Install WordPress Theme with FTP Method (EASY)

By | August 17, 2019

hey there I’m Chris Heidlebaugh and I
teach digital marketing – DIYers and maybe it recently purchased a wordpress
theme or you got a free theme and you went and you try to install it and you
also now you’re getting errors and all kinds of weird stuff and you can’t
upload your new WordPress theme it can be very frustrating and I’m gonna help
you fix this in this video I’m gonna share with you how to manually upload a
wordpress theme and you may never go back to doing it automatically ever
again stay tuned welcome back and thank you so much for watching this video
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so here I am on my fake website this is just my tutorial website and it’s simply
just using a basic theme you know just the 20-17 theme but I’m gonna show you
how this typically kind of works you would go to your dashboard and on your
dashboard for WordPress we have our appearance tab so we just click our
parents tab and our themes are going to pop up here now basically again I’m just
using the straight up you know 2017 theme nothing fancy nothing like that
okay and typically you would click on add new and then you would hit the get
rid of some of this stuff here you hit the add new and then typically you would
select the upload theme button here okay and when you hit this this is where this
stuff comes up here okay so this is where you would upload your WordPress
theme but every time you’re trying it keeps on coming up with some sort of
error things like that and a lot of times you might see an error like this
the upload file exceeded the upload max file size directive and php.ini now
granted we could go in and try to fix this
creating a PHP ini file things like that but I don’t want to confuse you I want
to make this simple and easy and get you back on the road or if anything get you
working you know work with your new WordPress theme okay so basically we’re
going to do is we’re going to upload this via FTP okay so we’re simply going
to upload our WordPress theme via FTP and I’m going to use FileZilla for this
example so you can just go to your browser type in file Zilla
like Godzilla FileZilla and simply click on the
FileZilla – project org go to download FileZilla client and choose your windows
I’m on windows 64-bit and then we’re gonna download this now I already have
it downloaded so but that’s how simple it is to use and that way you can follow
along with this tutorial ok so once you have FileZilla downloaded and everything
now we’re simply gonna log in to our wordpress or our you know our website
server now you might have to contact your web hosting provider or typically
when you get web hosting they think you like a welcome email with your login
information so we’re simply gonna log in to the backend of our WordPress server
ok so once you’re all logged in everything looks good don’t mess with
any of this stuff you basically see we’re just looking for a public
underscore HTML we’re gonna click double click on that and if you click at one
time you try to rename it then we’re gonna go to WP – content we’re gonna
click on this and tries rename it and now when this opens up we see we have
multiple things here now this is a super big bonus amazing tip for you here if
you ever have an issue with a plug-in or a theme you can simply go in via FTP and
remove whatever plug-in or rename that plug-in or theme and fix 99% of India
problems that you ever have I promise you ok we’re looking we’re gonna click
on themes now again this is going to show us the exact same themes that we
have on the dashboard so if we go back to our dashboard we’ll click back once
or twice here and we’ll see again we have the 2017 2015 2016 these are themes
ok and if we look at our FileZilla settings again they’re there right here
ok so basically what we’re gonna do is somewhere on your computer you have your
WordPress theme extracted or unzipped or whatever and simply just open it up and
just keep on clicking till you get to the point where you know if I go up one
for an example I go to my theme I click on it I can see this or these are where
the files are now I’m not wanting to upload these files individual I want to
do it in one whole package here ok so simply just be one click above where
this opens up which is right here for me okay
your theme might be different ok but basically we’re just gonna highlight
this I’m right gonna click right click one time
and simply click upload I didn’t let it go
we have 1149 files to transfer over you might get an error message in terms of
you know hey is it ok to overwrite a file and typically it’s just because you
know say one of these other themes use the same sort of file or something like
that it may ask you to override it and I’ve never seen an issue where there was
a problem I just simply click OK and everything’s good so I’m gonna come
right back here once this gets done transferring and then we can finish this
up and while we wait for this to go ahead and download if you’re looking to
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like all my videos you can see a website building checklist i have and also some
of the youtube gear and software that i use so definitely check that out if
you’re looking to grow your brand online okay so as we’re coming into the final
stretch we have our last few files we have our transfers finished notification
I’m on a PC so let’s me know that all of my files have been successfully
transferred so now let’s go to our website so again I’m here just on the
dashboard but I’m gonna go or skip me I’m on the web so I’m going to go to the
dashboard here and now we’re gonna go to the appearance so where I was once
before unable to install a wordpress theme now you can see it’s clearly here
and again if you like to check out this theme you can go to my resources page
Chris Heidelberg calm but basically now is installed I can simply activate this
and now it’ll be my new WordPress theme so it’ll let me know what plugins to
install and I know that everything is working good okay so that’s how simple
it is to upload a wordpress theme manually and again most of the time you
know you may not ever have an issue you know you could just contact your web
hosting provider and say hey can you increase my file size upload quota or
whatever it is or simply go in and do it yourself it’s no big deal depends on
your time frame and things like that I’m a DIY er so I want to get my hands dirty
and work on this myself so again let me know what you think you know have you
ever uploaded manually I mean do you like using FileZilla what other kind of
FTP client do you like to use so thank you again for watching this video please
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you right in the nose I’d so much appreciate it until next time I hope
that you find success online offline and in your life take care

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