Introducing the Knowledge Graph

By | February 17, 2020

Jack Menzel: Wouldn’t it be amazing if Google
could understood that the words that you use when you’re doing a Search, well they aren’t
just words, they refer to real things in the world? That a building is a building and an
animal is an animal and that they’re not just random strings of characters. If we could
understand that those words are talking about those real world things, then we can do a
better job of getting you just the content that you want off the web. Shashi Thakur:The
way Google is trying to build information about real world connections is by building
a Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph is about collecting information about objects
in the real world. The object could be a person, could be a book, could be a movie, and many
other types of things. For example, for a famous person, we collect relevant data about
them, such as their date of birth, or how tall they are. We can also connect that person
to closely related objects in the Knowledge Graph. Jack Menzel: Let’s say you’re interested
in Renaissance painters. Or how about how many women have won the Nobel prize? By understanding
the relationships between things—be it between painters and the Renaissance or women and
the Nobel prize—Google can do a better job of understanding what it is exactly you’re
searching for. Shashi Thakur: One of the first features we’re going to introduce which applies
the Knowledge Graph is a panel next to the web results. Emily Moxley: When you have a
question to answer, others may have come to Google already to search for the same thing.
Google can jumpstart your research process by combining the information that others found
useful with the information in the: All of the collective human wisdom that comes through
our Search Engine, what people are searching for tells us what are the interesting things
to put in our database. Shashi Thakur: Take Leonardo da Vinci. Let’s say you wanted
to learn about the most important Renaissance painters. You might search for ‘Leonardo
da Vinci’ because he’s the only Renaissance painter you know about. Now, you’ll see
information right in the search results that helps you explore the broader topic of Renaissance
painters. You’ll see some of the most famous paintings from that era, like the Mona Lisa,
and discover other painters of that time, like Michelangelo and Raphael. Johanna Wright:
We’re in the early phases of moving from being an Information engine to becoming a Knowledge
engine and these enhancements are one step in that direction. Shashi Thakur: As we grow
the Knowledge Graph and make it larger and richer, we are really excited at the opportunity
we have to understand more of the user’s queries, to understand more about the information that’s
out there on the web, and intelligently connect the two to each other.

97 thoughts on “Introducing the Knowledge Graph

  1. Carlos Sea Post author

    '''I' M JUST , "GOOOOOOOOoooooo-GOOOOoooD – Gay – GAH, 4 O'L NEW Google+Play,-YouTube,Videos,-EntertainmentTV,Music,-Theater,-NEWS,,-EDUCATION,-""***KNOWLEDGE-GRAPH-ENGINE!!!, NOT JUST ! , A SEARCH ENGINE!!!***""

  2. MFking 18 Post author

    this reminds me of something James Burke was trying to start – a Knowledge Web – what ever happened to James Burke? I think Google has absorbed him into their graph…

  3. eddiequest4 Post author

    This explanation seems almost like a description of how the brain works (thru interconnections).

  4. michelle leman Post author

    yeah killing them softly.

    But i really dont like the feeling of this.

  5. ionathelle Post author

    Like, but related videos from music category brought me here, now I will go to 'Glass session' video which is obviously highly related to this one to get more science.. 🙂 well this Search is Really amazing.

  6. Debra Cortese Post author

    admiring the sacred geometry structure of the Knowledge Graph images. not a coincidence!

  7. Laurie Campbell Post author

    the more we learn,the more we question, it can only be a good thing, tolerance,understanding and the diffusion of the clouds of ignorance cant be bad, can it?

  8. Malcolm Rodrigues Post author

    Wonderful! Most of our time is spent searching for something. It maybe our car-keys, our long-lost friends or relatives, some treasure, some solution to a problem or puzzle, some answers to Life's questions, directions, God or whatever you call it, etc. Google has captured the nerve center of our quest and constant search for that elusive… Thank you Google and All the Best to you Guys in bringing to us Humans the answer to our Existence! From Search to Eternity.

  9. Mike Brooks Post author

    It's been over 1 year since this was rolled out. The most frightening thing to me is that a large percentage of business owners who rely on search results have no idea what this is and the impact to them.

  10. Jeremy Post author

    Fair enough, can you link your researches so we can learn more about this thing you call god?

  11. Freedom Post author

    I think they missed some points here. If someone searches for Leonardo DaVinci does not meen they want information about other renaissance artists. They might like to know more about his works and inventions he did.

  12. Ted Hart Post author

    You are assuming I am this "victim"; NONSENSE!
    Go peddle your "do-gooder drivel" somewhere else, twerp !

  13. Ted Hart Post author

    Hey! Google! Instead of all these bells & whistles, where is the Google Wheel ???

  14. Marilena Mocanu Post author

    Imi place foarte mult,e super noua modalitatede lucru cu GOOGLE.

  15. Marilena Mocanu Post author

    apreciez schimbarile facute de google.

  16. lkrnpk Post author

    or in a few simple words- imagine that IBM's Watson exists

  17. lkrnpk Post author

    i wonder if it will recognize that by searching ''tapout'' i want to find a specific song

    oh wait… it already does that.

  18. agie ndure Post author

    Trying to understand the whole stuff seems interesting

  19. Mike King Post author

    Historically, we have struggled with attempts to teach machines to think like people. In reality, would it not be much easier to teach people to think like machines (and structure our data accordingly)? When this is accomplished, machines can then manage themselves and their human-independent proliferation becomes possible. Unfortunately for us, humans are extremely inefficient and have very short life spans. Fortunately, we are still positioned to provide some machine-required functionality.

  20. ReptilianPoopsBR Post author

    Google is gonna become a real Entity. Just like SkyNet.

  21. Moksha Post author

    Google is amazing but not so cool in making videos. I love the company anyway. People in this video (though they are experts) seems to be totally reading their lines. They should also make commercial videos about their products. But then I guess they don't really need any commercial advertisement as they are already so popular.

  22. Moksha Post author

    And regarding where Google is heading, def towards a semantic web. A place where they know as much as possible about us. How they are doing it?.. well, by recording the way we use Google, our queries, our behavior and top of all via Google+. No wonder they made G+ necessary to comment on YouTube!

  23. Flat Sea Post author

    Wow I was told that there was a google easter egg here…

  24. Rust Estudiantes Post author

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  25. Volker Schnaars Post author

    Für Inbound Content Marketing, bei dem es auf Relevanz ankommt, ist der Kontext entscheidend. So gesehen unterstützt Googles #knowledgegraph uns Content Marketer. Das finde ich gut.

  26. Nikerson Theagene Post author

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  27. Semx11 Post author

    The subtitles from Google's videos are the only thing that are CORRECTLY translated by Google.

  28. Market 2 WiFi - Wifi Marketing & Social Hotspots Post author

    Knowledge Graph / Semantic Web its all starting to move forward in a big way. Google is leading the way and creating a search engine for people instead of a search engine for websites

  29. Rosalie DeGregory Post author

    The last guy to speak, with a bland look on his face, says, "We're really excited…"  Such a contrast to the first man to speak, who really looks like he is following his highest excitement!  Whatever he does, he should be promoted.  🙂

  30. Tony Landers Post author

    I can't understand a word that East Indian guy is saying.  Couldn't his job be given to an American?  Please stop outsourcing American jobs to foreigners.  Take care of America first!

  31. YASMIN ZAMAN Post author


  32. YASMIN ZAMAN Post author

    I have iCloud. They got the mane incorrectly. Was on the HELP LINE FOR HOURS. THEY STILL SPELL MY LAST NAME INCORRECTLY. ZAMAN READS AS Zanan. I have made numerous attempts to have it corrected.
    I am so tired to keep restring it my name. It approves the Password the going back to the the screen it still shows ZANAN. Apple Help Line failed to change it. Now what

  33. Rickelectro Post author

    el knowledge Graph puede editarse? por que con las imagenes estan haciendo un pesimo trabajo

  34. Andy Howden Post author

    This video and the halting, weird way ppl say "Google" in it started google launcher on my phone three different times. Bling!

  35. Tegan Burns Post author

    This would be great if developers had access to easily interface such powerful tools

  36. Agripino Costa Post author

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    Reconocimiento a este gran equipo que genera las conexiones del mundo real, el grafico del conocimiento cumple el objetivo de no solo ser un motor de informacion , sino de ser un motor del conocimiento

  38. The Mind of Rey Rey Post author

    Great Video. I've added the the Structural Data, and Google's markup tool shows the info but, my Business's knowledge graph hasn't updated. How can I have the info updated?

  39. André Torkveen Post author

    Impressive. And as a «first-class Internet cititzen», @Google naturally uses the W3C open RDF specification as your underlying format — and publishes Knowledge Graph contents as Linked Open Data, right? If so, the #DontBeEvil and/or #DoTheRightThing slogans would be meaningful. #HaHaHa.

    If any of this skepticism resonates with you, you might also want to have a look at THIS article → …i.e. «Google is eating the open Internet» (somewhat scary reading, written by @PatrickKulp in @Mashable).

    Now, let’s return to surfing the Internet, searching via a Non-Google engine (like DucDuckGo), using a Non-Google Web browser (Chrome disqualified), from a Non-Google phone or computer (Android-based devices and/or Chromebooks disqualified), creating our textual material in some Non-Google word processor, and submitting our messages via some Non-Google e-mail service.

    Or maybe not. The thing is that if you can’t confirm practicing along those lines, what you’re doing in your daily routine could be considered painting the fence of Google’s WALLED garden… 🙁

  40. Crispin Semmens Post author

    I want to be able to make my own, specific to me and my goals, knowledge graph. Any software out there to help me do it?

  41. Borsu Post author

    searching made complicated for control then bood bood, sugarcoated with Hindu bs, therefore bood bood, must be real,,

  42. 井上博喜 Post author

    Is it really what the user searching wants to know?
    It is probability theory that we can connect the connection between A and B and obtain the result.
    What you really want to know is what you have searched before and what you've chosen from the search results. Imagine it but you do not want to know what the other person really wants to earn?
    Why are you smart, do not you understand it? What I really want to know is before and after that, due to the imagination I felt. If you think more about people's behavior, perhaps you understand?

  43. Sourav Basak Post author

    Since the Knowledge Graph was launched, the feature has gained a significant amount of traction among users. Although there are endless benefits and uses for this feature, Google’s black box is most popular with online businesses seeking to hit a higher position on the search results page.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

    Sourav Basak
    Namaste UI

  44. Nulley Zero Post author

    Remember Googlenet is your friend just like skynet

  45. нαvε sσмε нαsι Post author

    1:25, doctor checking on Albert Einstein, or maybe he just experienced 500V…

  46. Patrik Andersson Post author

    How is the current status on this work? Are there any projects focusing on integrating for achiving interoperability with other graphs? I want to test the idea of integrating a blockchain based solution with personal related information about people, things and spaces. I also have some ideas related to smart cities. Please contact me, you can find me here:

  47. Bhuvanesh s.k Post author

    Hello… Does graph representation learning comes under non Euclidean deep learning? Learning from graph and manifold learning?

  48. nU8K Post author

    hi, i want to click CSS effect at 2:10, does anybody come out of this code ?

  49. izzysdrywall Post author

    Funny thing is these minds got there knowledge or were inspired but ancestors before them why don’t we talk about them
    Most this knowledge has be spoke before or explored ! Why don’t we talk about what inspired them to seek that knowledge

  50. GOLDENSPIKE3000 Post author

    What I love about google is that they always find a way to profit from their research and use it for their ads😂

  51. Othmar Rey Post author

    please LOVE forgive let go all of ROBOTER STYLiii and be thankfull ,,,, sorry
    I LOVE YOU all my CHILDRENS and all of my GRATITUDE to you……….
    plus big KISSES in to YOUR HEARTS where they belong tooooo

  52. Dreighen Post author

    So, it wants to emulate the neural pathways in our brain and the search is the neuron taking that path to answers.

  53. Pawel Jaworski Post author

    Hey Google – It's all very exciting – what has changed since?


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