100 thoughts on “Introducing a few new helpful things from Google.

  1. Kened Gamer Post author

    Apple: Lemme copy your hw.

    Samsung: Just change it a little bit so The teacher won't notice

    Google: Hey! Me too bro, Didn't have time.

  2. Shireen Akter Post author

    Am I the only one that had their google assistant pop up at 0:28?

  3. Leith Keshava Post author

    I wonder why Google doesn't give us a Snapdragon Chromebook as alternative version, rather than just releasing one kind of device. Even some other laptop brand release both intel & snapdragon variant for their windows laptop. It should be easier for Google since most android apps are already optimized for arm chipset. Right? No?

  4. Вася Васильев Post author

    New Google service for Corporate add giver – Developing a game for a company precise under their commercial advertising needs needs. Using product placement like in movies.

  5. Джошуа волисын Post author

    ♥️💛💚💙 @Google love you always when I was alone my @Samsung s7 was there off the edge.

  6. Gokul Jaykumar Post author

    tony stark : Oneplus i love you 3000 times…

  7. OSEI ALFRED Post author

    I love pixel phone and Google products my house is Google
    But Google have ignore Africa because so many things doesn't work in Africa eg call screening, solid radar and a lot of things
    Google if you can read this
    Next year pixel phones please give us good battery life and good video
    I don't care about ultra wide 📷

  8. Rena Takase Post author

    Don’t you guys think google is such a copycat? Like literally, those earbuds look EXACTLY like AirPods. And also the phone look EXACTLY like the iPhone 11 pro or max. COPYCATS ARE BRATS!

  9. Lunatai Post author

    yall really saying that they copied eachother because of the buds lmao

  10. Ugo Corrente Post author

    Mio fratello dice cazzate sono 11 mesi che prendo la pensione. Lui ha detto solo 3 mesi. Mi sono informato alla banca. Certo non dica nulla altrimenti è guerra contro di me. È da molti mesi che chiedo un computer nuovo portatile lui dice sempre il mese prossimo la storia va avanti già da molto tempo! Questa è disonestà pura comunque protegge perché se no è guerra contro di me. Ugo

  11. Jose Davalos Post author

    I have the pixel 4, and It is a disappointed phone, No headphones, no adapter jack port and poor battery life. No case. Also It is expensive. The girl who sold me, told me that include headphones adapter. Next time I will buy some other brand of phones.

  12. Adam Makarenko Post author

    Google is the worst company. I regret that I bought Pixel 4 XL and Stadia. They don't care about customers. All they want is money at any cost.

  13. Ashley Shongwe Post author

    Biggest Request In History,,, South Africa Would Also Like Google Products !!!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 Please Don’t Exclude Us,,,💔

  14. Arrean Bumanglag Post author

    I Think That They Said Google Stadia Sucks,But I Dont Know Why.

  15. Antok S Post author

    Whrn you have a lot of money, wanna buy latest phone but you have trypophobia, google pixle is your answer.

  16. Valentino Ridolfo Post author

    Watching it with my iPhone and hearing it with my AirPods

  17. Nhật Phạm Post author

    People trying to defend google be like bUt TheY leAkeD thE DesIgn firSt. Well heck Apple release the ACTUAL phone first so what's your excuse?

  18. Drizzy Post author

    2012 we were like wow google is in a phone

    2019 be like: Google is a phone

  19. RAJU MALIK Post author

    For more about how we live happy life please visit https://www.beingglad.com

  20. Quoss Wimblik Post author

    How I would compete with pixelbook, Some well tuned ARM cores with up to date GPU's, 4 GB dram with a second SSD for fast extended ram and some specially Ported stuff for ARM and and Chrome OS like cloud supported Blender.

  21. Goroyo 9090 Post author

    Apple fans say google copied apple, but in reality we all copied samsung

  22. Tech 4 mk Post author

    my channel subscribe please….. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5juH6F_Dvqbt-Wp8rhU9Sg

  23. BackCraft Gamer Post author

    You trolled me, you stupid by back to youtuber, because you say “don’t get wait for it” and you get me of back graunds

  24. Flávio Sanches Sanches Post author

    Você recebeu esta comunicação por favor entre em contato com você agora pouco com o que eu possa fazer uma visita para conhecer melhor sobre isso mas não consegui abrir os arquivos XML

  25. Katty Sequera Post author

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee valeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee culo

  26. R.O.B. UNiQUE Post author

    Hey Google go fuck yourself…hey people have you ever heard of the privacy act?

  27. RolandZ 1228 Post author

    I think google is getting stupidier every year. They are a search engine, and not microsoft or samsung or apple to create phones, consoles, and other useless shit.( google gnome.)

  28. AlexyGio Meyn KnightStalker Post author

    Fix the BATTERY 🔋.. Upgrade it.. However it does.. Still love HUAWEI

    Sorry that's my opinion on PIXEL PHONE 😔🥺👍🏽

  29. William Wheeler Post author

    Google phone in general stinks. I can't wait to throw mine away

  30. Memer Gamer Post author

    Even though this is apple's style, I would say google did it better and I would prefer google rather than apple

  31. monstercat 32 Post author

    i love goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle

  32. Tin Foil Post author

    My gf: I like Apple

    My bestie: I like Samsung

    Me: I like google I mean it’s both combined

  33. Camden Firth Post author

    @MadebyGoogle Not everyone thinks you copied Apple. You're original.

    Other people, if you agree that Google did not copy Apple then like this comment.

  34. Emebet Boka Post author

    When it said hey Google turn it up Google turned on

  35. Gooogleisntyour Friend Post author

    Google is the enemy. Dont trust Google.

  36. Pro X Post author

    Google chromebook: I cant download apps from unknown people
    Steam: well im sorry kiddo, no games for u

  37. Salma Siraj Year 8 Post author

    Apple and google: let us copy your homework

    Hauwei:fine but change it a little


  38. Bagon Post author

    Apple will never be able to create something as cool as pixel 4 so y'all better stop with that shitty jokes…

  39. Diego Mancera Post author

    google all the things that you show to us in this video apple make it first

  40. Diego Mancera Post author

    just because apple is better google want to make the same things because they thing that they will be more popular than apple

  41. Teddy Bear Post author

    Google: never looked this good
    Me: you said that last time…

  42. Dawghen YT Post author

    It turned on my Google assistant when it said turn it up lol


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