Is SEO Dead? Yes And No.

By | August 13, 2019

I’m sure you’ve read or seen somewhere that SEO is dead. And that’s true, but it’s not true for small business owners. And I want to talk about
three key reasons why that is in today’s video blog. Hi there Internet fans, Ryan Perry here. And today, let’s talk about SEO. Is it dead.? Yes it is, on a national level. For small local businesses, it is not dead. And I don’t want to go into a lot of
details, but I want to give you a brief
overview. Then I want to give you three
reasons why SEO is so important for small business owners. And the first thing you have to
realize is that when you look at search engine
optimization (SEO) on a national or global, uh, way you always have to look at competition. SEO is all about competing with other people in your keyword. If you’re a dentist, you have to compete with everybody who’s a dentist either nationally, globally, regionally. However, for cities if you are a local dentist and you just want to be found in
Santa Rosa California as an example then you have less competition. And that’s really the key thing, is that for large players, big companies you know 1 800 dentists. They may find it better to actually do a pay-per-click
campaign where they know that the money they
put into that campaign they can actually see money coming out the
bottom of that funnel. And, it’s pretty much bullet proof. Where on SEO level all it takes is one change in the
algorithm and it can completely mess everybody up. And in fact it has in the past. Now local search is very, very different. Number one, SEO is so much easier to rank on a local level. When you’re trying to compete at a
national level, you are competing with everybody else that is putting in keywords such as dentist, attorney, auto repair. However on a local level… level you’re only competing against your local competition that’s actually smart enough to tell Google that they want to be found in
a local city. Such as a dentist in Santa Rosa or an estate attorney in Petaluma. By linking those two keywords together in a search phrase, that is going to make them more relevant for local search and not relevant at all for international search. Number two is going to be the pay-per-click side. In smaller markets it’s really hard to invest time money and energy to creating a full blown campaign where you’ve got a landing page, you’ve got a give-away, you’ve got follow up emails to a very small market that you know it’s just hard to justify the numbers because you’re
not running enough people through. Why are the three key reasons that small business should be doing SEO. Number one has got to be ROI your return on investment. There is no better investment as far as I’m concerned for small
business owners than as you know because it doesn’t cost anything. If you have a smartphone and a tripod you can hit record and start shooting educational
videos just like this and post them on your YouTube channel, your social media channel, your web site. All of that can be done for
essentially no cost. It just takes a little bit of time and effort on your end. One of the great things about
focusing on as SEO for small business owners is that your competitors wear a lot of hats just like you. They get tired they get overwhelmed and they don’t do as SEO like you may not be doing. So, by going out and doing some regular consistent SEO month after month, you actually have very little
competition that you have to compete against. It’s kind of like running a race. If you’re running a race against
50,000 people and you have to go down
there’s really narrow path. It’s going to be very difficult to win. However, if you only have 20 competitors and 15 of them are just too tired or too busy or don’t care. Then you only have five competitors running down the same path. Much, much easier to win. Number two is mobile. I want you think about the way
people are using their mobile devices these days. With Siri and OK Google people are able to just hit their phone and go, ‘hey what is the best
Mexican restaurant in Runner Park?’ Or, ‘who’s the best dentist near me?’ And those results instantly show up on their screen. That is all driven by SEO. And speaking of mobile and SEO, if you do not have a responsive or mobile friendly website. That is something you need to do if you want to be relevant. Give you a quick insider tip here. Back in April of 2015, Google actually made an algorithm change to make mobile more desirable as far as getting rankings in Google. They are currently working on making a shift. Where, right now everything
is dependent on your desktop website. That is the main
controlling factor on how Google does as SEO. They’re actually going to be
switching that to mobile. What that means is that your mobile design is going to carry more weight than your desktop version is for ranking. So, if you have a look at your
website in a while now’s the time to do so. Make sure your mobile
friendly if you want to be found on those
voice activated searches. Number three on the list is social. Social media has been the sexy thing for, gosh I don’t know how many years? Ever since Facebook blew up. And that’s kind of when people
started not worrying about SEO because it
was old and decay and archaic and it’s frustrating. And trust me as you know it’s
frustrating, but not for small business. The problem with social media is
it’s a great branding tool. Again, I always want to look at
social media from a national level and a local level. On a national level social media makes major sense for companies like Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, GM, Chevrolet, airlines. You know, all of those companies. For small businesses, I don’t know of any small business owner that I’ve talked to that said, ‘oh yeah my Facebook page is
generating leads and it’s driving money to my bottom line. Social media is important. People do look at your Facebook
feed, they are going to look at Twitter or YouTube if you put those out
there because they want that social proof. They want to know that you’re
actually a legitimate company. That you’re in business. But as far as actually investing money into maintaining a strong social media presence, that is great for branding. But, from a ROI, driving money, driving traffic to your website and through your doors on that
phone. Personally, I don’t think it works. Not at a local level. OK small business owners! I’m curious, what do you think about. SEO being dead for small local business? Does it make sense to you or do you think I’m totally off my
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