INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY | Healthcare SEO Part 2 | Wagada

By | November 15, 2019

DEE: So, I think following medic update it’s all about what we call “EAT” Expertise, Authority, Trustworthy you need to make sure your website is portraying you as an expert in your field that you’re authoritative in your field as well but that your users can trust you and the content that you have and the service that you’re offering them basically. DAN: Yeah, users are so research-heavy in 2019 you know, we research big things like, what properties, or what car do I want to buy, but even right way down to what’s the best toothbrush on the market? So when you think about the healthcare industry in particular there’s needing to be content there in order for consumers to be able to research quite heavily. Because it again, is quite a high personal investment. So it’s really important that websites are sort of set up for that in order to maximize their online visibility.

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