Introduction to Data Highlighter

By | September 5, 2019

JACK MENZEL: Hello, my name’s
Jack, and I’m a product management director
here at Google. This is an introduction to Data
Highlighter, a new easy way to tell Google about the
structured data on your pages. Google uses structured data to
provide better search result snippets, Google+ snippets,
and more. For example, if we know the page
on your site is about an event, we can show details like
where the event is and when it is, right in the search
results, making it easy for users to discover. You can already tell Google
about the structured data on your site by adding Microdata
Markup to your HTML. Data Highlighter is
an alternative. It’s a Point and Click tool that
allows any webmaster to show Google the patterns of
structured data on your pages without modifying the pages
themselves, making the whole process super easy. To get started, input the URL
of a typical page on your website containing
structured data. When the page appears in Data
Highlighter, highlight the important fields
and label them. Google’s understanding
of the page will be reflected on the right. When you’re done marking one
page up, Data Highlighter will show you the similar pages
from your site with data already highlighted. Review them and correct
any errors. Once done, click Publish, and
Google will apply these patterns to your entire site
regardless of its size, so Google can start showing off
the structured data right there in your snippets. To try Data Highlighter, visit
Google Webmaster Tools.

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