Improved Keyword Research with HubSpot SEO Suggestions

By | August 17, 2019

Hey, do you ever wish keyword research could be easier want to create more effective blog articles and on-page content? Well in this video I’m gonna show you how the HubSpot SEO tool that’s right HubSpot SEO tool is running to your rescue. You know what time it is. Are you a HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, what’s up? I’m your boy Jorge be thomas the HubSpot sprocket a guru. Not a guru But I am from impulse creative and I’m bringing you yet Another HubSpot update figuring out what to write about for your next blog post or on-page content can be hard work I mean listen Either you do a ton of keyword research To compile terms about a given topic and try to choose the most relevant one or you choose something you hope for the best You hope that it resonates in frankly. You just wing it well Those days are gone now with the SEO tools in HubSpot how spot has given us new and improved topic? Suggestions to make this process even easier when you go to add a new subtopic keyword You’ll get suggestions based on the top posts for your topic Ensuring that you cover the most relevant questions people have about it from there You can also research keyword variations to choose the one with the highest search volume wondering how does it work from your hub? Stop marketing hub portal head to SEO and then create a topic or click into an existing one then simply click add Subtopic keyword and you’ll see the suggestions below the text entry box pro tip You’ll still be able to perform your own keyword research if you’d like However, these suggested sub topic keywords are pulled from the top search results using AI to extract the most important concepts to cover This means that if you change your topic the suggestions will change as well This hub SWOT update is now available for all marketing hub professionals and enterprise portals as well as all users of the hub spot CMS another pro tip for now The topic suggestion feature is only available in English, but I’m sure good things are to come in the future Hey Did you like this video? Want to get tutorials like this right in your inbox Then check the description below and sign up for our special sprockie talk only list head over to our private sprocket our Facebook group for more education and a community of other HubSpot users on a Journey to master this thing that we call hub spot make sure you hit the likes and subscribes the bells everything so that we know You’re part of the community and last but not least. If you need training past this video then check the description below That’s what we do We love you that much one and two day on location hub spot sales and marketing workshops Until next time this is your boy George B Thomas from impulse creative saying be a happy helpful human and go out into the world And do some happy hub spotting

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