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By | September 1, 2019

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Is Bermuda or Zoysia sod better for Houston lawns?\
\ When should I use Bermuda grass versus Zoysia?
I would say that if you’re wanting something\’85 I would say that one of the big differences
between Zoysia and Bermuda is that Zoysia grows very slowly, that’s just its growth
habit. Bermuda grass ,the reason they use it on sports fields is because it recovers
very rapidly. They use it on football fields and out on the golf course where you take
the divots out, it’s because it grows back out of the dirt and fixes those for torn up
spots very readily.\ \
The Zoysia would not do that. And other than that, it’s mainly if you’re not needing the
fast recuperation time, it’s mainly based on aesthetics. I would say that in most cases
at least for a homeowner, Zoysia would be the one that’s more aesthetically pleasing.
But if you do need that fast recuperation period, whether it be people traffic or dog
traffic, or something like that a Bermuda would probably make more sense in a scenario
like that.\ \

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