Instapage Introduction and Overview

By | August 14, 2019

Whatever your digital advertising
budget or the size of your organization team, agency, or enterprise, Instapage is
the ideal end-to-end landing page solution. With Instapage, businesses like yours can
offer personalized advertising experiences for every promotion to maximize ROI on all your digital marketing campaigns especially your Adwords and Facebook programs The Instapage platform enables you to build conversion-ready mobile optimized landing pages and minutes rather than days and have them reviewed
and published quickly no developer required. Plus, easily integrate Instapage with
the tools in your marketing stack, optimize your landing pages and attribute
performance to the right campaigns. With millions of published landing pages
converting at an average rate of above 22% Instapage is helping businesses around the world achieve their conversion and revenue goals. Now building and updating personalized
landing pages at scale is dramatically faster. Stop wasting time recreating content that you
use over and over again and start working smarter. Within the Insta-block manager, you can
pick from a library of pre-designed templates. Or you can create your own
custom Insta-blocks from scratch. Then you can save and reuse them on any page save as a global block and you can update hundreds
or thousands of landing pages in a single click. Update once and your changes will
be reflected on every page the block is used. Now creating, managing, and updating
landing pages is easy. creating a post-click experience for every ad is finally scaleable. And with message matched landing pages for every promotion you’ll turn more ad-clicks into conversions. Introducing AMP for Instapage. Instapage is the only platform that allows you
to create lightning-fast mobile landing pages using Google’s AMP framework with
unlimited AB testing and WordPress publishing For existing customers, you can convert your current pages to AMP by simply saving Instablocks and
reusing them to build an AMP page. By building faster loading mobile landing pages you’ll not only create a better browsing
experience for your customers, you’ll improve your quality scores and drive
more conversions which ultimately means more revenue for you. The landing page is where the conversion happens, meaning getting the design right is essential. Instapage allows for pixel perfect precision and the 100% custom design required to create stunning conversion optimized landing pages at scale. It starts with the fully
customizable intuitive Instapage builder. With it, you’re creating landing pages from scratch or selecting from hundreds of conversion tested templates. Whether you choose to go with a template or design your own page, the landing page creation process
is fast, simple, and powerful enough to implement nearly any design you can conceive and match your brand or campaigns unique needs. Designers will find the builder familiar and functional with features their accustomed to like access lock keyboard shortcuts, edge measurement, aspect ratio locking, and more. Also included in the builder, is an image management system and a host of design add-ons that will speed the
creation process Once your page is in layout, you can select from the toolbar to add, remove, or change page elements, background images, videos,
buttons, or whatever else you’d like. Preview your page and if you like what you see, you’re ready to integrate with today’s most used third-party CRMs, email marketing,
advertising, and optimization solutions. When you’re creating a desktop page, you’re
creating the mobile-responsive version as well. You can instantly review and edit your mobile
page by switching to the mobile preview and use the same alignment and grouping features to select and move multiple page elements together and resize them with the mobile aspect ratio lock. This keeps layered groupings together whether
the page is in a desktop or mobile layout. With a few clicks all pages can be
converted to a mobile responsive format to ensure that your visitors have the best
experience on your landing page or on any device. Instapage offers the CRM, email marketing,
social, and optimization tools you use every day. to make your marketing as efficient as possible. Connecting your pages to your applications can be
done in a matter of clicks, no programming required. By integrating your landing
pages with your marketing stack, the data you collect from an Instapage
form is sent directly to your database. Pass lead info to a CRM system
like Salesforce or Infusionsoft. Or connect your email marketing
automation to Marketo, HubSpot, or Autopilot to create cohesive messaging and
measure the impact of your email campaigns. Or send data to your preferred analytics
tools to track your landing page traffic and measure your advertising ROI. And publish landing pages to your
WordPress as a natural extension of your brand. For non-native applications,
we offer Zapier and Webhooks so you can connect with hundreds of other apps to maximize the power of your application stack and the Instapage platform. You can also integrate with as many
third-party technologies as you want and install integrations using
custom code, HTML, or JavaScript. Instapage offers the industry’s first
and only integrated collaboration solution for faster feedback and
increased efficiency between teams. The current review process is often a
fragmented mess of marked up screenshots and running commentaries across
multiple unconnected channels like email, messaging apps, and project management tools. The Instapage collaboration feature speeds the design review process by empowering all stakeholders, including account managers, copywriters,
designers, and clients to comment in real-time. collaborating is as easy as
clicking on a specific design element and leaving comments for
team members and stakeholders. You’ll instantly receive feedback and respond
to your feedback in a threaded conversation right on the landing page. You can notify team members when they are mentioned in a comment via an automatically generated email or respond in real-time and resolve issues. Invite guests to view a landing page by
initiating an email from within the platform or by sharing the private link with them. Separate internal team
conversations from external communications with other department members and clients by setting the appropriate
visibility level to a common thread. View all comments for a particular page variation, respond to comments, and resolve comments. Create password-protected landing pages that
enable smaller groups to securely invite clients and external stakeholders to review and collaborate. Collaborate in real-time and put an end to the repetitive time-consuming delays that slow your campaigns. There are several ways to get your
landing page live and converting and all can be accomplished in just a few clicks. With Instapage, publish to as many
of your custom domains as you want or as a natural extension of your website using WordPress, Drupal, or Facebook.
Or you can publish to custom domains. Simply create a record for your
domain that notifies your service provider to display pages hosted on Instapage servers. As the manager or owner, you can publish
pages directly to your content management system. Or you can give specific team
members account and sub-account access without having to share client
login credentials via a CMS token. Instapage un-complicates the
process of managing your accounts so you can oversee the
progress of your client-based work. From the dashboard, you can manage
all your pages along with all sub-accounts. And oversee your domains and
integrations four separate sub-accounts. In each sub-account you can
manage integrations and publish pages to your preferred external
content management systems. Plus, sub-accounts let you easily invite all stakeholders to contribute, collaborate, and review in real-time. Instapage has the features you need to add
value to your services and create a layer of distinctiveness and professionalism for your brand. Among them is the branded email notification feature. Sending stakeholders news
of successful lead acquisitions with your own branded notifications
will reinforce your relationships and demonstrate your value. Another added service feature is the audit log. By tracking each accounts
change history and user actions you can provide a clear line of sight into all
account activity and troubleshoot if any issues arise. Take full ownership and
accountability when and where it’s needed all while managing account security. The ability to manage clients subaccounts
as independent and separate workspaces within your agency ensures client privacy. Many of these features are an
industry-first making Instapage the only end-to-end landing page platform that offers the sub-account
and team management features marketing agencies need to deliver brand value and maximize ROI for their clients. The Instapage optimization tools include
built-in heat maps and AB-testing capabilities along with conversion goal settings With the Instapage Heat Map Visualizer,
you can track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth to identify how your
visitors are interacting with your landing pages. Your heat maps provide the
ultra specific information you need to determine which page elements to AB test. For assessing campaign performance Instapage delivers the industry’s most advanced analytics dashboards and best AB testing capabilities. Creating an AB test starts with
duplicating your page, naming each variation, and making the changes you’d like to test. Once published your variations will be served according to parameters you preset in the analytics dashboard. The Instapage analytics dashboard
displays real-time data over any time period across all your devices and gives you
the data you need to optimize your pages. In the analytics dashboard you can track
page performance desktop and mobile on different landing pages and adjust
the settings of your AB split tests. You can also pause, rename, set a
baseline reset, or delete any variation, change a traffic split, and download testing data. Instapage integrates with the most
popular digital advertising analytics platforms, including Google Analytics,
Facebook, and Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics seamlessly integrates with
Instapage to track and report all your landing page traffic and measure your advertising ROI. Linking your Facebook Ads to an Instapage landing page can increase your conversion rates by over 20%. Integration with analytics platforms, like
Facebook, are as simple as copying an analytics ID and pasting it into the analytics
section of the settings of the page toolbar. With Google Tag Manager, you
can either add or update website tags, including conversion tracking, site
analytics, re-marketing, and more. You can also create custom events
and triggers within Google tag manager that fire when a form is submitted
with a specific code snippet. Adding a pixel to a thank you page and redirecting visitors to it after form submission is a perfect way to track conversions and
measure the success of your advertising campaigns. To connect other analytics service providers, like Mixpanel, Google AdWords, Heap, and Kissmetrics our professional services team is available to help. Custom code design is an integral
part of the Instapage platform meaning that if you can embed it on a
web page you can embed it in Instapage. Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
settings on the page toolbar and the inline CSS editor to fully customize
the design and function of your landing pages. Quickly incorporate various HTML
widgets to your Instapage landing pages, like chat plug-ins, IFrames, add to calendar
functionality, image galleries, sliders, and more. Our CSS in-line editor allows
you to make fine level adjustments and CSS styling to isolated individual page
elements as opposed to the entire page. This includes text, in-shape padding,
custom alignment, transitions, and more. For those who have limited developer resources there are a number of custom code
application templates and examples found in the Instapage Help Center. We take your security and privacy seriously. That is why we’ve created highly secure
processes to ensure that our service is stable and there are no security gaps. Instapage is a cloud-based solution
residing in Google and Amazon Cloud services. Both maintain a secure environment and
ensure our system is always up scalable and secure. Access to customer information
is restricted within Instapage and only authorized for the purpose of providing direct customer support or future product enhancements. Under no circumstances is
sensitive customer data is shared. All lead path through is protected and allows for sectors that adhere to strict security and privacy standards such as HIPAA to pass leads directly to their destinations without being stored on our platform. Instapage will generate and install
SSL certification on all your domains. SSL certification verifies that
a website is valid or authentic, confirms the connection is legitimate, and that all interactions between the browser
and the website are secure and encrypted. Instapage has a number of enterprise services for businesses that require an additional level of service, including customer success,
attribution and professional services, like landing page migration from other
platforms or from own hard-coded pages, implementing specific integrations,
one-on-one onboarding, priority support, and lead metadata pass-through.

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