Impossible Marketing SEO Course Review By Randy

By | September 3, 2019

Hi everybody, my name is Randy. I’m actually a student of Alan Koh, Impossible Marketing. Today I want to share with you a testimonial that I feel like sharing with the world. It’s how effective his course has been First and foremost, why I attended the course was really because I’m a web designer. My company does web designing for many companies. So what happen is I’m trying to help this client of ours to actually grow. Before that, our own webpage did not actually have very good ranking. So after attending the course, I find it really enriching and I learnt a lot of things. Which in turn I sent my developers over to attend the course. We went through a rigorous 2 months of applying the knowledge of what he has taught us. With the thought that “Hey, let’s do our best to get some ranking”. Surprisingly, after 2 months of really intensive hard work, we manage to get our ranking on Google 1st page. And that to me is really a surprise, we didn’t actually expect to get our 1st page ranking. This only goes to show that Alan has done really really well in terms of what he has taught us. For those fellow people out there who is very interested in Online Marketing, you have businesses that you feel that you want to get good ranking for a particular keywords that you are focusing on, I strongly encourage you guys to come over and attend the course.

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