Into The Making Scenes – Guest: A High School Student who Aspires to become an Actor, In Seo Yeo

By | October 14, 2019

Into the Making Scenes Let’s welcome this week’s guest for “Into the Making Scenes.” Welcome Hi, my name is In Seo Yeo, and I’m an aspiring actor. A high school student who dreams of becoming an actor. Cool. We’re very curious where you were able to visit for the program. Well, ever since I was in elementary school, I was passionate in acting. And even now, I’m the head director of our high school’s only English Drama club, Outburst. So, I’ve always wanted to meet actual actors and ask questions. And I had the opportunity to finally do that with my visit to the making scenes of “Left-handed Wife” There, I got immersed in the world of drama and acting meeting all kinds of different people. It’s very cool that you do English drama. Very nice. Now, let’s take a look at the making scenes. A woman who lost her husband in honeymoon. And a man who is living a different man’s life after losing his memory from a car accident. A drama where they try to find their real lover and life. In order to look at the making scenes of this drama, “Left-handed Wife”, I visited KBS. The total number of the episodes planned for the drama was 100. And today was scheduled to film the 49th and 50th episode. As the drama was reaching its half, I was curious how the rest half of the story would flow. “Then why did you try to sell the neck glass? Why did you need all that money? I got overly curious and awkwardly read few of the lines from the script. And I also looked at the details of the set. At the time, actors were taking a break after filming. Then, I heard a familiar voice. It was the voice from non other than the actor Kim Byung-ki, who was playing Park Sun-tae in the drama. He was known for his professional usage of Korean dialect and fierce charisma in the film. Can’t you feel his charisma even during practice? And his script was filled with notes related to the scene and acting. Just standing there, I could feel his deep passion for acting. May I ask how much time you spend reading the script? Basically all week, I’d say. But if you ask for the exact time, I’d say three hours every day in average. If you add that to a week, that’s quite a lot, I think. But, I’m not easily satisfied so I keep the script with me wherever I go. When you practice, what do you focus on the most? Simply put, because I have to portray a different character, I try to think as if I’m the character I’m playing. But that takes a great amount of time and effort. So I tend to practice until the very last minute. At the same time, in the Subcontrol room, actors were recording their voices. In dramas, when inner thoughts, letter readings, or narrations appear, they’re all through voice-overs recorded here in the Subcontrol room. I met the sound director and asked few questions. Hi, this looks really interesting. Could you tell me exactly what you’ve done? Yes, if you look here, you can see the mark “Inner thought.” Sounds like this or any extra sounds, we prerecord them and play it as they film the scenes. Prerecording is an essential part of the drama, and we do it here. As the episodes go on, “Left-handed Wife” provides the viewers with more tension and twists. The episodes are at the point where the protagonists rely on each other and work together to solve the conspiracies that surround them one by one. And I wanted to meet actor Kim Jin Woo, who plays two characters in the drama, for a long time. You play two very different characters in the drama, which I know is really hard to do. Is there like your own know-how to do that? What do you stress on the most when you practice? Yeah, it was really hard at first trying to portray vastly different characters Portraying both an aristocrat and doctor was definitely challenging. But I realize now, that the hardest thing to do is portraying the third character, who lost all his memory after the accident. So I was actually portraying three characters, not two. And the emotional changes I had to act out were challenging. So I have no other choice than to look at my script constantly. The lines are overwhelmingly long and there are too many swifts in emotion, so I look at my script when I “rest.” With excellence does he portray the very different character, Lee Suho. What will he show us with his different persona in the episodes to come? Could Suho and Sanha be happy? The episodes that we’re shooting today reveal Jang Esther and Kim Nam-joon’s misdeeds and Suho, now back with his memory, chases them and finds their evil work. With the tension and almost thriller-like flow, the episodes are going to be exciting. With the lights turned on in the studio, the filming began in earnest. And I found out the actors who were mastering acting weren’t only adults. Park No-ah, who acts the son of Jang Esther in the drama, had to cry for the scene. Because the time for the filming was limited, his task seemed challenging. And the emergency order made by the producers: it was eye drops His effort to do the best with his character stood out The drama full with twists and tension, “Left-handed Wife.” They say more breathtaking and unpredictable moments are to come. You can anticipate for them For the end, I asked the actors if they had anything to say to do the viewers and fans of the drama. Every viewer has a different perspective on what they see in the drama. And even with those different views, I wish they could find what good and evil is. This drama is a melodrama with twists, but it also holds thriller aspects. And I think the viewers would find that more attractive. So I wish you could enjoy our drama Let’s go “Left-handed Wife!” 1, 2, 3, Let’s go! We enjoyed watching and hearing about your visit. How was it like to actually go there? Well, as an aspiring actor myself, I was inspired by every actor’s passion and devotion to their work. And as it was my first time meeting actual actors, I was really nervous and all, but actor Kim Jin-woo helped me get through it with his warm remarks and actions. Like any good director, your voice stands out. With that awesome voice, please send a warm message to everyone that’s involved in the making of “Left-handed Wife. Of course. Because “Left-handed Wife” is a daily drama, I heard the schedule’s really hectic But despite that, as I saw with my own eyes, all the actors and staff were greatly involved and passionate about what they were responsible of. And I wanted to say that I felt a sense of admiration and respect for each and every one of them. Every day at 7:50 P.M. in KBS 2TV! You can watch “Left-handed Wife.” Thanks to you, we learned much about this drama. We hope that you can realize your dream as an actor. Thank you. “Into the Making Scenes,” where you can solve your questions about the making of programs, you can apply via KBS website and the asking desk. We’ll be waiting for your application.

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