Insert instructional content into any web page using Insert Learning’s Chrome Extension.

By | December 14, 2019

Hi everyone this is Brad let’s say you
found a quote or you found something that you know would spark discussion in
your classroom and you want to share this with your students right away what
you can do is you can add the Chrome extension for insert learning and once
you do that you’ll go into their dashboard and you can go ahead in and
create a new class and great thing is if you select create a class you can import
directly from Google classroom which I’ve done right here now what we’re
going to do is we’re going to go over to lessons and just leave it right there
and here is the extension so I’m gonna go into this recap from last night’s
Phillies win over the Cubs we’re gonna select the extension you’re gonna see
that everything is loading over here so I just want to spark this discussion
right here about Jean Segura squat so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna come over
I’m going to insert a discussion I’m going to select right here and just say
do you agree okay so I’m gonna go ahead in and create it now what we’ll do is
we’ll come back right into our dashboard and you can see here’s a lesson so I can
select a sign which one do I want to assign it to and select a sign and it
has been posted directly in Google classroom now we’ll go back to here so
students can go ahead in and just you know let’s just say someone just writes
yes and you want a little more than that so you’ll still be able to see all this
but if you want to ever hide something as as a teacher you can go ahead in and
hide that we can go ahead back in and keep it now a couple other things just
to show you is you could go ahead in and you could insert a sticky note great
thing about a sticky note let’s just select right in here you could add any
kind of text that you want or you could go ahead in and grab something like
Harry Kalas calling the Phillies World Series in 2008 and you can embed videos
as well there’s a bunch more you could do you can highlight some text in here
let’s just say you found this to be important for whatever reason you could
just highlight that the students will see it there are other options as well
you could go and aim you could see how you could
print the lesson edit lesson info view it as a student so if you just want to
see what it would look like from a student’s point of view you can see it
right here and again all of your lessons will be right in here
there is a public library as well that you could search through so there you go
if you do have any questions let me know thanks for watching take care bye bye

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  1. Isabel Rodrigues Post author

    Very interesting, thanks for the Video. Where could I get more Information about Insert Learning Integration within Google Classroom?


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