bit more the next day. Chances are it’s going to fizzle out. A year from
now where’s that video? I don’t even know where’s the Facebook video I posted a year ago. That’s right. they’re trying to… A year
ago you posted this video. So if you watched a video a year ago on Facebook,
and then you’re thinking, “oh, that video I watched a year ago.” How do you find
it? It’s a chore. Yeah that’s a lot of times you just can’t find it. Yeah.
On YouTube, It’s an amazing search engine and you can go to a channel. Type in a
word that they might have said in the video and that video will come up. It’s
such a good search engine. You’re like, “what?” Really, does it do that?
Yes. So if you remember, oh, there was a video on CaseyNeistat channel. You
go to CaseyNeistat channel, there’s a search bar within his channel and you can type
in a word or something that he talked about. You could type in drone or boosted
board and all of his videos that he mentioned drone or booster board will
all pop up or you can mention a person that was in the video and it will just
you can search… Are you saying that he spoke the word and it’s part of the
search engine? It’s not just a keyword that he put in? Right, because
everything’s auto transcribed. Oh, I’m liking this more and more. That’s an amazing search
engine. And what I’m finding, okay in the world of YouTube marketing, everything is
about going viral. Right. The reality is going viral is so hard. Must be. A lot of
the videos that get millions of views aren’t actual viral videos, they just
have a big following and so they’ll get an initial boost. I see. But if they have
a small following and it gets a huge e boost that it would be a viral video. But
all of that it starts out big and then it tapers off
and goes flat. It’s called the viral growth curve. I named it that. I’m cool
like that. Registered trademark. Copyrighted etc. In the future video, I’m
going to explain my apt growth curve or the details of what you do to get these
apt results. But the the the moral of the story, we’ve already talked about in this
video is creating niche specific content. Your video can go flat in the
beginning and then it will just be picked up in search and it will show up
from more and more search phrases and it will get better and better over time. So
the video that I shared with you on the the title, “how to invest in real estate
with no money”, for nine months we only had a few hundred views and then it
started getting a few hundred views a month and then a few hundred views a day
and then a few thousand views a day and then yeah, it’s about a half a
million views now. And it didn’t really start until we’ve got the nine month
mark on that and that was one of the first views you’ve got on that channel.
So patience is going to be a big part of this. Patience will work. Now that channel is
getting 25,000 views every single day because we’ve got all these
videos, hundreds of videos that we’ve created that are ranking and getting all
this traffic. I like that. Just think how hard it would
have been to get his website to rank for invest in real estate. I don’t even know
how I would even think about doing that without spending hundreds of thousands
or even millions of dollars on SEO. But we’ve just created lots of niche videos
on real estate and it’s yeah, it’s awesome. So, you mean you’re sitting here
basically just giving away these really great secrets on how others can make
money. Yeah, absolutely. You call it a secret and I think even though we’re
sharing it publicly here, it’s still going to remain a secret because people,
they don’t really think it works so they don’t take action or that maybe
they don’t believe it. But all you have to do is know what your niche is and
create that niche specific video and you’ll see it start to work. Awesome,
thank you. Well, I don’t know about you but I am filled with some cool new
knowledge. And maybe your heads a little bit full. Hopefully found
that helpful and my real hope is that you’ll implement it. That you’ll give it
a try. That when you make a video just think about what people are searching
for first, just make your video real specific and as you’ll start to
happen automatically. Okay let’s go.

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