Introduction to Real Estate SEO | What is it? | Why it’s the most effective real estate marketing.

By | August 11, 2019

Hi my name is Robert Newman. I am a real
estate marketing expert located in California. I’ve consulted with or run
the sales teams of some of Southern California’s top real estate technology
companies since 2007 and in 2014 I started my own real estate technology
consulting company called inbound real estate marketing. I’m going to teach you
how to do real estate search engine optimization but first I feel like I
have to explain why search engine optimization is not only important it
should be the foundation of every single real estate brokerages advertising or
marketing strategy like the very core element. It should come before all forms
of direct advertising and it should be done on a website that this brokerage
owns. Now if your a real estate agent the decision isn’t quite so clear because
creating a website that has the best page on a particular topic or the best
blog post on a particular topic can be time-consuming or if you hire a
professional like me it can be expensive. So maybe it’s not the best choice for
you but for a brokerage or anybody that’s
hiring agents in masse it’s a must do. It’s an absolutely critical component
and I intend to teach you how to do it successfully in ninety five percent of
the real estate markets that exist in the United States but like I said before
I do that I feel like I need to really hammer home the value of real estate SEO.
So first and foremost let’s talk a little bit about what SEO is. So you do a
search on Google and you get a some search results. So I’m gonna just do one
here called real estate slogan, okay. That’s the search I’m gonna do. So you do
the search, you get some ads ,you get some search results. Okay, and here I am on the
first page and I’ve got three companies that
are above me. Now what is the difference between these two things. So
somebody is paying Google money to appear here. I’ll be using a tool called
ahrefs which is in my opinion the top analytics tool that’s around by a long
margin I don’t think that there’s anything even close at this particular
point and what it does is it analyzes. Well you’ll see me use it. It analyzes a
lot of different data and right now what I’m going to use it to do is show us,
this CPC stands for cost per click. This is the term that I just searched.
real estate slogans. So to be at the top, if somebody clicks on that it’s going to
be $1.80. I’m also pretty high up for a search term called real estate
taglines and somebody clicks on that it’s going to be $6. So they’re paying to
be viewed here and if somebody clicks on this they’re then going to pay a dollar
eighty. All right, so in theory if I had three hundred and six people and they
clicked on this dollar eighty it would be five hundred dollars worth of traffic
or thereabout I’m just averaging. So as a business owner if I want to do some
advertising and for some reason there are people that are doing the search
term that I think I can sell something to or I want their attention for
something my choices are this I either produce a page on my blog that is better
than the pages that exist that are ranking for these this keyword right now
or I spend money continuously to appear at the top of the search engines. Okay
and by continuously I mean on and on, over and over again. Now for all of you
and I’m going to assume that most people watching this video are going to
be real estate professionals. So this would be the simplest you know concept
analogy that there is which would you prefer? Would
you prefer to own the destination and build a great destination or would you
prefer to lease that space from somebody else? it’s the same concept as you deal
with all the time when you’re selling properties whether you do it singly or
you own a brokerage and you do it by the hundreds of thousands and the answer
should be simple. I think nine times out of ten the answer is it’s always, always,
always, always better to own something keep building that something or
improving that something so that the value increases and that’s extended
essentially what SEO is and that’s essentially what owning your own website
is, is that our objective. Now let’s talk for a moment about why I am qualified to
teach you about us yet so beyond the fact that I’ve been in the industry for
ten years which a lot of people haven’t been in the industry for 10 years. I’ve
actually applied my knowledge I took since 2014 to 2017 I actually spent the
last two years taking all the things that I’ve learned as a sales manager and
a real estate technology salesperson and I applied them to my own blog. There were
disasters galore and I intend to have you avoid all the mistakes that I’ve
made over the last two years. I had to redesign my site a couple times. I
wrote terrible blog posts when I first started and even when I did write a good
blog post I wasn’t sending the correct signals to Google and I am a person that
has studied SEO for a while. So it can be tricky which is why a lot of people
avoid it. However my intention is to teach you if you follow exactly what I say in
all of these videos you will avoid all of the mistakes I made. Now once I learned
basically what to do or not to do and I definitely had an aha moment in the
beginning of January. I really felt like I had dialed in everything that I needed
to know like I had figured out how to research what was a great topic and then
make a better page one that people would find more interesting and engage with
and then I figured out how to write that page so that Google could understand
what it was I had written and then I also understood, I learned how to send signals
to the page so that Google would understand that other people thought my
page was great. So in the span of, this is January 21st
2017 all the way through July well let’s just make it even July 21st, all
right. I’ve had 19 thousand visits with 30,000 pageviews and I have written
about seven maybe eight blog posts in that particular time of which all of
these searches are connected to except for a very healthy percentage that come
in from Pinterest of all places. You can see here my social channel is eight
thousand two hundred and seven thousand five hundred and thirteen of that is
Pinterest. Later on in the tutorial I will explain why Pinterest is so
brilliant and it’s not just brilliant for me a real estate marketing person
it’s brilliant for you a real estate agent but we’ll get into that
later. What I will say is this so hopefully my three hundred percent
month-over-month growth because I started at the averages let’s just take
the high end and say eighty five sessions and now let’s take the high end
again and say two hundred and seventy. So in the span of six months I’ve
literally tripled my traffic to my site. Throughout the course of my career I’ve
done this many times for real estate agents but I have only gotten permission
to show some very vague idx information from a client because I just kind of
randomly decided that I was going to tackle what is a really large topic
which is teaching somebody that doesn’t know that much about SEO and is a real
estate professional how to do SEO. So hopefully this has started to like I
have sold you on the concept of doing SEO. If I haven’t then you’ve probably
stopped watching this video now and moved on. I hopefully have also established
that I know what I’m talking about these are all of my pages that rank. So some of
this stuff may not mean that much to you but you can see I’m a real estate
specialist. I don’t do anything other than real estate and that’s all I’ve
ever done for the last ten years. I am one of the very few people that I know
at least that is a real estate specialist with experience. Somebody
that’s been doing this a long time and I could spend hours talking to you about
the differences between doing online marketing now in 2017 as opposed to 2007
when the market had melted down but you can see here that these are reviews. So
Zurple is a real estate lead generation platform.
I am literally number one on every single thing that’s related to Zurple.
I’ve got real estate slogans and tag lines, I’ve got real estate memes, I’ve
got real estate hash tags and in every single one of these I’m ranking well and
probably maybe even by the time you watch this I’ll be ranking even better.
I’ve also done some of my, not all of my original posts like this post is 2 or 3
years old and it does rank for certain keyword terms but I wasn’t really
targeting anything at that particular time I was just literally ranting about
the mistake that I felt like most real estate agents make and since most of you
aren’t googling top mistakes that real estate, online mistakes that real estate
agents make. The article no surprise didn’t really do very well and now
here’s one of my big embarrassments is that I’ve written this great article on
real estate quotes and I can’t rank it. I for the life of me think that it’s 10
times better than anything else on the it’s six thousand words it took me 60
hours to produce. I did 50 like custom images for it and for whatever reason
Google won’t rank it. So even people that know what they’re doing sometimes fall
flat on their face. However it’s not the pages that don’t do well that matter
it’s the ones that do and like I said I’ve only done seven or eight this
entire year. Real estate niches I’ve sent no signals
to. The fact that it’s getting any traffic at all, it ranks for any
keywords as a miracle because I’ve literally just put the post on my
blog and that’s it. Most of these other ones I’ve actually done something to
promote them but not the real estate niches one and that’s just because I
haven’t had time. So we’re going to move on to the next part or the next section
of the tutorial which is going to be how to decide what keywords or keyword
groups that you should be ranking for. That’s the first step of your digital
marketing plan or your SEO plan is actually researching your competitors
finding out what they’re ranking for and then deciding hopefully using a tool
like this what would be a good target. Okay so planning is the first step in

One thought on “Introduction to Real Estate SEO | What is it? | Why it’s the most effective real estate marketing.

  1. John Cunningham eXp Realty Post author

    Finally! Someone who is an SEO expert in the Real Estate industry. No doubt, there are many SEO's out there who can be effective in many industries. But, to me it's like the food biz. When I see a restaurant with a 6-page menu and they make pizza, crepes, Thai food, bacon & eggs, and milkshakes I wonder. I know that they may have some things that are ok, but nothing is great. On the other hand, when I walk into a Pizzeria Bianco in Downtown Phoenix I know that they aren't going to offer me 7 different cuisines. Same here with Inbound Real Estate Marketing.

    How refreshing to be studying content that is 100% specific to my work. InBoundREM is to real estate what pepperoni is to pizza. It's a perfect fit. I'll be back again and again. Thank you, Robert, for sharing so much. No doubt, my website, and my business will be the beneficiary of all of your hard work.


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