Investigating the Haitian Zombie (Part 6/6)

By | January 28, 2020

Crescent’s peristyle, I’ve been plagued by questions
regarding the man I saw locked in the shed. Unlike classic descriptions of
the zombie, this man was not shy nor sullen. Indeed, he was screaming. It would be equally foolish to
blindly trust or completely dismiss what I have seen. But I can say with certainty
that it chilled me to the very threads of my cultural
tapestry. Today, I’m going back to the
rice fields of Artibonite to collect the potions that
Crescent has promised. I meet with Alex, who fears
Crescent may attempt to rob us and so has brought his friend
from the special forces. Hamilton. SERGE: Serge. HAMILTON MORRIS: Serge serves
as the personal bodyguard to the president’s sister’s
husband. Alex has brought along a magical
potion to protect us. Serge has brought a duffel bag
full of guns and takes a moment before we leave
to hide one under each seat in the car. Again, we drive for many hours
and find the roads completely blocked with a large
funeral procession supporting a wooden coffin. As we walk through the fields,
I am facing the unknown. I have no idea what to
expect from Crescent. He could give me the poison, or
poison me with the poison, or shoot me in the
face 14 times. We are deep in the country, and
should we need help, it will be unavailable. At first, I find this
frightening, but I’m comforted knowing that Alex’s lithe, agile
body will be quick to respond to any threats. CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: We arrive at
Crescent’s, bearing gifts of Barbancourt rum to show
our goodwill. He seems pleased, but I’m
anxious to see this new poison and how it might differ from the
last, seemingly inactive powder he gave me. Can we see the powder, then? CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] ALEX: They call it the weapon. CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Does he
still have any of the ingredients left over? ALEX: [SPEAKING CREOLE] CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] ALEX: He said you
to let me see if a laboratory, where he concocts
his leaf medicines. But he says that I must
accompany him alone, so Alex stays behind. CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Can you ask
ask him what he was just crushing up? ALEX: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Ah. The skull of the boy. Can you ask him if he has
retrieved from a child’s coffin and presented to me. I’m delighted to find he’s given
not only a poison but also a new powered antidote. -[SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: That’s
the brown container? -[SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: How much money
does he want for those two bottles? ALEX: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: 15, 16,
17, 1,000 US dollars. CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: At last, my
mission is accomplished. Yet, the man holding the poison
has a face strikingly similar to the zombie
I saw yesterday. -[SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Would Crescent
make so shameless an attempt to fool me? CRESCENT: [SPEAKING CREOLE] HAMILTON MORRIS: I went to
Haiti to investigate a mystery, and a mystery is
exactly what I found. Upon my return to New York,
I bring the powders to the laboratory of my friend,
Jason Wallach. Hello. I’ve brought some samples of
zombie poison from Haiti. JASON WALLACH: All right. We can look and see
what’s in these. HAMILTON MORRIS: He subjects
the powder to extensive chemical analysis. JASON WALLACH: Let’s say
100 milligrams is probably good to start. HAMILTON MORRIS: First filtering
material to find it contains a large quantity of
sand and numerous unidentified hairs, likely of goat origin. The remaining material is then
extracted to detect alkaloids and run through TLC and GCMS. When he’s finally finished, we
can say that we know for certain the secret ingredients,
allele alcohol and methylparaben, two
non-psychoactive chemicals commonly found in cosmetic
products. And so our powder is inactive. Fake is too certain of a word to
use, but pharmacologically speaking, it’s certainly
inactive. And in terms of TTX content,
the potions Davis collected were practically inactive
as well. So what can one make of
an inactive powder? Within the magical belief system
of Haiti, zombification would be possible in the absence
of any active drug. That is to say, the pure power
of their belief in magic could produce self-induced,
psychological zombification. I saw a man in a shed, making
some unusual sounds. Whether his condition was caused
by a Bizango bokor, I cannot say. In Haiti, I know the placebo
can take on new heights of untold potency. And whether my inactive poison
is truly inactive cannot be said outside of that strange
Caribbean island. I watched a man in the throes
of spiritual possession, and swam with the puffer, and
had a mysterious powder transdermally applied
to my forearm. But my search is not yet over. I promised the goddess Erzulie
that I would return to Haiti. And I have no intentions of
breaking her vengeful heart. WADE DAVIS: We never could prove
that Narcisse had gone through this experience. My research was totally
misinterpreted by the media. What I had or had not discovered
was always kind of exaggerated. I was sent down to Haiti by a
linear, rational, Descartian scientist, to quote unquote,
“Find the drug that’s used to make zombies.” Well, no drug can
make a social phenomena. And in the end, instead of
finding the drug used to make zombies, I found myself
investigating the social and psychological and spiritual and
political and historical dimensions of a chemical
possibility. And the whole purpose of the
research, in the end, was not prove zombies existed, which it
did, but really to take a phenomena, that as I say, had
been used in this explicitly racist way and turn it on its
head, make sense of the sensation, and in doing so, try
to draw attention to the preconceptions and
misconceptions that we had about this extraordinary
worldview, of Haitian vodou, and that this was not a black
magic cult, but this was an amazingly complex metaphysical

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