Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

By | February 19, 2020

These days, we use phones to do a lot of different things. Fun things. Useful things. More fun things. But over time, they can get cluttered. Which is why millions of people use the Files
app to keep their phones organized and clean. But what about the outside of your phone? There are a lot of ways to keep your phone
clean. Wiping. More wiping. Cases. Cases for cases. You can even get specialized hardware. But what if there was a way for your phone
to keep itself clean from the inside out? Introducing a new feature in the Files app:
Screen Cleaner. Screen Cleaner uses the Smudge Detector API
to identify imperfections. Using our geometric dirt models and haptic
micromovement generator, Screen Cleaner dislodges dirt, smudges and more. Once the phone is clean, internal vibration
and haptic controls create microvibrations, forming a long-lasting non-stick shield around
the surface of the phone. So with just a few taps, your screen is like
new, with a fresh pineapple scent. Keep your phone clean, inside and out. With Files, by Google.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Screen Cleaner in the Files app

  1. Mohsin Choudhary Post author


  2. Barba Motion Post author

    HOLD ON! I want to know more about that specialized hardware

  3. Zizo Lenovo3 Post author

    Wow. It is so cool , I wouldn't actually buy any additional screen cleaners , but instead , I will try Google Files , It will also clean my computer's LED Backlit LCD through flashlight that is on my phone, right?

  4. dombomb64 Post author

    Who else thought it would just detect spills for you to clean off the screen?

  5. Jimmy Crackorn Post author

    You tried too hard to be funny. Talk about reaching lol The best Google April Fool's Day pranks are sarcastic and goofy without trying.

  6. WolfSpectruM Post author

    Wowo hol up

    πˆπ’ π“π‡πˆπ’ π…π”πππ˜ π†πŽπŽπ†π‹π„?

  7. GhostMiner Post author

    Oh, I just noticed it's an April joke.
    Why was it reconvened to me in February?!

  8. SBTOPZZZ LG Post author

    Good job, I didnt even see the video when it was posted on 1st April.

    You failed to fool me 😎

  9. M1lk1scool Post author

    I’m just interested about the people who disliked this because who thought this was real?

  10. Crazy Average Asian Bitch Post author

    Elon Musk should introduce CyberTruck on 1st April too

  11. Alex 04 Post author

    If it would activate accidentally in my pocket I think I would lose my phone and my pocket and if I am lucky I am not going to lose a leg. P.S: I know this is an April fool

  12. Wanda Pease Post author

    Oh! I Want! 😏🀫🀫🀫😲😩

  13. Strychn Heinz Post author

    Oh so the files app allow phones to basically shakes the dirt off itself, right ?

  14. shootsbraw Post author

    The people who clicked the clean button should have their voting rights revoked.

  15. Diego GarcΓ­a Post author

    You'll have a fan and a food dispenser included sooner than you may think.

  16. Creepystone Animations Post author

    me: "puts finger on phone"

    cleaner: *trash detected*

    me: *laughs in depression*

  17. Wildan Aldi Gatan Post author

    Me : i should have this
    Me when do it : this is fail

  18. savvysmiles Post author

    I legit thought this was real until I saw a comment saying this was an April fool’s joke. I’m truly the must gullible person on this earth

  19. Zwizard247 Post author

    No joke, this would be a feature in phones around 2100 maybe 2090

  20. Ok Post author

    I’m getting this only because of the fresh pineapple scent. I can vape in class and blame it on my phone

  21. qoldencrowns Post author

    Seeing them get food paint and water on it hurt me inside

  22. SkellyMage YT Post author

    Ummm where is the screen cleaner I installed the app and I can't find it didn't give me the prompt where is it?

  23. ThatWeirdoNamedDill Post author

    i always use this after im done with my incognito searches when i dont have any tissues i just bust one on the screen and wala its gone!

  24. Donghyuk Lee Post author

    I downloaded Files app because of this but I'ma delete it again


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