Instantly Index Webpage Or Post To Google Search And Make Post immediately Searchable

By | January 15, 2020

instantly Index new webpage or post on google search This video is very helpful when to make your new post or webpage immediately searchable on google search We will use “Fetch as Google” to index the page First of all we will check if the page is indexed on google or not go to the google search or Type the specific word “site:” Then type the website URL which you want to check Copy the new published post or page URL Then paste it on the text file after site name If the page is not found it means it did not indexed yet Go to webmaster tools or google search console Go to the website property Click on “Crawl” tab to expand it Then click on Fetch as google Type or Paste the URL in the Field Select “Desktop ” and click on Fetch and Render paste the url again and Select “Mobile devices ” this time and click on Fetch and Render Wait for while the process completed Click on “Request indexing” button Click on rechapatcha and select “Crawl this URL and Its direct links” Repeat the process for second Googlebot type Go back to google search and retry that the page is searchable now or not Know the new create post or page is indexed on google search . It is the fastest way to make the new page searchable

2 thoughts on “Instantly Index Webpage Or Post To Google Search And Make Post immediately Searchable

  1. Gayathri Karuna Post author

    Hi Mahajan. your video is Nice. but I wanted​ index all the webpages immediately. I have submitted 230 pages and only 10 pages has indexed. wat to do for that. I have fetched and rendered the home page. any other tool or any other method is there to I dex all the pages of the website. within a night.. ?? If you tell me it would greatly help me a lot


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