Impossible Marketing (alan koh) SEO Course Review by Ruth

By | August 24, 2019

Hi, my name is Ruth and I run an online pet store. I have actually attended Alan’s class about 3 months back. Right from the start, I’ve always been wanting to look into some form of online marketing. With the preview I attended through Alan, I am very convinced and therefore I actually attended and signed up for the class. With the class, I actually learnt a lot of very informative techniques and it actually helped me to boost my website from first page right at the bottom to first page ranking number 2 or number 3. With that, sales has actually increased about 30 – 40%. On the other hand, how I actually realise that my sales are from the Google search because on the order form, I actually realise that a lot of people click that they know me through Google search. So with that, Alan has helped me and helped my business very much. Thanks Alan.

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