Is Google Really Calling My Business? | SEO Scam Alert

By | October 6, 2019

so I get these calls on a pretty regular basis from somebody saying they’re from
Google and they mentioned that they can get me the top search rank .
What do you think about that? Okay,
so you got a call from someone from Google.
Google does not call people. Listen only if you’re working with their
small business ads program or if you’re an enterprise customer,
you’re working with their ads team. That’s when you’re going to get a call
from Google. Otherwise,
if someone’s calling you and they’re telling you that you can get you to the
top of Google, it’s not Google. What happens is these people actually,
they’re kind of bending reality a little bit.
What they’re really doing is they are a partner of Google,
so they sell AdWords and they might sell placements of ads.
Right? And so they can say where with Google
not supposed to. They’re supposed to say we’re a
certified Google Ads partner, so that’s number one.
Number two, if someone’s calling you and it’s a
robo-call, it does not sound like a real person,
but it’s saying, “Your
listing has not been verified or we can get you to the top.” Just ignore it.
I tell people all the time when I present at Google’s Get Your Business
Online, workshops and events.
Just ignore those calls. Hang up because those are not people
that are out to ethically build your business.
They’re out to unethically. Take your money.
Finally, the big thing is this.
In order to grow in search rankings, there’s no holy grail.
There’s no, there’s nothing that’s going to help you
just shoot up to the top of Google. Besides putting in the work,
you have to develop content, whether it be written content,
images, whether it’s videos like this.
You also have to make sure that you have good local Seo,
that people know how to reach you. If you’re a local business,
a brick and mortar store or service based business,
and you have to make sure that you are maybe getting links from other companies
and you’re linking to other companies. You’re linking to articles and getting
links from article, so you’re building your link structure
and strategy as well. That’s going to help you show up,
and finally the longevity of your site. How long has your domain been around?
How long has your site been around? Those things play in as well.
Ultimately, it comes down to this.
There is no way for you to shoot to the top of Google,
just absolutely no way because if there was,
then everyone would do it, and guess what?
You’d be back at the bottom of Google! So when you get those calls,
just hang up.

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