Inside Johnny Dang’s Legendary Diamond Factory | House of Dang Episode 2

By | March 9, 2020

-There’s a lot of imitators,
lot of duplicators, a lot of perpetrators,
a lot of pretenders, but this is the one,
not the two. -You’re the only ones that see
first, okay? He doesn’t see yet. -Come see Johnny Dang
when you want that official, like a referee with a whistle. -Dang, Johnny!
Yes, sir. ♪♪ -Diamond boy!
The real diamond boy. -Ah.
-Welcome to the club. What do you got to spend over
the dub? You heard me. -Yeah.
-And I’m King of the Grill. -Of course!
-Master. -We got the best grill master
right here in Houston. You know, people come from all
over the country, all over the world, really,
to come get a grill from Johnny. -Bing.
Let’s go. -Johnny. God-Dang.
-Yes, sir! -Grrrr! -Astro World will be
this weekend, this Saturday. We got Astro World
diamond here, baby! Johnny Dang coming in,
King of Bling. I’m the manufacturer.
-Ain’t no middleman. -No middleman, exactly.
How long you work for me, man? -19 years.
-19 years, man. -That’s the best part of coming
to this jewelry store — You get to drink
in this motherfucker. -Yeah. We don’t buy a diamond by carat. We buy diamond by kilo, baby. [ Turn signal clicking ] Yesterday was a nice busy day.
We have all the rappers. Post Malone,
one of my very good friends. We have fun. We have
a good time backstage. I don’t know what it’s called.
Not a real ping-pong table. What they call it?
Beer pong. We play ping-pong ball
and drinking beer, so… He good at it, though.
I lost. ♪♪ [ Ding! ] [ Man singing in Spanish ] ♪♪ You got everything on list? Today, I have a couple
of diamond vendors. One of them
came from here local, but one of them came from
all the way from Israel. ♪♪ Most of diamond, I buy
from obviously, like, Indian, Israel’s, because of quantity,
you know? I buy a lot. -A little bit more. Just a little bit more
than half a million. I couldn’t believe
that I started from small workshop in a garage, 300 square feet. Up to now, I have a
16,000-square-feet building, one of the biggest
jewelry stores with, like, 60 employees. I could not imagine. Sometimes
I can look back and say, “Wow.” ♪♪ -Do you need quarters,
thirds, halves? -I like this quality,
but a little bit smaller size. -This is the size you need.
This is that bag. 23 point, 30 point,
40 point, 50 point, all VS. -I’ll take some VS,
but most of size I use — 1.6, 1.7, flawless. -Only VS? -Only VS.
-Only flawless. -Flawless game, man. ♪♪ These have a — These have a lot
of blue fluorescent, though. -No, there’s not
a lot of fluorescence. -Yeah.
-Check. Not a lot of fluorescence.
Pull your light up. I don’t bring you
a bunch of fluorescent stuff. I like to bring you value. -I like this one.
-I love it, I love it. -$77,000. That one’s $85,000. -How much for this one? -Uh, $64,000. It’s clean. Clean, clean. 60 G’s.
Looks like 200. Look how laid out it is.
Looks like 15 carat. ♪♪ Only customer I go see, period. Only customer I go see. Everybody else
comes to my office. Buy it. You normally buy
smaller diamonds from me. -Ooh. -You bought it. It’s yours. -I break, I buy.
-It’s yours. -You drop, you buy.
Not you break, you buy. You drop.
I need to get paid. ♪♪ -I’m about to show you
my manufacture where I produce all the jewelry. I remember back then, me myself
sit on a table. Now I got
a whole team behind me. On the left-hand side, that’s the specialist
on diamond setting. Whatever type of setting
you think of. ♪♪ This is a small section here,
but high values, high-demand values. You see, this is a bag
of diamonds. 122 carat for this.
Just a bag of diamonds. This is my brother,
my older brother, Kevin. So, tell them a little bit
about the diamonds. -Got some stuff worked on.
-Where’s the other one? CJ. So cool.
Where’s that one at? -Um, I think it’s in production
right now. My name’s Patrick Vo, and I’m the creative director
of Johnny Dang Incorporation. -My name’s Johnny Boy, VIP manager here
at Johnny Dang & Co. -From the jump,
how we do things, usually Johnny Dang
and Johnny Boy, they send me a group chat, and we’ll work
on the ideas of the client, and then we run that through
to the AutoCAD design matrix. And then after that,
we would get it printed out. And this is what the machine
comes and prints out. I can give you a little glimpse
of what it produced. And this right here
is one of the wax that we made
for Lil Jon’s piece. You can really see the detail
the machine can really print. After the wax process, we get it sent down
to get it invested and casted. -This is the casting area. The waxes, we melting
on these ovens. I’m gonna put the flash. Right now,
the gold is ready here. It’s come out like this,
but we got to clean right now. -I have 60 different employees,
all different cultures — some black, some Asian,
some Spanish, some Indian. Yeah, I feel like
I connect people together. By the way, this team,
how long you been work for me? -16 years. -That’s a long time, man.
16 years. This is one of
my diamond setters, too. This is my favorite guy, because he’s been working
for me for so long. How long you work for me, man? -19 years.
-19 years, man. 4 years older than my son. A lot of jewelers here, I really
don’t hire expert jewelers. I hire them in, train them. One or two years, they become
professional jewelers. Lilly work for me
for a long time. Over 15 years. I promise. -I feel like I have
to bless people more than just give them money. It’s better to give
them the job. From now on,
until another 15 years, they have a good life. So that’s what I love to do. All right. When we’re talking
about a grill, there are so many different
kind of settings, like channel set,
honeycomb set, invisible set. I’m creative. I’m not
only just regular jeweler. I make this one. Follow me.
I’ll show you how to make it. [ Indistinct conversations ] Here we go. I’m master of this, man.
I create… This is beginning,
how I create a grill. And then, I turn back
to all my employees, you know? ♪♪ So, this is an invisible
set right here. They call it invisible,
so you don’t see. That’s invisible. You don’t see
the prong in the back. So, this is one of my very,
very first create. Long time ago. Make it real,
real popular. When I started a diamond,
I put just the diamond right in the middle
of the channel. After I finished this,
I create invisible set. So, this is much harder
than channel set, because it doesn’t have
a channel to hold the diamond. And the newest one now —
honeycomb set. Honeycomb is a round diamond,
but if you look close, you’ll see a very small,
tiny prong. But when you look far away, it looks just
like invisible set. And then after this,
I create the baguette, like you see — Quavo have it. Also, the emerald. Emerald is one of the most
recently I create. And very tough
and most difficult. That’s why it costs
a quarter million dollars. It’s not easy to make it. Otherwise, everyone do it,
right? All right, so, this is one
of our few grills. I just finished this for
A-list celebrity. You know, like this.
You can see this. This, I just finished for Drake. The heart pendant.
A heart-shaped grill. it’s very, very expensive.
All flawless diamond, you know? The second —
This is the set I also — very right now. Just got it done
this week for Blueface. Blueface one
of my favorite artists. I did a few things for him. This is special for my brother
Travis Scott. I don’t know how many grills
I already did for him. So many.
Maybe 10 different sets. And this is one of the set All just honeycomb set, flawless
diamond in 18-carat gold. I did for Frank Clark. You know,
he the football player. He plays for the Chiefs. As soon as he won
the Super Bowl in Miami, he called me and said,
“Man, time to celebrate. I need to have a flawless
diamond grill by you.” I said, “Man, I’m down.
I’m here for that.” Snoop Dogg in town. Whenever Snoop Dogg
come in town, he always come. He always need jewelry. A few months ago, I met him
to wrap up another grill. I have a very good experience. It’s so funny. We went there. Of course he say,
“Johnny, you smoke?” I say, “No, sir.
I never, ever tried.” He was so excited.
We’re singing, drum. Do a little bit of rap. We’re having so good time. So I remember that forever.
That’s a good experience. ♪♪ Okay, okay, okay.
He want to see it. Hold on.
Let me set it up first. ♪ Yes, sir ♪ Hold on.
I want my bling on. Make sure I got the lion.
There you go. You got Snoop. I got two different sets. Hey. You’re the only ones that see
first, okay? He doesn’t see yet. You know what I’m saying?
So, we just surprise him. Go there. Ping!
Let’s go! Yes, sir. I’m back with a box.
How you doing, sir? -Johnny.
-So good to see you, boss. -God-dang.
-Yes, sir! -Oh, wow. -I got two different sets.
You know what I’m saying? -Two different grills for me?
-Yeah. So you can
switch it out every day. I got a yellow gold
and a white gold. I make it a little bit loose
this time. It tight or no? It feel tight? -A little bit.
-Little bit, yeah? -Open up little bit.
Just a baby bit. -Oh, okay.
Try the yellow one on. -Perfect.
-Perfect? -This one’s perfect.
-Oh, cool. -Ooh. Yeah. [ Laughs ] -I’ve been doing business
with Snoop for years. The first grill I did
for him is way long. I couldn’t remember.
I bet more than 15 years. -Flawless, man.
Can’t stop, won’t stop. -We upgrade that,
from beginning to now. -A hell of a upgrade.
That went from A to motherfucking Z like that. But that’s what business is. You got to be able
to sustain time and be able to move
with your base. And that’s what’s keeping you
around the game so long, Johnny, because everybody’s still, like,
looking fashionably together, and when you’re making the
grills, that’s what you do. You put the best
on the best. -Appreciate that.
-Been doing like that. ♪♪ -Man, it’s great. We always have
a good time to see Snoop. Like you see it. He’s such
a good, nice guy, nice man. When he came to my shop
about 15 years ago, I have a tiny shop. He walk in,
the whole people run to him. He make it go crazy. Since then, we do
a lot of business together. Whenever he stop by Houston,
whenever I go to L.A., he always hit me up,
just like big brothers together. That’s a bless I have it. Okay, so, this is how
we doing it. -Damn.
I get the good shit. -Okay, bite. All the way.
All the way down, yeah. Cool. -I should have had
a shot of liquor. [ Vocalists scatting ] ♪♪ -Blow-dryer. ♪♪ -I should have had
a shot of liquor. [ Vocalists scatting ] ♪♪ -Blow-dryer. ♪♪

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