Increasing Your SEO Rankings The Right Way

By | August 24, 2019

James Schramko here with an SEO News Update
about the Penguin Update. As expected, the big Penguin update changed
the results for quite a lot of webmasters. Now if you are unfortunate enough to have
a porn site with the name “tube” in it, you’ve probably been affected. The good
news is, we’ve gone and analyzed the big cross section of our own customers and in
the majority of cases, our customer rankings have increased. And I feel that is because
a lot of the bad sites using very bad spammy networks have been filtered out a little bit
harder. If you’ve been following our best practices
and using our service, you should be fine. We rate customer sites on a color code schedule
so you know where you stand in terms of risk and I’m about to release an SEO best practice
tips series showing you exactly what you can do. We’ve been preparing for these sort of updates
for a long time. We now use zero automation in our business in terms of tools. Stay away
from the shortcuts, the tools, the quick fixes, the hacks, the little cheap tricks – they
don’t work. Stick with hand created content. Put your best content in the richest media
source that you can on your website and you’ll be fine. I’m looking forward to our team helping
you with more SEO requirements. Head over to or We will
be glad to help. If you feel you’ve got a large requirement or you want to speak to
me directly, my phone number is on the top of the website. I look forward to speaking
to you soon. I’m James Schramko and this is

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