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By | August 26, 2019

All right welcome my name is Chris Palmer SEO. In today’s video we will discuss an absolutely genius, but insane link building technique for 2019. This was absolutely genius and before I begin this video I want to say this ok on a very serious note. This link building technique, which I’m dubbing the spam echo technique. I’ll give you the breakdown of the technique and why I’m calling it that I’ll show you the technique I’ll show you The rankings but I want to say first and foremost That this is by no stretch of the imagination directed for disrespect or created for disrespect. This is to show SEO link building the power of thinking outside the box and what separates an SEO professional From a beginner and you need to start Practicing things that aren’t norm Because they work. Alright, so I just want to say before I begin this opinion this technique This is something that I’ve noticed. , I’m gonna share it with you, but it is not meant for any disrespect This is not a shot. But let’s get in to the most insane genius link building technique for 2019 let’s go. So first and foremost before I jump right in I want to cover what is Turn and burn and all of this will play in together, but turn and burn All right this the top result in google Churn, and burn is a technique slash Method used to rank a website in a short time for a short slash long time – I’m sorry a Period right it could be short It could be long What the determining factor and what’s great about this technique that I’m gonna share with you is it could be long term? also along with that is all you have to do is build as many backlinks as You can without any quality filter Now, ah as you may know there are numerous Services out there that build backlinks But they may have lists gsa lists Whatever the case may be that they have found over the course of time that yes. These are spammy links But these are very high Metrics right high domain Authority high trust. Heidi are ratings things of that nature there They may be spammy, but these are powerful very powerful links and in bulk they could produce a extravagant result so much so to rank for Massive terms, maybe New York SEO terms, right? in ninety days Now as you may know what may you may not know as far as a reconsideration request? Let’s say for instance. You were to get a penalty of some sort. Uh with disavowing and doing things, uh you can generally recover from a Reconsideration now with that part said. I’m putting all the pieces to the SEO technique together for you. I showed you the turn-and-burn Okay And as far as turn and burn is concerned we will just Listen to something very briefly here. Okay, we’ll go back here to turn and burn. I just want you to hear this Real fast SEO Technique Dare to collect leads and that’s it. This is turn and burn we’re getting into this technique okay, as far as rankings, let’s go ahead we’re going to Can I go ahead and give a search as we can see this method absolutely works Again, I’m showing the genius zero disrespect I Want to thinking outside the box it works and this is an absolutely wonderful method and the reason why I’m coining it the “spam Echo technique” is because the effects I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of ghosts links and/or echo links, but let’s go ahead and take a look at uh, Ghost backlinks just so I could give you some idea, okay, So ghost links what are link echoes or and/or link ghosts So basically a backlink is a link to your website that is Elsewhere online a good quality backlink is one that is on a high quality web page high quality, right? one that ranks highly in Google and search engines part of your strategy should be Organically growing your backlinks profile to other sites didn’t give me the answer I was looking for but I read it anyway but a link echo or a ghost link is when there is a Backlink placed and say it’s on a website now We know that this particular website that I am it took relatively about ninety day so if these backlinks were built, okay, uh, and they were left to bloom, all right now we’re not sure of any other of Any other techniques or backlinks PBMs or anything that are in the background? but we do know if we were able to point a bunch of links at a particular page and they were left to brew for about ninety days, even if You did receive a reconsider Right request if you were to put that in say you had a link penalty, right? Uh, What’s great about this is? Even if you were to disavow them all For the next few months because of these ghost links because of these link echoes They’ll still show up in your backlink profile But not only that you’re still going to receive the benefit. But with that being said After you were to put in a alleged request and disavow links you could always go right back in and Place the same exact links back on so I want you to go ahead and take a look The only links that you’re seeing pointing to this particular website are Spam links. So this shows the power of Purchasing and buying cheap garbage right links that are high metrics and high power because it doesn’t matter right because why because we want to We don’t care because this is churn and burn. We want to collect leads. You heard it from the horse’s mouth But this is the stance that we need to take. All right. This is the insanity of this method the the “spam echo technique” (link building technique) because we’re spamming We’re if there is a problem we’re still gonna receive all of that link equity and all that beautiful love and even if we have to disavow, It doesn’t matter because that echo effect is still going to penetrate to our website and we’re still going to rank astronomically, and what’s even better is after even if we did have a reconsideration request that had to be put in we can always cherry-pick back through and put those links back or repoint them, right So this is the beauty of this absolutely insane method! That I’m showing you I’m not sure if if you guys are catching this I’m gonna walk through it Simply just one more time. So as you can see, let’s just take a look at this backlink profile I mean we have nothing let’s just open up a couple of these Here’s one with a domain score of 97 page score 65. It just says link as we know This is a generic anchor text. We have one right here. That is up. Look at this Okay Your foreign language, but it says mobile as you can see. I don’t want to say it into the recording here, but The case may me. Here’s another one These are all adult but here is the beauty and the wonderful the majesty of this method because when you’re a public figure or Even if you’re anywhere online You can always claim to the spam team or the back Whoever the case may be that you had a negative SEO attack So if you were to build these links with a percentage because as you know with these tools you can put in a certain percentage Right of your anchor text Some of the anchor texts could include things like this right as you’re seeing here adult video things of that nature and then when it if it if it were to come up Right that you got a penalty and you had to speak and put in a reconsideration request You could point and say that this is a negative SEO attack guys. Are you seeing this beautiful? Technical masterpiece on Unveiling before you I mean this is the real underground secrets that you need to know the underground secrets are Right here in plain sight being taught by an absolute SEO genius Because at the end of the day all we did was get cheap links point them directly at a main ranking page Right if anything were to happen There’s some I mean a lot of these have you know Generic and basic but all of these are junk links you can go through the entire Profile there either citation or absolute junk spam links. There’s not one There that’s a lie. There’s a few But your best links are up top here There is nothing here that you yourself could not go and get and when we start talking about ranking for a term. Ah For one of the if you go into Google Trends here Which I have I mean what I’m getting at here is this is Absolutely. This is the best technique that I have seen the All-or-nothing technique is really what I should have showed But when you start looking up, let’s go to Google Trends SEO if you type in SEO, right, let’s do search engine optimization This is genius This is even more genius because when you look up search engine optimization the trend up for New York If you don’t know, it’s the highest So we’re ranking in The best state I mean, this is genius. This is genius. Oh, we do have a little bit here. Look at number one Oh, See this take a look guys, New York. It’s number one the the interest by Sub-region is the highest it. It smokes the competition by dog Lee Louisiana being a fifty one This is right on Google Trends SEO link building technique 2019 I’m sorry. I’m just sharing an absolute genius The link echo, right the spam echo technique is what I’m sharing with you today All I’m saying is if you’re on a budget Right, you can take the churn and burn approach To rank, okay Obviously you can see and it’ll stay even if you have to disavow your links Because of this echoing because of this ghosting effect Your rankings will still stay if you can get a top ranking Right if you can get a top ranking keyword even for six months How much could you make? Right, and that’s really what we’re getting down to how much more time could you spend with your family, right? how much more time could you spend with your kids if you could get just an Extra twenty leaves or whatever the case may be per month. How much more time would you have for you? So this is absolutely genius It’s absolutely wonderful and by no stretch of the imagination Was this aimed at disrespect but to show the genius is simply what this technique is all about So what you can do you can follow the guides you can see this is the true underground secrets. Ah Here’s the blueprint right? I mean, yes, we’re on page optimized, but we can go and take care of that There’s wonderful tools out there. We can take care of our on page, but the hard part is Your backlinks your link profiles but when it’s an all-or-nothing approach as you can see it works and At the end of the day if something were to happen, you can always disavow and count on for the next few months Right that your ghost links will carry you through So that’s going to wrap up today’s video. I wanted to show you the best technique that I have seen in 2019 if you want to test it out go and test it out You can go and see for yourself, but the proofs in the pudding, right it works. It’s wonderful Get more time with your family get more time with your kids go and make more money and it’s been an absolute pleasure Spending this time with you and showing you this technique. We’ll see you in the next video

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  1. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    Hope you found value in this #seo video. For more #linkbuilding and #seotips.

  2. Mujahid Basha Shaik Post author

    This is old technique, will not work anymore with increased scrutiny by Google on link profile. Is there any case study who succeeded with this technique in last 6 months?

  3. CHRIS PALMER SEO Post author

    👉****PLEASE NOTE ******👈
    I am NOT showcasing CHURN & BURN as the method* — WHAT I AM SHOWING is you can blast junk links and RANK!!!
    AND THEN if you got caught by the big G you can plead it was NEGATIVE SEO👈 —-
    👉This video is showing the true method here-👈👁 ***Some viewers did not understand

  4. Hans Post author

    How do you disavow bad links? How do you know Google caught you?

  5. James Wilson Post author

    I really enjoy your videos Chris! Thanks for making them!


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