Increase web traffic: 7 tips (2018)

By | January 22, 2020

Hi there. In the last 12 months my website traffic has increased
about two and a half times and I’ve come up with
7 reasons that I think explain that increase.
Let’s take a quick look. Reason 1 is consistent content creation. In the last 12 months
I’ve published 49 posts on my blog, which is more
than I published in 2015 and 2016 combined. I’m not
sure whether I’m going to quite hit the same heights in 2018,
I’m going to be focusing more probably on length and
quality so the number of posts I publish might go down a little bit, but I’m hopeful that my traffic is still going to keep going up. The second reason is joining
marketing communities. 2017 was my first full
year of being a member of the Content Marketing
Academy and ATOMIC, and from those two communities
I’ve learnt new marketing techniques, I’ve met lots of good people, I’ve had the opportunity
to go and speak on stage, do some podcast appearances,
some guest blogs, so all of those things have contributed to more traffic coming to my website. The third reason is just
an increase in confidence. I think producing as
much content as I have means that I’ve had a lot of
practice in writing content, and it’s allowed me to
just relax a little bit and show a bit more of my personality, and that resonates with
my audience, I guess, and that means that more
people will be likely to read and enjoy my content. The fourth reason is
reaching new audiences, so for example, I’ve written
a guest blog post about LinkedIn engagement for
Social Media Examiner, which has had more than 7000 shares, so that’s been fantastic for me, and also I’ve been appearing
on podcasts – I think I’ve done 5 or 6 podcast interviews in the last year, and
looking to do a lot more of those in 2018. The fifth reason is using
analytics and keyword tools more often, so I can
understand what’s performing well, and look for
opportunities to create content in areas that aren’t completely
saturated, where I can get good Google rankings. The sixth reason is
better social promotion, especially on LinkedIn
where posting directly on the LinkedIn platform
rather than using a scheduling tool can lead to better
engagement, and I’ve written about that in the post I’ve
done for Social Media Examiner and I’ve got a follow up
post coming on my own blog that goes into more
detail about this topic. I do still use some scheduling tools, and my two favourite ones
are Buffer and RecurPost. And the final reason,
reason 7, is building my Espresso mailing list,
so I started that at the end of 2016. It’s still quite small
but it’s growing healthily, we’ve got an engaged community of members and those people enjoy reading my content, sharing my content, and
they’ve been my first customers for my new consultancy service. So there we are, those are
my 7 reasons that I think why my website traffic
has more than doubled in the last year, and
perhaps some of those things will be relevant to you. Ultimately, the most
important thing is creating good content and there’s
no real shortcut or hack for doing that, but if you need a hand with polishing your existing content or writing new content for your website, then do please get in touch
and let’s have a chat. Speak to you soon.

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