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By | September 18, 2019

Hi, I’m Tricia Clements, Chief Fur Wrangler
with In this video I want to talk to you about
Google five-star reviews. Why they are so important to your business, and also to your businesses’ SEO. In the past, with Google, you had to have
at least five reviews on Google in order for it to come up
when someone searches for your business or your business type, for that to come up
and say that you have reviews, and it shows the stars on there. That has changed a bit now. It only takes two,
and sometimes even just one review. It’s really important to get those reviews. Also, a lot of times, when you think about it, I know when I search
and looking for a company to use, I will specifically search and look
at other reviews. 90% of the people search online
go and look at reviews, and 88% of people trust those reviews online. So, I have three tips for you,
to help you with those Google reviews. The first one is, you got to ask for it. You know that saying when you were little,
you heard probably quite a bit, asking ain’t getting. Well, sometimes with Google reviews,
that was just a saying when you were a kid, and with Google reviews,
asking can be getting. If you have a customer
that you did a fantastic job for, and they really liked your services,
they may go on and review you. Make sure you ask them to
because some people may not think about it. They may tell you how wonderful
they thought your service was, what a superb and excellent job you did. However, you want them
to tell everyone else what a fantastic job they think that you did. When they mention that, just say,
“You know what would help me out a lot? If you could go on and review me on Google. That would help my business out,
and let everyone know that I have a great service or product.” Number two, you need to make it easy for them. Just because they can go on, and search,
and find you, and do that review, people are a lot more likely to give you
that review if you make it easy for them. Make sure you’ve got on there to give you
a review and a link to give you that review. When you ask for it, maybe you may have
a direct link that you can put, either on your business card,
or a flyer that you can hand out. If you do a customer survey
after they are a client, make sure you put that on there. There is a link, specific, that’s easy.
They don’t have to go do any searches, try to find out where it is
that you want them to go, they have a link that goes right to it. Easy peasy. The third thing that you can do is follow up. You know how, a lot of times, everyone says,
the money is in the follow up? Well, a lot of times that’s true
on e-mail campaigns, but also when it comes to reviews. A lot of people may have a good intention
when you ask for them to review you. You also give them an easy link,
but sometimes with our busy lives, we get distracted. If you, in a couple of weeks,
notice that they have not reviewed you, maybe a week or two,
go ahead and send them a follow-up. Ask them how they are enjoying
either the business, or the product, or service that you provided. Ask them if they have had
a chance to review you and send them that easy peasy link. Follow up with them.
Don’t just ask them once, give them the easy peasy link, and be done. If you notice that they haven’t done it,
and they’ve said that they were, go ahead and follow up.
Don’t feel bad about bugging them. What you want to do is make it
a good customer relations follow up. Ask them if they are still happy with things,
if there’s any questions that they have, and let them know that you are there
for any follow up questions that they have afterwards. Also include the link
for your Google five star. Your bonus tip today is reply. Make sure any time anyone reviews you on Google,
or any other platform for that matter, that you go in and respond to them. If you’re getting a five-star review, make sure you go in
and thank them for the review. Let them know that you’re there
for any questions or any follow-up that they have. If you get a bad review, it is super important to go in
and respond to those reviews. Whether it is something that you did
that was a mistake and you need to go in and correct it,
and contact them, or sometimes you might have a customer
that is disgruntled and no matter what you do, they are not going to be happy. However, sometimes when you go in there
and make the effort, contact them reply to them, you may change
a one-star review to a three-star review. That could be really beneficial
to your business, showing up for your reviews. Again, make sure that you’re asking
for your Google five-star reviews. Make sure that you’re making it
easy peasy for them. Also make sure that you follow up
with them on those reviews, because Google loves Google.
You know what that means, it means that when people are doing searches, all of your search engine optimization,
you want your page to come up there and you want to have lots of reviews. You notice when you search on Google, a lot of the companies
that have lots of reviews, they get ranked higher on Google. That’s another tip for you, make sure you’re going out there
and asking for and getting those Google five-star reviews. Now, I have a special link that I send out
to everyone that I do business with, and there’s a link, you can see it now. You can see what I mean
by having an easy peasy link. I’m Tricia Clements, Chief Fur Wrangler
with I hope you enjoyed this video. Please click the like button,
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and I’ll see you in the next video.

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