Is Advertising on YouTube and Facebook Worth it? — 5 Paid Advertising Tips

By | August 24, 2019

100 thoughts on “Is Advertising on YouTube and Facebook Worth it? — 5 Paid Advertising Tips

  1. Draco Evolve Post author

    I love your contents. Its well informative and very well presented. I have today put in £20 for one of my videos just to take a risk and play the game. It will be an experience and defo one for long term growth. Great video

  2. LynBruv Post author

    I've been using facebook ads, only been spending around $5 or less on each video just to test concepts. I found a good way to advertise is to promote your page, which gets more likes but doesnt necessarily get engagement. And then after I would promote a new video to the people who have already liked my page. Which has a higher chance of engagement because they have already liked my page, instead of advertising to random new people. But im only starting out so ive still got a long way to go and alot to learn. Cheers for the message!!

  3. Bearded Vegeta Post author

    Playing off of your idea of fire and gasoline idea, I would add letting your organic posts on Facebook be a gauge on what to pay for. Keep posting and testing engaging content with different copy lengths, photos, links ect. Once u see a post get natural eng then use that one as a paid ad.

  4. Mar’Shayla Thomas Post author

    Guys you don’t know how much this helped me. God Bless you both! #GiveLove 💜

  5. Stone Post author

    Do not use promolta, I got a lot of views on my first video but I gained no subs. What ad platforms worked for yall?

  6. Piranha Music Post author

    Please do a video for music channels in particular!

  7. Sarcastically Joe Post author

    I tried $5 bucks into instagram, because i do a lot of fun silly things on intagram. it at least got me 1500 interactions and about 400 views in about 3 days, sometimes to can set it for $1 a day for 10 days. it keeps perpetuating your instagram up there a little. even if it is not a lot at least something is being put up. People tried $10 for one day, and it didn't reach as many people as he thought, even with decent content. just something to consider. #SarcasticallyJoe on instagram facebook and Youtube just so you can get an idea.

  8. Leonard Corraya Post author

    I'm new in this platform, hopefully in the future….

  9. Mo-Mutt Music Post author

    I advertised the first time I had a YouTube channel. It help grow the number of subscribers — albeit modestly. With the recent reboot of my YouTube channel, I'm trying to focus more on content and word-of-mouth promotion first. In a few months, I'll probably try some paid advertising, too. I agree with the guys. Facebook gives you a lot of cyber-bang for your buck. Even a $10 ad campaign will get you a few hundred hits. Shawn R., pres/CEO, Mo-Mutt Music

  10. Nathalie Orellanaaa Post author

    I almost did the ad things, but I feel like youtube cut me off bc I did not follow through… Just me?

  11. KateLimLove Post author

    Any new youtuber wants to support each other?? 😂

  12. XEKUTER Post author

    Great video. I just subscribed after watching this. Do you know why some of these so called "YouTube gurus" advise thier viewers not to advertise. They even go as far as saying advertising actually hurt our channels view counts and exposure in the long run.

  13. StorySpotlight with ChiefAvalon Post author

    thanks good video! I wondered if I should use a regular video as ad or create a special ad video because I fear that the retention and organic growth of a regular video may suffer when used as an ad. what is your opinion?

  14. Crime Vault Post author

    Every time one of you talks, the other one looks like a clown 🙂

  15. Allison Prior Post author

    What do you guys think about Promolta. Thank you for your great video's..

  16. KS_SkipperGames KillStreak Post author

    Guys you promised that you will help me with advices which will really help to grow , my channel! I'm streaming for 4 months and have only 34 subs

  17. William Benner Post author

    My business is promoting other businesses. So for me, I will be using FB ads down the road. But for now, I am focused on "free promotion" by using groups in my "growth engine" platforms.

  18. KhappaMusicHD Post author

    Hey guys, thank you so much for this very useful video. I tried to ads my videos on FB (doesn't work very much) and AdWords (this is abs fantastic!) I have a question guys because I wanna ada on adwords again. I got subs, likes and views using adwords but what is the best ads format to be discoverable (i dont think is trueview)?

  19. Ask Questions, Try Things Post author

    A couple of months in trying to grow, and we feel with all of the changes over the last 18 months it's seems harder to grow organically and paying to advertise to grow is even more cost prohibitive due to low response rates for channel promotion ads.

  20. heythisistiana Post author

    Hmm I'm definitely gonna give it a try (once I figure out my branding and posting schedule)

  21. Mike MacDonald Post author

    Awesome stuff. So true that most people need to work on their content first before jumping into advertising. Advertising is great to scale your business, but if the foundation content isn't converting or bringing in sales, it's a big waste of money. Most people don't have a traffic problem they have a conversion problem. Thanks for this video!

  22. Micah Buzan Post author

    I really appreciate the info. The excessive head nodding makes it look like you guys are listening to music in your heads though lol

  23. Sound Avenjour Post author

    what are ways that you used to hustle when you had time? and what are your recommendations for channel growth?

  24. Mr. Sticks Post author

    better late than never thank you for the great content i will be experimenting on my channel to see how it does thank you! (:

  25. Joe Gomez Post author

    Every time I try to advertise on FB, they say that the business I'm in sells data to 3rd parties (isn't that kind of ironic coming from FB???). I have a video that I made for my service (we pay cash for homes in the Sacramento area. Mostly homes that need serious repair, but we have contractors who will fix the home, then flip it for a little bit of profit). So I'm kind of done with FB. I've appealed the decision but once they make their decision, not only will they not change their mind, but they also ban you from advertising with the in the future!! Here is my video I made: So I didn't want to make a website, I did a google my business page instead, wondering if that is the right way to go and how do I scale this up now without spending a million bucks? This is a high competition niche so any advice is appreciated!

  26. Lounes Benslimane Post author

    3🔹Comment Done
    4🔸I'll do the same

  27. Jaydin Therrien Post author

    I like advertising on Facebook. Although I haven't used it much, they have given me money a couple times for me to advertise some of my stuff

  28. Osama Aly Post author

    I'm sorry, couldn't help but look at your asian friend as you've been talking and he just kept smiling and nodding his face over and over again like an idiot 😀

    Great video. Very Helpful. Sorry for being sarcastic, but he's really weird.

  29. Yogini Angelina Post author

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Now I’m motivated to re-strategize in how I promote 😊😊😊

  30. Zef Space Post author

    I started advertising and it was a huge game changer, I am currently looking into Facebook advertising next now that you've mentioned it I think it'll be good exposure!! 🙂

  31. Ishfaaq Peerally - Popular Investor Post author

    Do you think it is worth it with 100 subscribers?

  32. Alexandre Amaral Post author

    Ha! Trying some 5 bucks ads for my first time. Let’s see how it works out 😉

  33. Jegster Post author

    This is awesome. Whenever I'm looking for tips and I see yall in the results I go straight there because I know I'll find value👍

  34. BENBROS Post author

    Hello. My channel is funny video stuff. well. I make memes, and it's not as bad as you think. 😀 Please check out for interacting.

  35. Omer Sipra Quran Lessons Post author

    @Video Influencers
    Hey! Sorry if the question is dumb.I have watched half of the video. Can we grow our youtube channel through facebook ads? I have gained 6k+ subscribers in just six months. In the past 30 days alone I have gained 5k+ subscribers so my content is great. I want 60k subscribers in a month. Can youtube ads or facebook ads help me achieve it? Two days ago I got 900+ subscribers in a day. Another day I got 700+, Another day 800+. I am telling this because you may wonder that I am crazy of targeting 60k sub goal in just one month with paid advertising.

  36. JOY Officiel Post author

    you guys are really great. Im a french recording artist looking to understand the marketing process knowing that im growing my youtube channel now. It takes a lot of time to be on my own and do it all but with your tips i may not make the same mistakes as before so thank you for spreading out your knowledge. It really helps having guys like you because theirs a lot of sharks out there just trying to waste your money for no real organic results. You must of been there as well.

  37. Kevin Tatar Post author

    Thanks for the tips guys. Gonna work on posting good quality consistent content first, then maybe I'll get into advretising

  38. JoRStudios Production&Editorial Post author

    Greetings you lot. Seconds ago I downloaded your "19 Secrets of Getting More Views" – while I read quickly – but not that quickly, certainly, your text looks very, very good. As you say, Good Content. Now… as a senior technical writer, (and artist, btw) is this a good channel to pursue? If Yes, how to structure and present a tech-writing video to prospective clients? Thanks. Keep Influencing.

  39. bragadonoza bmx Post author

    I have been trying to boost my Facebook but it always saying boost unavailable

  40. PimenteL MusiC Post author

    I advertise on Facebook and YouTube, I think Facebook is more effective and YouTube too expensive.

  41. Family Fax Post author

    Our content has been left in the dark, but we are ready to have our content exposed! Will try the ads. Great work guys. Love your info, energy, and facial expressions, too 😉🤗

  42. BIG MAN CERTIFIED BMC-TV Post author

    Thank you! heading into my second week. If you had to choose one and only one to advertise with what would it be? OH! and you are working on a low no budget. 🙂 Currently shooting off cell phones and running on big dreams.

  43. Shivam Gupta Post author

    Hi There
    Nice video
    Guys you can visit here to know more
    youtube promotion service review

  44. YourFavoriteBlonde Post author

    I hope this comment helps someone else before they spend their money like i did my first time. I have personally invested roughly 100$ (total) with 3 different campaigns over the last 3-5 months. My first campaign was a trailer of my channel and it wasn't interesting at all for advertising but on top of it being a bad ad, I targeted the complete wrong audience. I had audiences from all over watching my ad which wasted a lot of money. My next campaign went even worse. This time I targeted my audience a little too peculiar, which resulted in little impressions per day and the few views I were getting were costing right at my max CPV because I didn't have a lot of people to choose from. My latest campaign has been a huge success. The ad was engaging from the start and I narrowed my audience just enough to get plenty of impressions and not cost me much to do so because I had more of an audience to choose from.

    Set your audiences properly – Example: I have a video about why people hate their jobs. I had audiences from employment and college categories because I knew those people might hate what they do for a living.

    Don't invest a lot of money your first campaign – See what works and what doesn't work for you first. That way your next campaign is even better with a bigger budget!

    Still try to grow organically while advertising – Do you know whats even better then having an ad promote your channel? YOU! You should promote your channel as much as possible while your campaign is live to get the most rewards!

    I hope I could help someone out there!

  45. Full Kitchen Post author

    Wow Sean and Benji this video is so great!! Very informative . You guys cleared my doubts .. Thank you so much

  46. Amazing Ants MB Post author

    great ideas..great video guys, im gonna try all of it… thanks a lot

  47. Step up with Jigna Post author

    I haven’t yet but serious abt it to got for it
    Thanks for this video

  48. JOEMZ TV CHANNEL Post author

    Hi small youtubers lets help each other touch me and i you touch back

  49. zackychan finacial Post author

    I wish i had a few more subs. I just started.

  50. QuizzersTV Post author

    I used a credit to sponsor some posts on Facebook/Insta – none of them converted to views on YouTube… 🤷‍♀️Oh well! Was definitely considering sponsoring some of my YouTube videos, but on your recs going to keep adding more weekly videos to my channel first! ✌️

  51. Shred Hard Blade Post author

    I like these guys, good info, but have you ever tried shifting your focus to the guy that's not talking? – especially right of the top… it's pretty funny 🙂 Thanks for the vids guys! Keep em up!

  52. We2lit_Tv _ Post author

    Great advice, My channel growing slowly but I just need more tips on get loyal subscribers and advertising my channel but keep up the great work guys 🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  53. WeLive2inspire Post author

    Any new subscribers to sub on my channel ?i will like and sub to you right away

  54. Mariah's World of Happiness Post author

    Hi.Thanks for this video.Will start to promote Mariah's World of Happiness #mwoh [email protected] Will advetise now..Thanks again..

  55. yosha Post author

    The second guy is strange, nodding all the time while smiling without any reason.

  56. Tome Post author

    The world is becoming a difficult place where when you are a bit more introverted even videos like these make you cringe 😀

  57. LIFE POV Post author

    Any small channels wanna help each other out ?

  58. A1A Adventures Post author

    Awesome information! I feel like Facebook Adverts “used” to be more lucrative years ago, currently I think boosting Insta Ads and run THOSE on FB work better 👍🏼

  59. Take me to the Geek Post author

    Another great video. Every day is a school day when I watch your videos

  60. Rose Gumera Post author

    Tried fb ads, but will do a test and experiment on youtube ads

  61. Keano K Post author

    I love the way when one talks the other one knods their head😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  62. Fierce Expression Forever Post author

    Hey guy. I'm a new YouTuber. I would really appreciate it, if you all would come checkout my channel. I got some awesome videos, on various real life topics.

  63. way2 ebusiness Post author

    yes, i tried ads on you tube and Facebook for the same video in the same time for one week and i can get 140 watching hours and 194 subscribers . by the way my channel is a brand new from 3 weeks. i hope you can look at it and give me your recommendations.

  64. Mariska's Veggie Terrace Post author

    I have experimented with ads on facebook…and this way I found out what people want. I have one add that has a lot of clicks (watches), high likes and is now shared +88 times (spend 100). So I realized I need to make simular content to be more popular. My channel is 2 months old. It is nice to hear it is ok to do this and to have confirmation from people with a lot of experience. I now also realize my audience is female and 40+ (like me). They click the most. I have a vegetable garden channel.

  65. Tim Bates 4wd Adventures Post author

    Great video guys,

    I have used FaceBook adds in the past with boosting certain related photos and things.
    Would you recommend paying Fb to promote a direct YouTube Video link?
    Being a direct video link from Youtube to Facebook. Would that work also?
    Any feed back would be great.

  66. Empower Self Mastery Post author

    The playing field has changed so much on the platform over the years. For new content creators, it is a must that you learn to market yourself and get in front of your target audience or else you will be left in the dark.

  67. Lesley Spencer Post author

    Glad my marketing lady is following the right paths.Tip: make sure you get your FB pixel linked to your website and set tracking and leads to page tabs

  68. Nateawash Toys Post author

    Good video! Trying to get my channel up and running and reach as many people as possible. I am wondering if you guys recommend having a certain amount of content before running ads?

  69. Jobless Ninja Post author

    Dropping a comment. I will come back once I’m successful.

  70. Scullin Media Post author

    I recently started my own Youtube Channel based around my content and SEO marketing business, Scullin Media. Check it out for tips on how to Advertise in 2019 and how to grow your business online.


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