100 thoughts on “Impulse – Ep 1 “Pilot”

  1. Jazrian cuesta peñalver Post author

    Sería fantástico que estuviese doblada al español,es una muy buena serie.
    Felicidades YouTube están haciéndolo muy bien.

  2. kollo duke Post author

    NO MEANS NO ! NO EXCEPTION ! NO WAY ROUND THIS,NO EXCUSES, NO MEANS NO !!!!..go against these rules and your not!! the boy/ man you think you are !!!..

  3. King Kong Post author


  4. Kelley M Post author

    I'm getting really sick of having to watch the ad for this constantly I'm at a point I wont even consider watching the show.

  5. maestro críticas Post author

    la serie seria perfecta tan solo si la protagonista no fuera única y detergente y necesitada de atención

  6. C80s Post author

    Ok no excelente concepto pero ya cagandola con una prota niñata emo basura Tu no mereces ese poder.jpg Lo arruinaron todo,Adios.jpg

  7. Lin Wei Wung Post author

    Ok , underage pot smoking , stealing cars and attempted date rape already in the first episode

  8. Rae Pascopella Post author

    Any one here for Sarah Desjardins??? She is amazing!!!!

  9. Lu Tu Post author

    No means no, I don't get guys. I'm a guy myself but I just don't get guys. If he had listened to the first no he wouldn't have winded up in the hospital fighting for his life.

  10. Mc Netic Post author

    Lifehack: watch it at 1.5-times speed to complete both seasons in less than 12 hours instead of about 18

  11. Kennita Pombar Post author


  12. Jay-r Castillo Post author

    Is this connected to Jumper & Tomorrow's People?, I gotta admit this show is awesome!.

  13. Brewely Post author

    I love how she always has a joint.
    I want my life to be like that…

  14. 시계태엽오렌지 Post author

    isnt that the tall guy from Key&Peel? Nah my bad

  15. 무노 Post author

    개띵작 입니다
    소설원작이라 그런지 스토리 풀어가는게 재밌어요

    혹시나 저처럼 아이폰 배터리 절약하려고 밝기 낮게 설정해놓고, 왜케 어두워!!!라고 하는 바보가 없길 바랍니다

    이 영상 자체가 살짝 어두운데 아이폰에서 그걸 자동 조절을 못해요

    밝기 높게 설정하시고 충전기 꽂고 정주행 하시기 바래요 ~

  16. Shantia Blair Post author

    So your telling me no one knows how to use an E pen like it’s a seizure ffs

  17. Sheikh Mohib Post author

    After watching first scene of this drama i remembered the movie jumper 2008😂👍

  18. Nezhinskiy Post author

    Мля, я единственный дебил из Украины который подписался на YouTube Premium?!?!

  19. An ok Gaming Community Post author

    I came here from the previews at the movies watching Far From Home

  20. Andre Jendt Post author

    Community of youtube please save an hour life time and tell me if the Video is worth it. May the Force be with y'all

  21. Edward Cee. Adam Adam Post author

    So simply saying, this is a new twist of that movie "Jumper"??

  22. Click profile for porn Post author

    This is the best YouTube original series. I recommend you to watch this if you are having second a thought.

  23. Виталик Гуц Post author

    17:42 Моргенштерн ты ли это?

  24. Orpheus 010 Post author

    Henery is so unlikable. Hope she isnt the main protagonist. Might make the show unwatchable

  25. Ana • Post author

    Do you know that you’ve like struck out ten times already

  26. md adnan ali Post author

    I am requested to you that can you show subtitles with impules

  27. Michael Mort Post author

    Resonating well with this as I've also gone through a period of actually a few years in which I had seizures the doctors couldn't find a cause for. Through my own trial and error though, I found that I was only seizing after a period of time with no food. By changing my diet a little (adding more proteins for extra energy) and eating more often, my seizures are all but gone from my life. I shouldn't have anymore as long as I don't deviate from my routine. Oddly enough I have an identical twin brother that doesn't have any symptoms like mine from neglecting to eat.

  28. Lucas Teodoro Post author

    Estava dublado antes! Falta de consideração com os BR

  29. 水神アキ Post author


  30. Jhonata Post author

    quem traduziu pra português tava fumando pedra, a legenda ta toda errada, tem nada a ver com que os personagens estão falando, as falas estão pela metade …

  31. Giovanni Betances Post author

    Was a recommended by a friend and I'm loving this show I wish more YouTubers were creating shows like this simply AMAZING

  32. Pablo Nicolas Post author

    i suggest:
    – to remove the high pitched sound of youtube, it hurts if you use headphones
    – non-deaf english subtitles

  33. xzanderain Post author

    While you watch this series watch to look for the Illuminati silver pin on the main characters coat its on her right breast pocket.

  34. Michele Rich Post author

    Looks like combo of Chloe Grace Moretz/Elisha Cuthbert

  35. DanRage47 Post author

    Super-shithead professor.
    I actually had a 'professor' as a teacher in 4th-6th grade for IT sciences… and he was frikken useless, he was just there because he had a 'doctorate', so he demanded to be called doctor. We grudgingly 'obeyed' him so we could mess with the tech and tools and we basically taught ourselves what we needed. Each of those 3 years he failed all of us because he felt so out of the loop or useless, but it was changed to just on the absolute border of passing grade. Never had such a hateful 'teacher' in my life, nor seen.
    I know, this is a series, just wanted to give a bit of my life story for lols. Saw so much of the bugger in the character here.
    As for Clay, he deserves the outcome… it's a bit too far, but hey, he refused to listen.

  36. Nagendra Babu Post author

    The Jumpers… Jump jump jump.. Looks kinda same movie like JUMPER in this scene starting 😂🎥😱👍

  37. Barb Neuman Post author

    Yo peeps😋!!!!!! Sup wit ya all, me I'm loving it✌️😇😸

  38. Barb Neuman Post author

    Live to live, live to live. No love, no life. Don't hate me cause ya ain't me…..😇 peaceful and happy inside, and out. (At times for a moment part time retarded, and a touch psycho, 🤭 My Bad!?! Oh yeah…I'm part time retarded but it doesn't cheap, are naturally, it's definitely selfinflicked🤫……, JustJust saying.✌️


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