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So how do you use that to your advantage? You have to know when your audience … The
Instagram algorithm, it can feel overwhelming, and clearly you’re trying to understand it,
so I thought I’d make an updated video on the Instagram algorithm. I’m going to dive into the three major ranking
signals that determine how many people actually see your posts and how you can use them to
your advantage to grow faster and reach more people. Plus, I’m going to dive into the myths that
keep your account stuck and small, and are just not true, but people seem to think that
they are. And keep in mind, this is coming from someone
who went from stagnant growth to over 100,000 followers on her account in six months. So grab yourself a cup of coffee or a tea
and let’s do this. Cheers, Boss. Okay, so I basically went full detective mode
and did all of the research on how Instagram’s algorithm really works. And the thing is, Julian Gutman, who is the
product lead for Instagram … Gutman, Gootman, Gotman, I’m not sure how to say his name. It doesn’t really matter. But he hand delivered all of the information
that you need to know about the algorithm to a bunch of reporters over a year ago. It’s just, not a lot of people were paying
attention. So here’s what you need to know. Everyone on Instagram, whether it’s your mom,
your grandma, your best friend, your boyfriend, whoever, we all have a unique feed. Even if you’re following the exact same accounts
as somebody else, your feed is still going to be different. Why? Because the algorithm on Instagram is based
on machine-based learning. So that’s why it’s called an algorithm. It bases what you see on your past behavior. It learns about you and understands what you
like, what you don’t like, what you want to see more of, and what you don’t want to see
at all, and your feed is curated to fit that. Or basically, what you see in your feed is
exactly what you’ve liked in the past. So how do they figure all this out? It’s based on three major ranking factors. And this is what you have to know about the
Instagram algorithm in order to actually get seen and get engagement and stop feeling like
you’re being hidden by the algorithm. Ranking signal number one is interest. What does this mean? Well, based on past behavior, Instagram will
predict what you’re going to like in the future. Also, using image recognition technology,
they will read the contents of what’s in a post, a photo, or a video, and they will gauge
and predict if you’re going to like that post in the future, which basically creates the
feed that you see. So how can you use this to your advantage? Pretty simple. Let me put this in real-world terms. So if I have an account and on my account,
whenever I see something in my feed that looks like a sunset, I’m liking that sunset, you
best believe that basically all I’m going to see in my feed is sunsets, or anything
that looks like a sunset. So how you use this to your advantage is you
want to pay attention to which posts on your account are getting the most engagement. For example, on my Instagram account, I noticed
that whenever my face was in my posts, I tended to get more engagement. And images of skylines, or scenery, or sunsets,
or whatever it may be just didn’t get as much engagement. This could be totally different for everybody
else. The other thing that I noticed in my account
that got a ton of engagement was any kind of text graphic with a quote on it. So posting more of those. So paying attention to what is being liked
and engaged with on your account more than other pieces of content is an amazing way
to start really increasing your reach with your posts, because you know that, in your
audience’s feeds, you can pretty much guess what kind of content they engage with most
because that’s the content on your account that they engage with the most, if that makes
sense. So you want to cater to how their feed is
curated, because Instagram is going to say, “Okay, this person who is in your audience
always likes text graphics. So if you create a text graphic, we’re going
to show it to them.” Make sense? It’s actually pretty simple when you break
it down. So the things that get the most engagement
in your account, or on your account when you post them, you want to pay attention to those
and post more, because those are the things that people in your audience are actually
prone to engage with. Plus, they’re the things that Instagram is
actually going to show them in their feed. Ranking signal number two, recency and timeliness,
meaning that new posts, this newest post on my feed showed up five minutes ago, it was
posted five minutes ago. New posts always show up at the top of your
users’ or your audience’s feed. So how do you use that to your advantage? You have to know when your audience is active. How do you do that? Let me show you. Inside of Instagram, all you want to do is
go to insights, and that’s on the top right corner. You click on insights, and you click on audience
on the right. You scroll down and you can see a lot of good
information about your followers. But what you want to know right now is when
they’re online. Why? Because if you know when your audience is
online, that’s when you want to post, because the feed is curated and created by the most
recent and timely posts. So if you’re posting when your audience isn’t
actually online, you’re going to get buried by all of the posts from people they also
follow who were posted more recently or more timely in their feed. So if someone else is posting something one
minute ago, and you posted something 10 minutes ago, you’re going to show up lower. So it’s really, really advantageous to you
to post when your audience is actually active and online. So you can see that for me, let’s say it’s
a Tuesday, my audience is most active at 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. So those are good times for me to post. The other app that I showed you in another
one of my videos, which I’ll link to at the end of this, is called When To Post, and it
tells you, down to the minute, exactly when you should be posting your Instagram photos
or videos. Now, this is on iPhone, I’m not sure about
an app for this for Android, but if you know of one, put it in the comments below. And this thing works like magic. It’ll tell me when not to post, and exactly
which three times of the day to post. And it’s amazing how much more engagement
I get when I follow this. So knowing when your audience is online is
how you play to this ranking signal and make sure that your audience and your followers
actually see your content, and therefore, you get more engagement. Ranking signal number three is relationship. So Instagram, the algorithm shows content
to followers and to users from accounts that they actually interact with. To tactically show up in your users’ feeds
and your followers’ feeds more often, there’s some really simple things that you should
be doing on a daily basis that will highly increase your engagement and your reach of
every single post that you put out there. So in order to increase engagement and actually
show up for your followers in their feed, here’s a couple of things that you want to
do right now. In your captions on Instagram, you want to
have a call to action at the bottom of every caption for people to comment on your photo
or your video, because a comment is seen as a signal to Instagram that that person is
actually engaged with your content. Therefore, they’re going to show more of your
content to that follower. So the more comments you get, the more your
posts are going to be seen by those followers. Second thing is you have to remind your followers
to turn on post notifications. Post notifications will notify your followers
when you have new content out. And it will allow you to get a boost of engagement
in the first 30 minutes … for 30 minutes, which is most important, and can lead to you
showing up on the explore page. So how do you turn on post notifications? Let me show you. To tell your followers to turn on post notifications,
all you need to do is tell them to click on follow. So they need to follow you. And then underneath that, there’s a little
dropdown, and you just want to click on notifications, and you want to turn them on for posts. You want them to turn them on for all of them,
posts and stories, but you definitely want them to turn them on for posts so you can
get a boost of engagement really quickly every time you post a new piece of content. Now, the other really cool little trick here
is when you do this, you also want to click on the dropdown beside the message and it’ll
give your followers similar accounts, but it’ll also give you similar accounts to find
a target audience that you want to attract to your account to get more followers and
engagement. So what I mean by this is let’s say I click
on Boss Babe. I know that Boss Babe has an audience that
is very similar to who I want to attract. So, like I said, a ranking signal that we
want to pay attention to is relationships. So a little trick here is you go to the most
recent post, and you go to the newest comments, and you want to engage with them in a real
way. So you want to give them a heart or you want
to give them a little comment back. So I would do that here, “So true.” And this is putting me in a sphere with people
who I know are in my ideal audience. I’m building a relationship with them. Therefore, if they decide to follow me, my
content is going to show up higher in their feed. The next thing you want to do to build relationships
and show up in the feed of your followers is to take five minutes a day and send DMs
to new followers and also to people who you want to build relationships with. You have to be active and social on social
media in order for people to actually engage with you. So this is a really quick little way of building
relationships, so therefore, you have more followers to show up in their feeds, and therefore
get more reach and more engagement on your posts. And the other tactic here to build relationships,
and that Instagram in the algorithm considers a factor to showing up in people’s feeds is
tagging appropriate accounts. So if you have an image with someone who follows
you in it, you want to make sure that you tag them, because this tells Instagram, “Oh,
they actually have a real relationship. We should put more of your content in their
feed.” Do not spam and tag everybody and take irrelevant
accounts, because that actually will work against you. Now, the other piece of this is hashtags. You want to use relevant hashtags on your
posts so that you can show up in categories where your ideal audience would be looking. And I have a whole video where I talk about
my hashtag research strategy and how to find the right hashtags for your content. I’m going to link to that at the end of this
video. So stay tuned. All right, now let’s bust the myths that are
keeping your account small. First and foremost, Instagram does not hide
posts. It’s just not true. It’s not real. What it does do is it takes note of what your
followers are interested in, takes note of what’s most timely, and it takes note of,
if there’s a relationship or not. And that is how the feed is created. So that’s why these three ranking factors
are so important. So if you feel like your posts are being hidden
and you’re not getting seen, it’s because you’re not paying attention to these three
ranking signals. Because if your followers scroll down long
enough in their feed, they’re going to see every single post from every single account
that they follow. But of course not everybody does that, and
you want to show up towards the top of their feed. And the only way to do that is to pay attention
to these three ranking signals. The feed does not favor photo versus video. But if your followers tend to engage more
with videos or tend to engage more with photos, that’s what’s going to show up in their feed
based on that interest ranking signal. Shadow banning, according to Instagram, isn’t
a real thing. But the thing to pay attention to here is,
what shadow banning is, or what people assume that it is, is if you’re posting too many
hashtags on your content and all of a sudden you just get no reach or engagement on that
post. But that’s not necessarily true. What is true is, if you’re using hashtags
that aren’t relevant to the content of your posts, then it is considered confusing in
the algorithm, and Instagram doesn’t know where to put it, therefore you’re going to
get less reach. So you have to use hashtags that are actually
relevant. And you definitely need to pay attention to
Instagram’s spam guidelines and community guidelines so you know what works and what
doesn’t work. Check out more Instagram Ninja Secrets in
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