Is coding necessary to learn SEO

By | August 30, 2019

(SEO Training in Nepal) Namaste everyone! I am Anish Sah. Today I thought I would address a question
that I get the most frequently from people that want to learn SEO. You might have asked yourself this question
as well: Do I need to know code to start learning SEO? The simple answer would be- No. You don’t need to know code to get into
SEO and digital marketing. That’s a question I had too when I was starting
out. Because I didn’t know code—and still don’t
it—I hesitated with learning SEO at first. I didn’t know where to begin from. Even if I taught myself all the SEO strategies
in the world, it wouldn’t mean anything until I had a platform where I could try them
out. It would all be for nothing without a website. Right? So I taught myself how to build a website
from scratch to implement everything I was learning or would learn about SEO. The best part: I didn’t have to write even
a word of code. Thanks to the WordPress platform and the ease
it provides to build websites for non-coders like me, I was able to step my toes into the
world of web development and SEO world. That was four years ago! Today, there are so many of these websites,
Wix and Weebly for example, that allow you to build your own website. And WordPress too has improved significantly
and offers many more options for customization than it did before. So, even if you don’t know code, don’t
let that stop you from learning SEO. What took me an hour to learn four years ago,
you can learn that in less than 30 minutes today because of the ease of use that these
platforms provide. The best thing is that you get to learn not
just SEO but web development as well. Then you can find clients that need website
designing services and with your skills, you can build those websites easily. But that’s not all. You can build SEO-optimized websites, which
have a great demand in the digital marketing world today. That multiplies the value you create for your
clients and also the amount of money you can make from freelance website building and SEO
services. SEO is a world of profits if you know what
you are doing. So start learning today. Don’t let one small non-hindrance, like
your not knowing code, stop you from capitalizing on the SEO boom. Start learning SEO today. Join my Facebook group to stay motivated. If you like this video do hit the like button,
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3 thoughts on “Is coding necessary to learn SEO

  1. jaymin patel Post author

    thanks brother i am on the same way , as you are.
    and thanks for the information on non-coder , this give me motivation as a non-coder guy.

  2. TechnicalGuru420 Sammy Post author

    I'm a digital marketer and I would say…we don't require coding skills but it is an added advantage


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